Friday, January 15, 2010

Beck's pulse never got above 85, not even when he ate her tongue. F-f-f-f-f!

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AKjah said...

Hey Morgan Long time! Hope all is well? I dont care to go on about the CW.But i will say that i have been floating the idea that someone should do a video of her with "it's all over now baby blue" in the audio. It hit me hard today and i just cant stop suggesting it. I know i could have emailed direct but i like throwing the idea around. In the short time the humor will fly from the faux nuus and we will have much to play with. Again i trust all is well.

Morgan said...

Hi Bob!
All is well and it's good to hear from you! Love the suggestion! I'll have to kick that one around; it would be a fun project!

AKjah said...

Sure has been busy for me of late or i would have wrote sooner. Started a woodkiln back in the fall and have been building from scraps and salvage and whatever i could find. Now it's a push to fire it up and start drying lumber. I wish i could do video and audio mix but i have not the knowledge or time to do it, thus why i put out the ideas. So many things happening so fast it's a challenge to keep up. Supreme court just sold us out. The rest of the government is about to mandate we feed the insurance companys. Have not heard much from the CW after the first week! wonder if she quit already? Faux snuuz maybe out of her comfort zone. Ok i am lisening to Stevie Ray Vaughn while i type and the sweetest is watching Jesus camp on the vid and this is like halloween mixed with im not sure. Think i will switch music back to reggae an calm the soul. Later Jah.