Friday, June 26, 2009

The latest news cycle: Dead pedophiles in, brave protesters out

So I was going to do a shot today every time I heard a broadcast news reporter say the words "Jackson autopsy." Then I decided that was a bad idea since if I actually did I'd be dead of alcohol poisoning before lunch.

On the other hand, a few drinks wouldn't hurt if I'm going to endure this latest "news cycle."

I'm getting to where I absolutely loathe the media, or what is trying to pass itself off as media. Just 24 hours ago, CNN was all over the inspiring, revolutionary, monumental, brave uprising in Iran....until Michael Jackson went and offered them something better to cover by dying on us.

All it took was one fading celebrity pedophile to croak for the major networks to say, "Fuck you, Iranians. Yeah, we know you're still getting beaten to a pulp in the streets as you fight for freedom, but we really need to concentrate on this one dead guy now."

Suddenly it was as if this woman or the millions inspired by her never mattered at all:

Maybe she and her fellow protesters should have tried harder to have a hit record. Or well-placed Hollywood friends like Cher and Liz Taylor.

Somewhere right now, Iranian president-turned-dictator Ahmadinejad is laughing his ass off and telling the protestors, "See, the US never really gave a damn about you."  

And judging by our media, he's right. US broadcast news is the most fickle, shallow medium on the planet. I've stepped in puddles deeper than the people who run these networks.

Of course it can be argued that they're just giving the public what we wants. If that's the truth, then that's just plain scary.