Sunday, July 19, 2009


From giggly and happy at the rehearsal dinner... completely emotional on her wedding day.

It's a wonderful thing to see your child reach adulthood. It is even better to see them reach a place in their adulthood where they are safe, loved and cherished.

Yesterday I watched my daughter reach that place when she married her best friend. Since meeting five years ago, Jessica and Brandon have been inseparable. They are well-suited on every level. Jessica adores Brandon, and he adores her.

Here's one of my favorite shots from yesterday. It was taken by my neighbor who noticed during the prayer that Brandon - although a devout Christian - could not bring himself to close his eyes since it would mean he'd have to stop looking at his bride.

Here are some other shots from the day, which was more wonderful and magical than I ever could have imagined. It's left me with this lingering sentimentality that has me feeling a bit weepy at times. It's so unlike me. I don't think I was adequately prepared for the level of happiness I'd feel upon seeing my daughter joined to a man I know will love her forever.

Larry, Lucas and Alex before the wedding

Jessica with her bridesmaids. She was so nervous.

Another of me and Jessica. I managed not to cry in this one.

Lucas and Alex. He was ring bearer and she the junior bridesmaid for their big sister's wedding.

The kiss.


Outside after the wedding.

Preparing to enter the limo that would take them to the reception.
An overhead shot of Jessica entering the reception hall.

First dance. Larry was a rock. I cried like a baby.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding day preview

Of course I can't show a picture of my lovely eldest daughter in her wedding dress. Not yet, anyway. But I can share this picture of my youngest son, 7-year-old Lucas in his tux. He's going to be the ring bearer! I didn't mean to show up in the mirror, but I did. I'm the one in the hat with the Blackberry. If I'm beaming like a proud mum it's because I am. 

Doesn't my little man look adorable? Click on the picture for a better view. He's so worth it. 

Happy Thursday!

I have no time to write anything substantial today, as I'm about to get a shiny new son-in-law and am busy with last minute preparations ahead of my oldest daughter's Saturday wedding.

I did snap this dragonfly picture this morning, though, and thought I'd share it with you. On July 4th our neighbor Gideon stuck a burnt out sparkler into the top of one of our tiki torches. For whatever reason, it's become a favorite Dragonfly Perch. This one stayed put despite several others darting about waiting for their turn.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Palin can't be saved

The patient lies on the floor. Her pulse is thready, her breath shallow. Her eyes stare wildly and fearfully into a future she'll never see. 

Above her, two doctors feverishly work to revive her. 

The patient is Sarah Palin. The would-be-rescuers? Sarah's right-wing supporters and the mainstream media. 

The rescuers' motives for saving Sarah are as different as they are. Her wing-nut supporters wants to see her name at the top of the ticket in 2012. She is, after all, the Chosen One. I mean, what's not to love about a woman who can't name a single thing she reads, shoots wolves from airplanes and is so pro-life she made sexual assault victims in Alaska pay for their own rape kits. It was Sarah who gave knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers like Joe the Plumber a platform, who celebrated him as Everyman to counter the well-educated uppity black guy who dared challenge McCain in the last election.

Which is exactly why the mainstream media also wants her to survive. Like the majority of the nation - and unlike Sarah's supporters - they preferred that uppity black guy. Obama was well read, articulate and thoughtful. He was a comfort to a nation who was ready to move from a leader they'd like to shoot pool with to a leader who could unite and lead the nation. Having covered the mess Bush made of things, the media knows it will take more than one term to fix it. And the best way for Obama to get a second term is to run against someone who absolutely cannot win. 

That someone is Sarah Palin, and the media knows it.

The media recognizes that Sarah's supporters are crazy, so crazy that they're not afraid to turn on other Republicans. Look what happened to conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg when he dared suggest that Sarah was out of her league.

Another of Sarah's supporters, John Ziegler, went so far as to call her detractors "terrorists," and on sites like Conservatives4Palin her delusional fans offer gems like this:

Sarah Palin loves God. God loves Sarah Palin. And that is why they hate her....and Him.

I contend that the media's seeming blindness to Palin's faults - and the overplaying of her influence -is solely intentional. Apart from FOX the media is reflecting the public bias in favor of Obama. Palin is the best thing to happen to the Democrats in a long time. The media wants her to survive. The more she's out there, the more vocal her supporters will be, and the more they'll become the face of the party.  At the end of the day Obama cannot not fuck up enough to lose to a party defined by its White Trash elements.

That's why the media has downplayed her resignation. That's why they've never really dug into the many scandals swirling around her. And that's why - in the wake of her political suicide attept - they are so eager to revive her.

But I think the majority of the GOP is savvy enough to see what a losing proposition she is, which is why even conservatives are starting to speak out. They're not going to let her hijack their party. So they're going to finish her off.

Call it a mercy killing for all involved.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin sets example for daughters by refusing to go all the way

It's been awhile since I've written anything here about Sarah Palin, whom I snarkily referred to as McCain's Vagina during 2008 presidential campaign.

But now that she's sulkily stomped out of office because people wouldn't stop being mean to her, how could I resist analyzing her decision to abandon her post as Governor halfway through her term?

"I'm not a quitter, I'm a fighter," Palin told CNN. 

Oh come on, Sarah. As a modern woman and working mother why not just admit how good you are at doing it all? You're a fighter and a quitter. You're a fighter who quits. You're the plucky point guard who drives through the full court press with her eye on the basket and then refuses to take the shot because the opposing team dared to try and block you. (The nerve of them!)

Who knows her real reason for leaving. If it's the one she gave then no wonder her supporters are so stunned. 

Bloggers, Sarah sniffs, are just a bunch of poopy-heads who say mean things and she isn't going to take it anymore.  

They're just like that awful David Letterman who joked that her teen daughter might have had sex in New York with a pro-athlete. As opposed to the truth, which is that her teen daughter had sex in Palin's own home with a high-school athlete.

"Lettermen should apologize!", Sarah pouted, stomping the ground in a way that made her hair extensions bounce oh-so-prettily. She said the joke was not funny. What apparently was funny was SNL's earlier skit about her husband Todd having sex with her daughters. How did she express outrage over that particular "insult?" That's right - she went on SNL as a guest.

But forget that little inconsistency. Sarah wants to make it clear - it's her right as a mother - not the media's -  to exploit her kids. She gave birth to them, after all. Or at least to four of them. Not everyone believes Trig is Sarah's, unless of course you're willing to believe that a 43-year-old pro-life Christian woman knowing that carrying a Downs baby put her in the riskiest of high-risk pregnancy categories would knowingly leak amniotic fluid all day before boarding a plane in Texas and flying to Alaska, only to bypass two major medical centers in Anchorage in favor of a backwater hospital with no NICU facilities.  For more on why no sane person could really believe that story, read this.

Other possibilities as to why Sarah quit? Daughter Bristol's baby-daddy Levi is shopping a tell-all book deal; maybe the long-simmering question over Trig will finally be revealed. After a long fight another pajama-clad blogger is about to get her hot little hands on a batch of Sarah's yet-unreleased emails. Who knows what they'll reveal. Rumors have swirled for months now that the Palins wound up with a shiny new house shortly after a lumber company won the contract to build a still-controversial sports center in Wasilla when Sarah was mayor there. If there turns out to be anything to that, then Sarah could have added "stealing home" to the other bizarre sports analogies she used in her disjointed July 3 resignation speech.

Or, maybe, Sarah is finally telling the truth. She's not really a pitbull. She's just a Papillon who impressed people by yapping through the fence all these months. 

"Look how tough she is!" they said. "Isn't she cute! And brave, too!" 

Then she saw that the gate was open. And instead of hanging with the big dogs she turned and ran away whining. And everyone realized she was never what she - or John McCain - pretended she was.

No matter what the reality, Sarah Palin is toast. Having proved how well she handles political pressure by not handling it, she's destroyed any chance of ever being taken seriously again.

 And I, for one, am really happy about that.