Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Group booking Palin's comedy act gets its money's worth

"It's just common sense that government attempts to solve problems like the health care problem will just create new problems." -- Sarah Palin to the CLSA Investors

It's over. Earlier today GOP spokesmodel Sarah Palin delivered her 90-minute speech at the CLSA Investors Forum. And despite attempts to keep her address the most secrety secret in all of Secretdom, it seems that some of what she said has leaked out.

And yes, it's pretty much what we expected. Reports had suggested that the invitation was a joke on Sarah by a group looking for more laughs than substance.

Apparently that's just what she delivered. As a bonus, she lectured the crowd on the perspective of Main Street, America. Her America, that is, where a politician with presidential ambitions can hide from a media that might press her for answers the public wants while auctioning herself off as a prize to whichever loyal fan can afford to buy her for a few hours.

If the audience understood anything about irony, then I'm thinking her act killed like an Obama Death Panel.


Andrea said...

I love that image - God as a juicy slice of tomato.

My, but she's embarrassing. I'm still checking out what her talk entailed...did she seriously try to support the idea that this blessed planet is older than six thousand years with her rambling about the land bridge?

Does she ever get nervous? Does she ever think to herself "I am way out of my fucking league here?"

I just posted my reaction to this newest bit of comedy. And you know me, it's very mature.

Morgan said...

Haha. I'll take a look. The salad picture is a play on "Word Salad," which is what many commentators have taken to calling Sarah's speeches. They don't make sense; they're just a jumble of words she throws together. I guess she hopes they'll just magically transform themselves into coherent sentences.

No, I don't think it really ever occurs to her that she's out of her league. Yes, she is that delusional.

Morgan said...

Oh God, Andrea....that is just the funniest graphic you put on your blog. I am still laughing. That is exactly how Sarah makes us feel. Unless you're a tea bagger.

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, I have another image I can post when I get to it. It's for the Palin stans.

And the comments at Wonkette are slaying me.

Morgan said...

Wonkette has the BEST commenters in blogdom. No doubt.

Christopher said...

I think "word salad" is too nice a term for her speeches. The appropriate term would be "logorrhea", since she opens her mouth and shit comes out.

The quote you start with is interesting: "government attempts to solve problems like the health care problem will just create new problems". So she admits there's a problem, but her only response is to obstruct any attempts to deal with it, because she's afraid trying to deal with it will only create more problems.

That's a very succinct summation of her governing style: Don't deal with existing problems. Instead go out and create whole new problems...

Morgan said...

Haha, Christopher. I think you nailed Palin with that one. Maybe her idea of "the problem" is that people are all seeking healthcare. I mean, really, why seek treatment for your chronic bronchitis when you could just be raptured at any minute now?

meredithp said...

Love the "word salad". Looks much tastier than listening to SP. Can you imagine?! Rumor has it that she got $300K. {shakes head}

Morgan said...

Whaaat? No way, Meredith? Are you serious? I was doubting the six figures, but hearing that it was this much boggles the mind. On the face of it, that seems like a crazy fee. But when you consider how much publicity CLSA has gotten over trotting the GOP spokesmodel out to blabber about land bridges and moose and Main Street it probably wasn't a bad investment.

Sarah Palin, famous for being famous.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate hypocrisy is that the event was supposed to be closed to the press, and then a transcript was given to the press, the Wall Street Journal. Now, Sarah is repeating most of the speech on her Face Book page, but she left out the last paragraph.

It was my favorite paragraph because I secretly think that she wrote it herself and added it, bestowing good tidings and blessings plus wishes for freedom on a crowd of big-wig heavy-duty financial people.

The video that Bree Palin posted showed us a breathless Sarah who still can't stand still while speaking, can't form complete sentences, and has not benefited from her time off to get a little voice-coaching. She is still the same incoherent babbling person that she was before she quit.

In that video there is the threat to sue AP for leaking the speech- the same speech that was given to the Wall Street Journal. At what point do Sarah and Reality ever intersect?

On another topic, have you been in touch with Audrey? We would enjoy an update. We certainly hope that she is safe and in good health. And, we all appreciate the work that everyone at PD did. Thanks.

laughingwolf said...

i thought she had crawled back under her rock? :(

Anonymous said...

Loved it when Tina Fey said Palin talked like she was in a corn maze. Word salad or corn maze, Palin's book will be all fluff and no substance. It it already being discounted by WalMart to $13 and it hasn't been printed. Won't take it long to reach the clearance aisle.

Don't know which was the biggest fraud....Palin as a vp selection or Palin as a writer.

Morgan said...

I was listening to Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac one morning and the featured poem was "The Book of My Enemy has Been Remaindered."

I agree with you. Her book is going to be bargain-basement priced before you know it. TV preacher will be giving them away with prayer cloths, which will be appropriate since anyone who believes in prayer cloths will also believe whatever she writes.