Thursday, September 03, 2009

An Open Letter to Levi Johnston's Handlers

Dear Sirs:

Would you mind if I ask you a simple question?

What are you thinking?

Please don’t think I’m trying to be rude or disrespectful. I sincerely believe that you have nothing but Levi Johnston’s interest at heart. I’m sure he’s enjoyed the limelight at appearances like the Teen Choice Awards. I’m sure he’s flattered by the attention of stars like Kathy Griffin and interviewers who get him to joke about having sex with cougars or posing in the nude. Great fun for a young man who’s never been out of small town Alaska. Great fun.

But I think what Levi – and maybe you – aren’t seeing is that the public is no longer laughing with him. They’re laughing at him.

This worries me. It worries me a great deal. That boy’s been through a lot with the Palins. He doesn’t have to write a book for most people to realize that. But he should write a book. He needs to write a book. And he needs to do it before he even thinks about movie roles and modeling.

Why? Because right now information is the most marketable thing your boy Levi has. It’s his biggest commodity. But his recent and somewhat reckless appearances are wearing thin on people who might otherwise be sympathetic to his story. He's losing credibility at a time when he needs it the most.

Listen, Sarah Palin is no friend to Hollywood. She’s targeted and bashed all of Hollywood as elitists. She and her kind are a threat to free speech and creativity. They’re a threat to everything Hollywood stands for. And Hollywood knows it.

Don’t you understand that anyone who tells the story that brings this woman down is going to be seen as a conquering hero in Hollywood? If Levi Johnston spills the truth – the whole truth – Sarah’s career will be destroyed. And the right wing punditry and politicos who supported her will be humiliated by association. Once that happens Levi will all but have the key to the city. At the moment, the best you’re offering him is a future spot in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. Next stop after that: Obscurity.

What do you think Levi would rather be - best selling author turned actor? Or another Kato Kaelin?

Gentlemen, it’s the story that is the key to Levi’s success, both in the court of public opinion and in Hollywood. So on behalf of all of us who seek and want the truth: Stop the leaks. Cut off the juvenile interviews. Put a pen in that boy's hand (or a ghostwriter's hand) and encourage him to do the book. It’s his best, greatest shot at success.

You know what he's been through. You know he deserves it. See that he gets it. Please. You'll not just be doing him a favor, you'll be doing the whole country a favor at the same time.


Morgan, pajama-clad blogger and very, very concerned United States citizen


Christopher said...

I wonder if, even if Levi's information gets out, even if it's corroborated, whether it'll really have that much of an impact. Palin obviously has very powerful handlers of her own, otherwise she'd never have made it as far as she has.

In spite of that I have hopes that, even without Levi, Palin may take herself down. There were obvious cracks in her armor even when she was at her most popular, and quitting the job she was elected to do doesn't seem to have helped her.

Citizen of Earth said...

Should I be ashamed or proud to admit that I have no clue who Levi Johnston is?

There are two halves to the celebrity phenomenon, and I seem destined to be excluded from either half...

Morgan said...

Trust me, Christopher. If what Levi knows comes to light it will mark the biggest political scandal in our lifetime. And no, I am not exaggerating.

I think Palin is self-destructive, but what Levi knows - if revealed - would do more than destroy her. It would shake the right wing to its very core.

Morgan said...

Dear Bobb,

You have nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes I wish I'd never heard the name Levi Johnston either.

But in my case too much information might actually be a good thing since it means the world will end up a better place for kind souls like you.

Laura said...

Well said Morgan.

Anonymous said...

I second that!

Mary b from TN

Silvergirl said...

Amen, sister!

Cute pajamas, btw.

I would hate to see Levi become a has been, when he has so much potential to make a mark for himself. I hope his handlers wise up, and smell the coffee, before it burns up completely on the stove top.

Sara Palin is only news right now because of being such a train wreck. I think people will eventually get tired of her, and move on. At least I'm kind of hopeful, because I just don't like seeing her mug on the news.

Anonymous said...

Morgan you are right on. "Gryphen" saw the VF article as "the smoking gun", even while saying his quote of levi is about tripp. If it was about trig I could understand his excitement. As is it seems to me that palin must have levi's handlers in her 'bag'.


Morgan said...

We're sitting on what I believe is potentially the biggest political powder keg of our lifetimes and Levi Johnston is the guy with the match. All he has to do is light the fuse and he'll be a very famous and very wealthy young man.

Maybe his handlers think his appearances make him more endearing. But they're having the opposite effect. My sister is very liberal and today she send me a message saying, "Can you believe that Levi Johnston? What an idiot?" This was based on his Today show appearance in which he said he'd pose for Playboy.

Everytime he opens his mouth he lowers his credibility. Whoever is advising this kid needs to pull back, look at the big picture and tell this kid that now is not the time to act like a frat boy on spring break.

He's a young father with a story to tell. Tell it. If he does he and his son(s) won't want for anything else. He'll be set for life.

Kriski said...

Great Post!
I can hardly wait to hear more.

"We're sitting on what I believe is potentially the biggest political powder keg of our lifetimes"...

This is fascinating!

Anonymous said...

And yet another guy who Palin has sent through the worm hole to an alternate reality.

This kid can "destroy Palin".

He's already impeached himself on the adoption issue. Larry king asked him about it and he said the subject was never broached.

Here's the way it works: you get caught lying once in the media and it's over. Go to Google News and punch in "Palin". You count the number of legitimate tabloids that picked up this story today using the fingers of one hand.

Why? Because the Vanity Fair story is bloated with
journalistic poison pills.

Anybody here remember what happened to John Kerry when he started spinning tales about the war crimes he observed U.S. soldiers perpetrating?

I've got a friend whose name is high on the masthead of an internationally recognized magazine.

I asked him why no major tabloid was running with this and he said.

"Nobody wants to be the next Dan Rather. This kid is a career killer. In a few months you won't be able to find him with two pairs of binoculars."

Anonymous said...

Morgan - great letter. You certainly have my interest peaked now. I can't imagine that babygate would be the biggest scandel of our lifetime. Or housegate. Between what you and Gryphen have said the last two days, I'm thinking that this story is way, way bigger than anything we blog followers have imagined so far.

I'm also starting to wonder if Levi is deliberately being held back for reasons of timing. Maybe his handlers want to wait until it's closer to the 2010 election season, given that Americans have such notoriously short memories. Or maybe the stall is out of concern for those kids and the impact all of this is going to have on them.

At any rate - I can hardly wait. Anything that brings down the right wing conservatives and the lunatic religionists can't happen soon enough for me.

Where's Audrey? Is everything ok with her?

Morgan said...

I hear what you're saying and in general I think you're right. But I think if Levi has a story that he can back up with real physical proof then that's a game-changer, regardless of what he has said before.

Genie-O, thank you for your support. It's appreciated more than you know. Audrey is fine and is happily and productively busy. I will tell her you asked after her.

Kriski, it *is* fascinating. It's an exciting crazy time to be a scrutinizer of things that warrant scrutiny.

Gryphen, AKMuckraker, Gryphen and the other brave bloggers all deserve a pat on the back for their hard work and bravery.

Anonymous said...

Rex Butler and Co. Don't give a damn about Levi. Rex was Sherry Johnston's lawyer and the family owes him big time. (He charges a lot for his diamond grill.)

Rex and Tank are in this to et the monay now and dump him and I think Levi knows this. He didn't seem to be having fun with Kathy G., did he?

Ten years from now we will Google Levi and he will be living up and beyond Talkeetna with a nice northern girl and not be doing much of anything besides hunting and working, maybe owning a gas station or something. I think the earlier reports on him, he didn't want to go to the convention because he wanted to hunt, he was dominated, etc. are what he's about.

Morgan said...

Anon at 5:40, time will tell if you are correct. I have wondered if the mishandling was intentional. I mean, if someone wanted to purposefully make Levi look like a doofus, they couldn't have been more effective.

But I don't want to believe the people Levi has trusted would do that to him given the wringer he's already been put through courtesy of the Palins.

If he aspires to settle into a quiet life with a nice northern girl and a gas station, then that seems to be where he's headed. If he aspires to something more he needs to write the book.

Anonymous said...

All the coverage of his interview has been negative today not that MSM has any credibility left but it doesn't help. The problem is the MSM has been too lazy to actually investigate themselves as to her governorship etc., which many of 'us' know but most don't. So they base their "personal opinions" on it being tabloid. It's sad but that's the media that people listen to even though many of us would like to put our hands through the screen and around the talking heads neck!!

As for Levi & Tank joking around about doing a 'spread' in Playgirl (not Playboy) -- BAD CHOICE. I say this as it does not help regarding his credibility - now or later. It would be child's play. In fact I think the interview with Kathy Griffin (on Larry King show) was a dreadful choice and the more they pick thinks like that, he may as well give it up. Levi is not experienced enough as to handle interviews like that. She controlled it whereas you want Levi controlling it. Griffin sounded like an idiot herself and most certainly didn't help Levi in the words she fed to him.

I too hope Levi, Tank & Rex read your letter as they are beginning to sound like the 'vacuum' and not hearing from the outside.

Anonymous said...

good post, I totally agree. they're going about this all wrong. and levi is still a teenager - his "advisors," who are older, should be steering him in the right direction - one that brings LONG-TERM benefits. right now, they're bringing him the short-term benefits but these are ruining his long-term credibility.

his "handlers" are not doing him any favors for the long-term. this could turn into a disaster if they don't change course.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

On one hand I agree, he shouldn't of made the statement about "see Trig delivered"on 4/18...that was palin speak.... but Hey I will buy his book! He has the knowledge to blow the gates off palin!
He knows a lot and for anyone to dismiss that is a ERROR. The Palinista's would like us to think him Ricky Hollywood, a character...
But Levi and his sister Mercedes are key pieces of the puzzle. Let those jerks think they have the upper hand then lower the boom! Levi can do it.
He knows who's is Trigs Mom!

Morgan said...

Anon at 5:54, sometimes I wonder if the reason the MSM treats this as tabloid fodder because they know if the story comes out in spite of their efforts to minimize it they're going to have to answer the One Big Question, which is: Why didn't "Journalists" get this when they had the chance?

I expect this will come out, and when it does there will be a lot of public analysis and second-guessing from the very people who dropped the ball, even as they try to take some credit for "breaking" it a year after the fact.

Of course, this is all contingent on the story breaking, which is why Levi and (as Crystalwolf points out) Mercede are key.

And Anon at 6:17 is right, too. Levi's advisors are older. I know Levi is an adult, but he's a young adult. I think of my own son who's not much older. If he were in this situation who would I want advising him? I'd hope it would be someone who realized their counsel would impact the rest of his life.

laughingwolf said...

if only they'd take your advice, morg, but methinks chances of that are slim and none... :(

Morgan said...

Maybe not, Wuffie my dear. But I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try to make them see. On the other hand, I am a fierce optimist. So I'm thinking maybe so is at least likely.

Anonymous said...

Look I am with you all the way on this letter to Levi's handlers. Yes they may know the law but they are making a public relations blunder/disaster. It almost has a "Candy's Abstinence" type feel about it.

In order to be able to counter the lies and inconsistencies spewing forth from the Palin camp, Levi must present the absolute antithesis of this image. He must appear a wholesome honest teen father, trying best his best to do the best for his two sons, his mother and sister.

One thing I think about the MSM's involvement is that Murdoch's control is so far reaching that he would ensure that any outlet he has links to would not touch this story with a forty foot poll, and for those that did, he would ensure that Levi is seen as a money grabbing fool.

These are my thoughts on the matter

Anonymous said...

I agree with your letter, but there is another reason why Levi should bring Sarah down if he has the proof. Conservative websites are lauding Sarah for the single handed defeat of Barack Obama's Health Care Plan. Whether you are for or against the Health Care Plan, what is truly frightening is that Sarah's use of the words "Death Panel" are supposed to be responsible for its failure.

We know that someone else wrote that for her. It was part of an orchestrated plot involving those hate filled rallies (remind you of anyone's political campaign?) and the political pressure that is causing what should be a wonderful program to collapse.

I do not want to see her get any credit for this. In fact, some people are obviously using her Face Book Page to promote their conservative agenda, in the same way that they would have used her as their mouthpiece if (God forbid) she had actually been elected.

So, the message to Levi is this:
Even if you don't follow politics, and you're not registered to vote, do this for your country! You cannot allow this woman to be the mouthpiece for the hate filled people who lost the election last November. As long as she is around, they will use her name for their cause. So, Levi, you can be a real patriot, a real American, a hero, do it for your kid(s) so he (they) will have a wonderful future instead of living in a scary place. Be a real man, and take care of your family and your country; you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the MSM is not treating this story like cannon fodder any more. I live in the Chicago area, and both papers: The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun Times ran the same Associated Press wire story about the famous "Come on you guys, let me adopt your baby," quote. It doesn't say which kid; it's just out there, several paragraphs. Way to go, Levi.

Morgan said...

Anon at 7:20, we are on the same wavelength because that is essentially what I just said over at Gryphen's blog. Someone commented that this was somehow a publisher's "positioning" tactic. But that's a load of B.S and you are a hundred percent correct.

In earlier interviews Levi came off as a shy and sympathetic figure who was being denied access to the child he loved. Now he comes across as an arrogant and cocky party boy more interested in posing nude than seeing his son. It's making people want to hear less from him, not more!

Morgan said...

Anon at 7:26, that is a good point. Levi would be a hero to middle America as well if he would stand up to Palin and expose her for what she is.

Pulling her mask off would be to pull the mask off the entire right wing. She'd be the personification of the mean-spiritedness obstructionists who are filling the town halls and air ways with their bile.

It would indeed be sobering to see her taken completely out not by some manufactured scandal, but by the result of her own conniving. People can forgive a lot, but I think even most of her hardcore supporters would have a hard time stomaching a woman who ruthlessly exploited her own children for personal gain.

AKjah said...

Morgan I keep forgetting to come back to this blog, it seems as though being with old friends. Who knows maybe thats so?

Your summation of the situation seems clear to me. What i would question is how much of a difference will it really make should the children be Levi's.
Even should it be proved that C-street orchestrated it all from the getgo. In the end all i forsee is one quiters dreams shattered. And a family torn asunder.
I do hope that Levi's handlers think of his future. He should get the chance to take care of the family he has left. I to hope they do not squander the opportunity.

Rationalist said...

That's an eloquent appeal, Morgan. I hope somehow he sees it and takes it to heart (or that Rex and Tank do).

Kevin said...

Came here from Gryphen's blog, and completely agree. People are pointing out that Levi's saying he was there when Sarah "had" Trig doesn't mean she gave birth to him (she could have "had" him in her arms, or whatever), but if Rex Butler has been feeding him lawyerly equivocations as if he were writing an affidavit to skirt the edge of perjury, it won't fly. For ordinary people, saying a woman had a baby in the hospital means she gave birth, and a claim that it meant something else will be greeted with contempt. Remember Bill Clinton.

If this game is the result of a confidentiality agreement, now is the time for Butler to decide whether it is unenforceable, either because of "lack of consideration," i.e., Levi only received something he would have been entitled to anyway, such as access to his child or children, or because it is against public policy, e.g., if Levi agreed to anything in exchange for Sarah's influencing Levi's mother's criminal case. If Levi simply agreed to silence in exchange for money, that could be unenforceable as well, given the public interest in knowing the truth regarding Sarah Palin as former Governor of Alaska and possible future candidate for office. So by all means, let's cut the crap.

Anonymous said...

Even if Levi does not come forward with the whole truth, aren't there enough of you (bloggers and informants) to write a book or publish an article in, say, Vanity Fair?
Please tell me the truth will come out, somehow...

Karen said...

Just wondering, is the bigger scandal with Trig or Tripp?

Margot said...

Gail Collins of NYT is feeling sorry for SP and bashing Levi!!!!!!!!!

Rationalist said...

There's more about the VF article in the comments at PD this morning: Willow finds Sarah's pregnancy test? Trig born at 6 am April 18th? Bristol and Levi pregnant with Tripp on May 4th?

Levi directly refutes what we believe to be true. He's not vague at all, listing specific dates and times. So either he's lying, for some reason, or he's telling the truth. If I hadn't seen the photographs of Palin with a flat stomach, I would say this is the end of the story. But now I don't know what to think.

Sarah said...

Word, Morgan!

Teh Dokter said...

Morgan and others, you are spot on with your assessment. I posted my feelings on Gryphens blog as well. Levi is now coming off as an amateur sleazeball opportunist. They are setting him up with "cheesy" lightweight gigs. What he dished in Vanity Fair amounts to not much more than seedy family "dirt." As I said at IM, what's in VF won't finish Sarah, but it may finish Levi.

I really, sincerely hope that Levi, Rex and Tank read your letter and the comments on these blogs. Given the sentiment following this VF article, it's "put up or shut up" time. If they do not heed your very wise advice, Levi will have lost his chance for real lasting security for his family.

Thanks for all you do.

Susan in MD

Teh Dokter said...

Morgan and others, you are spot on with your assessment. I posted my feelings on Gryphens blog as well. Levi is now coming off as an amateur sleazeball opportunist. They are setting him up with "cheesy" lightweight gigs. What he dished in Vanity Fair amounts to not much more than seedy family "dirt." As I said at IM, what's in VF won't finish Sarah, but it may finish Levi.

I really, sincerely hope that Levi, Rex and Tank read your letter and the comments on these blogs. Given the sentiment following this VF article, it's "put up or shut up" time. If they do not heed your very wise advice, Levi will have lost his chance for real lasting security for his family.

Thanks for all you do.

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

Kevin, when I think about a confidentiality agreement, I also think about people who work for high profile people, such as a movie star. Working in the house where personal secrets abound, they are often required to keep quiet after leaving their job. We read little in the tabloid press from them because whatever they would receive in payment for the tell-all story is outweighed by whatever consequences are outlined in the confidentiality agreement. I would guess that there are lawyers who are very good at drafting this kind of thing.

There are some other ways to control what Levi says: his mother's touchy drug-trial situation, they may threaten his sister, for example. And, in today's world of surrogate mothers, using someone's egg or sperm to create your own child, I am sure that all kinds of agreements exist to protect the families involved-- either they want the donor-parent to be involved or they want the donor parent out of it completely.

A lawyer would have to weigh in on what kind of language and enforcement there is. And, it is doubtful that the Johnston family had any kind of good representation at the time that they may have signed anything.

Anonymous said...

Morgan said:
"We're sitting on what I believe is potentially the biggest political powder keg of our lifetimes and Levi Johnston is the guy with the match. All he has to do is light the fuse and he'll be a very famous and very wealthy young man."

RE: VF, Trig birth

And he used the match against an active segment of truth seekers...WTF?


Teh Dokter said...

Morgan said: "If what Levi knows comes to light it will mark the biggest political scandal in our lifetime. And no, I am not exaggerating. "

And: "what Levi knows - if revealed - would do more than destroy her. It would shake the right wing to its very core."

I keep thinking about these statements. Palin faking a pregnancy, for Bristol or another child, doesn't seem like it would be scandal enough to qualify for what Morgan describes. In fact, it could be seen as a selfless and even christian gesture on Palin's part. Even the lying about being pregnant could be spun in a positive light, which would be to protect one of her children.

No, this seems like it has to be about something besides the Bx2 theory. It makes me wonder if Sarah set forth a plan to adopt a DS child secretly and then faked a pregnancy so that it appeared she "chose life" even with a DS diagnosis known beforehand. This would be a cunning plan to give her irresistible appeal to the "base" and therefore, greatly enhance her appeal as a VP pick. This is a secret she would have been able to keep from her kids and just about everyone else. If the DS parents were anonymous, there wouldn't have been a pregnant person to hide at all. Rumors about Bristol's pregnancy, circulating before she was pregnant, had to be quashed by Palin because she realized how that could spoil her plan, which would be the focus on HER for choosing "life" for a DS child. Wow, that makes his "presentation" date and suspicions of an earlier birth match up perfectly!!!

Imagine how freaked out she would have been to hear Bristol's announcement two weeks after "birthing" Trig. After pulling off an incredibly devious plan that was clearly only motivated for political gain, she hears Bristol's announcement only in terms of how it will affect her chances to be chosen. This is why she offers to adopt TRIPP and hide Bristol's pregnancy. After all, narcissistic Sarah would be pissed to have gone thru adopting T1 only to have Bristol F up her chances!

So then, unable to convince Bristol and Levi to let her adopt Tripp, she must have had to tell the McCain camp (recall they said they knew about it prior to her being chosen). Even tho it might damage her abstinence cred, it would boost her pro-life cred. That's why Levi HAD to get dragged in and be at the RNC and look like the loving fiance. Imagine Sarah's absolute relief once the info hit the net about her faking T1's pregnancy (and the fact that Bristol was the one being fingered for T1's mom) at being able to throw Bristol under the bus as proof that Bristol could not be the Mom to T1 (which in this scenario, she's not). Bada bing - Sarah's off the hook. The reason that, accdg to Gryph, what is known about T2 shouldn't be believed, is because they fudged T2's delivery date to continue the cover-up of T1's origins.

This is an evil scenario, one that would have the effect that Morgan alludes to. Bristol and Levi having to lie about T2's Bday would have made it necessary, if she hadn't already done so, to tell them about T1. Is that a crazy story or what?

These musings may be pure fantasy on my part, I was just trying to imagine something so awful that it would "rock the core of the right wing base." Her faking a pregnancy to make it look like she "chose" to have a retarded baby (her words, alledgedly). This is where CBJ would have played a critical role in helping to set up the secret adoption. Betcha she didn't know she'd get thrown under the bus too, with the wild ride story.

Sorry to take up so much space. If anyone else wants to play around with this story, be my guest. Frighteningly enough, I actually believe this could have happened. Should I start making my tin foil hat now?

basheert said...

anon@4:55pm: Levi did NOT impeach himself on Larry King. He stated he and Bristol did not broach the topic of adoption. VF clearly states that Sarah WANTED to adopt "the baby" and indeed nagged them about it. SARAH tried to pressure them to give her "the baby".

She also stated she didn't want the "retarded one" - she wanted the other baby. (class all the way).

Follow the bread crumbs people. And that is very hard to do if you either can't find them all, or don't have all the information yet.

By the way, where IS Sarah? And where is the baby, with Bristol? BOTH babies are with Bristol? The claim is that Sarah is out of state and Bristol has both chidren?

And how many months is it after Tripp's birth? And how many months after Tripps birth did Sarah resign?

Breadcrumbs people. There is more to this story than just a mixed up hassled group of teenagers by a loony crazy woman.

Anonymous said...

Sure. Let the kid talk. He'll blow the whole Palin Chalupa right up.

Does anyone here own Kato Kaelin's book?

Does anyone here know what it's selling for on Amazon?

One cent.

The witness that Marsha Clark thought could put
O.J. behind the guest house where the bloody glove
was found had nothing.

He was declared a hostile witness.

Today he's keeping busy, primarily because he was
a pretty glib, charming guy with some professional acting credits behind him.

Levi, as a communicator, is not in the same time zone as Kaelin was and he's clearly not as street wise.

You never heard Kato say "It's all about the money."

That may be the one line that turns Levi Johnston into a historical curiosity.

The kid is in way over his head and here's the game
his lawyers are playing: if--and this is a really big if--if Johnston can be given a book deal with, let's
say, an advance of $1,000,000 they will have hit the lottery.

For small-time ambulance chasers $300,000 may be three years work.

They are swinging for the cheap seats. They have nothing to lose if Levi becomes the poster boy
as a 21st-Century Holden Caufield and he has to
give back whatever he made from his revelations to attorneys he may have to pay in defamation suits or
actions concerning custody and visitation of his child.

Did everyone forget there's a baby at the heart of this matter?

It seems so.

Levi, of course, claims he never wanted children. Why should he care if the law of unintended consequences reaches long into the future to have
a negative impact on his child.

I feel little sympathy for this character. Every lawyer
knows they are "no-hoper" clients.

They never deliver the goods.

Morgan said...

Teh Doktor, I've seriously entertained the very scenario you described and have always allowed for the fact that Trig may not be Bristol's despite the insistence of some who insist that it is so. Evidence leans towards Trig being Bristol's but I don't think we have 100 percent verifiable proof.

Would Sarah be crazy enough to adopt a DS baby, pretend to have birthed it simply to boost her pro-life cred with her base at the time she knew her name was being bandied about? Would she really do something that maniacal? Yes, yes I think she would. Most rational people would think this was insane. But an insane person would see it as rational.

I think the Wild Ride story may have been another invention to built her "legend" as a tough-as-nails, determined mother brave enough to fly back home to deliver her fifth child on native soil. I doubt she ever thought it would be as scrutinized as it has been, or that doubt over the tale would have spurred people like Audrey to start Web sites and blog to prove it was the basis of a lie.

Morgan said...

Anon at 10:38, that's a pretty sobering assessment of Levi, and one that he's likely earning through his behavior. If he's reading this, or his handlers are, they need to know how he's coming across.

Teh Dokter said...

Hi Morgan,

Well, after I imagined my crazy scenario (I think it was at least entertaining!) I stepped away from the computer for a bit :)

I still go back to Bx2 as being the likely scenario, given all the known facts and inconsistencies. So the only thing I can think of in that scenario that would totally "destroy" Sarah and "shake the base" would be a what I theorized on an earlier entry at IM: that Sarah forced B & L to give up T1. On hearing McCain get the nomination, she totally preempted whatever they might have wanted by going ahead with her announcement. Who knows all the details, but hopefully someday, we all will. And I certainly hope for all those kids they do the smart thing and don't waste the opportunity.

Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of reasons that I think Bristol is the most likely of all the possible mothers for Trig. Regina at Palin's Deceptions posted a couple of pictures from Bristol's trip to NY, October 2007. Bristol appears on some music video TV type show, and that was a very chunky Bristol wearing a white top. Compared to Bristol's non-pregnant photos (think Candies, or Face Book), she looks chunkier than Sarah did when Sarah was supposed to be pregnant.

Reason number two is the well documented group of photos at PD that show a remarkably slim Sarah weeks away from delivering a baby. That and her wild ride story make Sarah most unlikely of all.

The other reasons that I tend to believe that it was Bristol was that she was taken off the scene Fall 2007 until early 2008. Maybe there were rumors in Alaska, too. We still don't know if she had to appear in person to settle that long-standing traffic ticket, but it was finally resolved in January 2008.

The Levi "I want to adopt your baby and pretend that it's mine" scenario works best for Trig. There is no way that a potential candidate for Vice President would risk such actions. At a high national level, the scrutiny would have been too great and the story revealed. We know that Sarah doesn't plan her moves too far ahead of time; she is reactive instead of using long-range planning.

I think that whenever they found out that a DS baby would be part of the extended Palin family, it made good political sense to adopt before being selected, bringing with the adoption a number of issue-voters for family values, special needs, devoted mothers and fathers, what a good spiritual, religious, pro-life person she is!

If Levi's article told us anything, everything about Sarah is staged and fake. Fake marriage, fake family, fake hunting, fake fishing, every thing is posed and a photo op, she is always perfectly made up to pick fish, run, shoot a rifle, visit the troops. The only thing that is strange right now is that we haven't seen her for a month.

Anonymous said...

Did I just say Regina at Palin's Deceptions? It's too late in the day. I meant to write Palingates. Sorry.

Morgan said...

I'm pressed for time, but those pictures of TRL were originally found by another researcher at PD, Jen H. But we collectively decided that a chunky Bristol wasn't necessarily a pregnant Bristol. Teenaged girls' weight fluctuates, and while she looked a little heavier in those pictures than she did in some others, they were not definitive enough for Audrey to put out as supportive proof for Bristol's being pregnant.

Shayfray said...

Morgan, the more I read Levi's article the more I'm inclined to believe that this WAS designed to decrease his credibility. Perhaps coerced by Palin in exchange for a reduction in his mother's sentence?

He has never seemed mean or (more importantly) grossly mishandled. If anything, he has always walked quietly on eggshells.

This article was so over the top its hard to believe or respect him. But more importantly, he addresses several key things that he would have to contradict in a babygate tell all, leading him to be less believable.

The strategy employed seems eerily reminiscent of the Bristol pregnancy announcement. Tell a half truth to obfuscate and distract from the truth. If Levi (or anyone else) brings up the idea that Sarah tried to adopt Bristol's baby Trig, people will say, "No, that can't be. She was trying to adopt Tripp but it didn't work out."

As a trig truther, I'm sure you get the same responses I do when I try to explain the idea that Trig is not Sarah's baby. "No, your mistaken. The daughter is pregnant now. The rumors where about her pregnancy with Tripp."

Morgan said...

Shayfray, I have yet to get my hands on the article. I look forward to reading it in its entirety but the people I've spoken to who have read it are as baffled as you are.

I don't know if it's a case of mishandling, for Levi's adherence to some sort of deal made with the Palins or both.

I do think that the truth is going to come out, and soon. And I think when it does it will be more than just Levi's word that provides the truth we've been looking for.

peninparadise said...

"Thems some fight'in words..."

Morgan, Thank you for your description of the magnitude of this thing. For all of us who have been following this story for the past year, and have had to endure to the eye rolling of friends and loved ones, Thank you!

We all know we aren't kooks, and have found support with our like minded friends here on the babygate-open blogs.

Gryphen's most recent "almost-confirmations" of commenters' theories is very encouraging. I believe those of us, who know the importance of this, and who have not been willing to turn a blind eye, will soon be vindicated!

For your contribution toward this end, thanks again.

Morgan said...

Peni, since this search for the truth began I've been angry, discouraged and frustrated. But I've never once lost faith that the truth about Sarah Palin will eventually be revealed.

Our search for the truth has been almost as dramatic as the story we're chasing. Eventually I hope Audrey will tell it - all of it. She's a real hero.

If this were just about Sarah Palin I don't know if we'd be as committed, but Sarah has become the embodiment of everything the intolerant right wing represents. To expose her is to expose them and while a small segment of her True Believers will find a way to excuse what she's done, I think the truth will cause a lot of people who have been swallowing the right wing line because following is easier than thinking to finally snap out of this trance they are in.

My hope is that we'll see the kind of soul-searching in this political culture that we need to see - on the right and left. Politicians are accountable for both their actions and their messages. If you talk the talk you'd better walk the walk, because if you Tripp then you bring down more than just yourself.

Anonymous said...

Great story. My job for the last 30 years has been to analyze people to determine whether they were telling the truth and judging their honesty. From the onset, I have had serious doubts about Sarah. If you analyze what Sarah says, she leaves a pattern of questions rather than answering the questions. While beautiful on the outside, the woman is vile and disgusting on the inside and I hope the truth about this woman will come to the surface soon.

I really wish someone like Jack Cashill would work on investigating Sarah. Jack has done some very great investigative reports on TWA 800 and other issues.

Morgan said...

Anon, thanks so much for your comment. Sarah doesn't seem like an honest person, despite her attempts at down-home folksy charm. She bluffed her way through far more questions than she answered during the campaign, and badly. It says a lot about the quality of her followers that they were satisfied or even inspired by how she handled herself.

It would be great to see a genuine, hard-hitting piece on this woman. I'm not sure she's not really been targeted for analysis, except by the blogopshere. There's a lot more of a story behind her than has been touched by the media.