Thursday, August 13, 2009

The view from Crazy

Do crazy people know they're crazy? Probably not. And if they're in the company of other crazy people egging them on they may even feel they're not crazy. Or that it's OK because Crazy is the new Normal.

It was bad enough when I couldn't watch the news without seeing crazy from the right wing. But when people I like and respect start spewing the same paranoid fears about the insurance reform on Facebook then I'm beginning to wonder if there's something in the water.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah Palin claimed Obama's health care plan would include "death panels" that would give a thumbs up or thumbs down on her Downs Syndrome son's (wink, wink) right to exist. She and other right wing crazies claim that a national health care plan is socialized medical care (Medicaid) and would lead to rationing (common insurance company practice now).

Right wingers don't want the US of A to end up like Canada or Great Britain where handicapped people are regularly put to ....death...right?

OK. Hold on. Someone would like to step up to disagree with Sarah Palin. Look, it's renowned international physicist Professor Stephen Hawking!

Professor Stephen Hawking has defended the NHS after its severe criticism during the American political debate over health care reforms.

The physicist spoke up for the NHS after the Republican Right claimed it was 'evil' and 'Orwellian' in a direct attack on Barack Obama's plans to overhaul health care in the U.S.

Critics of the president have said his plans would introduce a 'socialist' system like Britain's.

Prof Hawkin, who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease, said: 'I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS.

'I have received a large amount of high quality treatment without which I would not have survived.'

So who are you going to believe. This genius? Or this complete moron?

Of course, the people flooding these town meetings with guns and pleas not to kill grandma can't be reasoned with or influenced by superior intellect. They're like this Crazy Sprinkler Lady who wonders with growing paranoia how those rainbow colors got in her sprinkler spray.

I kind of feel like I'm dealing with Crazy Sprinkler Lady every time I get an email from a Sarah Palin fan. As many of you know, I've been a vocal critic of McCain's Vagina since she was trotted out as a potential VP candidate in 2008.

To her fans, the idea that I or any other woman would think Palin unworthy of leadership has nothing to do with an issue of qualifications. No, they say. The real reason we hate her is because - are you ready? We're fat.

But we're not just fat. We're also menopausal, sexually unsatisfied, ugly, secretly in love with Todd Palin and jealous because he's with Sarah, dealing with the guilt of our multiple abortions, possibly lesbians (although I'm not sure why a lesbian would have a crush on Todd) and intimidated by Sarah.

Did I leave anything out? Oh wait, I did! We also hate Jesus. Especially Baby Jesus. We want to kill Baby Jesus. If Baby Jesus had Downs Syndrome, we'd want to kill him twice.

I guess they say all of this stuff because they can't think of anything else to say. I actually had one right wing blogger respond to my criticism of Sarah on another blog by stating, "I bet Morgan is fat and ugly." When he came to my blog and discovered I was neither, he came back and announced, "Well, her teeth are really big."

I guess with that kind of intellect you take what you can get.

I can't reach the crazies. But if one person on the edge of plunging into Lake Loony reads this and is inspired to do some actual research on health care reform I will feel that my work, for this day at least, has been done.


This is the kind of person we're dealing with. This woman doesn't feel qualified to handle the finances of her own household and yet she feels qualified to criticize health care reform? If you ask me, the host of Hardball handled her in a very gentlemanly manner given that he could have excoriated her for such astounding ignorance.


Andrea said...

Morgan, why do you tease us so with these infrequent yet awesome posts?

I don't know what to do about the crazies either, except dedicate songs to them, which I just did recently for Palin. Ozzy's "Crazy Train," because she is one giant 'mental wound.' Or she causes mental wounds. Either way.

As for the NHS, my apolitical sister lives in England and has told me that it's fine and she hasn't had any issues with it.

The only jealousy I feel is for people who live in places where health care is not an industry. Meanwhile I'm here in Texas struggling with our godawful fucking governor who is just as terrible as Palin.

(miss you!)

wayofpeace said...

thanks for this post, MORGAN!

there have always been stupid americans. the difference now is that the media--by bringing these raging / ignorant loons into our living rooms--is giving them a 'credibility' that only spurs more craziness, like the guy with the loaded gun!

CHRIS HAYES from THE NATION noted on KO last night that these NUTZ represent just 1% of the population, but have managed to hijack the debate by equating moronic cliches (and with $ARAH as their cheerleader) with genuine dissent.

Morgan said...

Andrea, I keep meaning to post more frequently but it's been such a crazy summer my ideas rarely make it into print. It is *good* to see you again. I need to update my blogroll to reflect your awesome new blog. I've been by a couple of times and am really glad you haven't disowned me for being such a slack correspondent/reader.

Crazy Train would be an adequate anthem for Sarah. Or the Chicken Dance. For some reason every time I hear that stupid song I think of her.

I hear the same thing from people who have lived abroad about NHS or other state-run health care. So much of the argument now is that the government will decide if you get an operation. At the moment the insurance companies decide. I suppose that's OK with the right wing. As long as somebody's getting rich off of death and despair then that makes it right. Or righteous. I so do not get these people.

We have a good Governor here in N.C. And an even better senator since Kay Hagan beat that stupid bitch Liddy Dole. Seems the atheist-bashing didn't work for that carpet-bagger.

Morgan said...

WOP, I completely agree. They are a frightening, vocal minority that's being enabled by the media because Crazy makes for good ratings.

If they keep encouraging them, somebody's going to get killed at one of these meetings. If it happens, though, I don't look for the media to do much soul searching. Bloodshed is good for ratings, too.

Christopher said...

If it bleeds it leads, right? It's the classic Republican double-standard. When they're asked to stop screaming long enough for someone with a dissenting viewpoint to speak, they claim their right to voice their opinion is being taken away. Right now the only people who seem to be voicing their opinion are the ones being fed talking points by wealthy industry lobbying groups.

And that would be the same people who, for eight years of the Bush administration, did everything they could to silence dissent.

Anonymous said...

OMG, thank you so much for this post. I just have basic dish services & only have CNN & Faux News. Can you believe they added Faux News to the basic plan? So I don't get to see MSNBC;(

I just canNOT believe people like this woman. I am sure she doesn't want medicare when she becomes eligible. Yeah, right! My god her parents must be PO'd. Of course, I am sure she would be more than happy to pay their care.

Sometimes I really do think I am the nut because if I am not then I am surrounded by people who like to ride the crazy train!


Andrea said...

Nah, it's no biggie. And I'd never disown you, just bitch at you in private if I had to :)

Btw, check your email - I just sent you a funny pic you might find useful and/or inspiring.

JohnR said...

Morgan: Are you getting worried about Obama's chances in 2012?

thimscool said...

Seems the atheist-bashing didn't work for that carpet-bagger.

Oi the irony.

Morgan said...

No, JohnR. Especially if he runs against Sarah Palin.

Morgan said...

How is that ironic, Luke? Did you not see the Dole ads implying that Hagan was a "Godless American?" Or do you put questioning someone's faith on par with observing that they put down roots in a state just to run for the Senate?

Kevin said...

Hi, Morgan,

Would you indulge a petty peeve and stop referring to Sarah Palin as "John McCain's vagina"? I get your point, that McCain chose her because she was a woman, demonstrating a lack of respect for women who actually have competence and brains. Nevertheless, to me, referring to any woman as a female organ is in bad taste, even if you use the medically correct term and not the vulgar one.

Frankly, if you want to go there, Sarah Palin was not McCain's vagina, she was his testicles, after he deposited with Bush the ones he was born with.

PS: I appreciate your work keeping Palin's Deceptions going.

Morgan said...

Point taken, Kevin. But you're missing the point. John chose her simply because of her gender. He wanted a woman. Qualifications didn't matter. That's why I've always referred to her as McCain's Vagina.

I'm afraid it's a bit late in the game to refer to her as McCain's Right Nut. But I will consider it.

thimscool said...

Uhh... "Carpet bagger" usually said with dripping derision through a thick drawl was often directed at pinko commie atheists attempting to change the ways of the locals.

That's why.


Did I screw up your wedding post? I thought about deleting my drunken ramblings.

Morgan said...

Wow Luke. I've never heard it said like that. Usually it suggests that a politician has moved to a state just to run for office there. I heard it used numerous time by New Yorkers referring to Hillary Clinton and I can't see to remember the reference ever being accompanied by this "thick drawl" of which you speak.

No, you didn't screw up my wedding post. You never know where these conversations are going to go...heartwarming nuptials to threesomes with bears. That's about par for the discussion range on this blog. We tend to veer. But that's OK.

thimscool said...

Hmmm. I think maybe my connotation is closer to the vernacular.

Being a globetrotter always made me an outsider, but I was never called a carpetbagger until I moved to NC.

I don't think I could have ruined your post, but I was hoping that I did not ruin the comments for any visiting relatives. My apologies if that was the case, and thanks for your liberal attitude.