Friday, June 26, 2009

The latest news cycle: Dead pedophiles in, brave protesters out

So I was going to do a shot today every time I heard a broadcast news reporter say the words "Jackson autopsy." Then I decided that was a bad idea since if I actually did I'd be dead of alcohol poisoning before lunch.

On the other hand, a few drinks wouldn't hurt if I'm going to endure this latest "news cycle."

I'm getting to where I absolutely loathe the media, or what is trying to pass itself off as media. Just 24 hours ago, CNN was all over the inspiring, revolutionary, monumental, brave uprising in Iran....until Michael Jackson went and offered them something better to cover by dying on us.

All it took was one fading celebrity pedophile to croak for the major networks to say, "Fuck you, Iranians. Yeah, we know you're still getting beaten to a pulp in the streets as you fight for freedom, but we really need to concentrate on this one dead guy now."

Suddenly it was as if this woman or the millions inspired by her never mattered at all:

Maybe she and her fellow protesters should have tried harder to have a hit record. Or well-placed Hollywood friends like Cher and Liz Taylor.

Somewhere right now, Iranian president-turned-dictator Ahmadinejad is laughing his ass off and telling the protestors, "See, the US never really gave a damn about you."  

And judging by our media, he's right. US broadcast news is the most fickle, shallow medium on the planet. I've stepped in puddles deeper than the people who run these networks.

Of course it can be argued that they're just giving the public what we wants. If that's the truth, then that's just plain scary.


thimscool said...

I don't believe that last bit for a second. The newspapers used that excuse and look where it has landed them.

TV news is using that as their excuse, and diversified into two camps of "what we want": Fox and everyone else. But they will lose too.

The Internet will kill them both. Because what people want is not what Westinghouse, GE, and Murdock want them to want.

Production value will only get you so far. USA today is going the same way as the NYT.


Time to turn them claws on Obama yet?

Morgan said...

Amen and amen. The media has signed its own death warrant. It's hard to feel sorry for them.

Per Obama, I'm still taking a wait-and-see approach. But I will say that my Main Man is making me nervous. This spend-our-way-to-prosperity attitude is asinine. I think he's doing what he thinks is right, but I'm afraid what he think is right is going to lead us into ruin.

My mother-in-law and I were talking about this yesterday and she expressed the oft-repeated sentiment that - unlike Bush - at least he's doing something.

Here's the analogy I gave her. If you have a doctor who sits by and watches someone suffer, and another doctor comes in and injects Clorox into the patient's veins, are you going to think that's helpful? Sure, the second doctor is doing something, but if that something is worse than doing nothing, can you really get behind the treatment?

I'm back to wanting to move to Europe.

JohnR said...

NOW you're getting nervous?!?!?

I was telling you this last Fall but you were so wet for Obama, I bet Larry didn't have to bother with foreplay.

"Ohhh, do me Bara...I mean Larry."

Who cares about Iran? Was Mousavi promising democracy? You do know he was one to the student leaders during the takeover of the American Embassy in 1979, right?

This was an election to replace one thug with another thug.

Obama and any other elected politician would turn guns on Americans if they took to the streets too. He has no moral high ground here.

Obama is an oligarch and you know it. So was George Bush. The Congress just passed an energy bill that no one read and wasn't even completed. There were 300 pages left out of it.

They don't care about what Americans who are paying attention to them think. They know most that Americans aren't paying attention and won't until the cost of energy goes up.

At Easter, the media was all about pirates, the pirates are still there but the story moved on. It will move on after Jackson's funeral.

Dying was a great career move, just like it was for Elvis. Elvis made more money dead than alive and so will Michael Jackson.

So, how have you been?

I missed you.


thimscool said...

Save a little for after the cigarette, John. Seriously.

thimscool said...

Morgan, is your leg alright?

Morgan said...

John, it is nice to see that you are back and still as un-hinged as ever.

You really think Obama would turn guns on the people here? Seriously? You seriously believe that?

I can tell you right now I'd still rather have him in the White House than McCain and his theocratic little sidekick in the White House. If you think either side isn't going to grow government's power then you're delusional.

I am fine, thanks for asking. I just celebrated my birthday over the weekend and had a great time. I'm still writing up a storm, still puttering in my garden, still enjoying life on our little farm - which now includes a herd of dairy goats.

Life is good, but then it always has been.

Hope you guys are doing well, too. I've also missed you both.

Luke, if you're referring to the leg that was broken in the riding accident almost two years ago it mended nicely. My orthopedist said he'd never seen someone heal so fast. The only time I'm even aware of the break now is when a storm is coming in. Then it gets achy where all the hardware is.

thimscool said...

I was just concerned that John may have re-injured it by vigorous humping. :P

Just pulling your chain, John. I feel the same way.

JohnR said...

Thims: Don't smoke, bad habit. And I would always be tender and gentle with our dear Morgan.

I would never hurt her.

I would just be a smile on her face Larry would never understand.

Morgan: Remember, I am not a Republican. If McCain was doing the same shit, I would be bitching about it to you if you would bother to update this blog occasionally.

I posted something more than a month ago on your last entry but I never got a response.

Mo G said...

(Previously MoGryph):
Glad to hear you healed up nicely, Morgan. I lost track of following ya when you took your little hiatus there a few years back.

I'm not going to get into the political aspect of what everyone's talking about - politics makes my head hurt, but I agree about the media.

About 4 months before the whole "Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore" story broke out, I heard or read about it in some obscure location. When it finally broke news to the general public, I think it was shadowed by some lame-brain Brittany story. I couldn't help but go around to people asking- hey did you hear about this though---?
Yeah, nothing huge, just a reconfiguration of what you were told about our solar system in school.
Another one popped up this week- I was listening to some NPR Science Friday, or some other science podcast - catching up on archives, a few days ago. Hmmm... They say that the stones for the Pyramids, were, get this - not mined and dragged across the desert, but actually molded on location. Wow- there goes everything I was taught in school. I checked the podcast date after- oh, it's from 2006. Wow, why the hell didn't that break some kind of news? I've talked to about 15 people about it since- "Hey, weird fact, have you heard this yet? ...." none of them knew.

I don't know if shallow goes far enough to describe our media. They're incompetent in being able to pass on what some might be fundamentally changing what we've been told our entire lives!

Sorry- I've got to interrupt this special science report to tell you that, unfortunately, Professional Pitchman Billy Mays has passed on.

Sad news, no more will I have to run from the kitchen while washing dishes to hunt down the remote control with a fever, because someone is screaming at the top of their lungs that I need to buy some whatzahemptadiggidydo. RIP Billy, but let's move on to something with substance!

Christopher said...

Gee, John, why not get your own blog? Is it because you've demonstrated repeatedly that you don't have anything substantial to say? You repeated your own comment twice here, but then it was just a rehash of the same thing you've been saying over and over again on other posts.

JohnR said...

Christopher: Still haven't gotten over that "Barney Polesmoker" comment.

You're right I do say the same thing repeatedly.

It wouldn't be because I am firm and consistent in my beliefs, would it.

Oh, and your posts are so deep and substantial, aren't they.

Anonymous said...

Anyways, it was getting sickening to watch CNN getting its panties into a bunch over an election in a land half a world away, when what is happening just around its own immediate surroundings is much worse, and worth covering. Poor Michael Jackson, God bless his soul, was an icon, a source of identity for pretty much a generation that grew up humming his tunes and imitating his dance steps. Covering him in all American sincerity was much better for the networks than keeping up the outrageously faux outrage over Iranian elections.