Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pregnant pause

Yes, yes. I know the election is over and those of us who gave McCain's Vagina a good pounding will miss all the material she provided, from her ties to that witch-hunting preacher to her inability to name one single magazine or newspaper she reads on a daily basis.

Yes, Sarah Palin was good for a laugh. But underneath the expensive frocks and inability to form a coherent sentence were some serious questions surrounding a woman who managed to both become a governor and the potential Number Two person in our nation's government.

Troopergate was one. Did Sarah Palin fire the government official who refused to fire her brother-in-law during his messy divorce to Palin's sister? Travelgate was another. Did she stick Alaska with the cost of dragging her kids along on state business?  

The media did a good job of covering these stories. But it ignored the biggest story of all -whether or not Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy and passed that story off to the public. There seems to be mounting evidence that Sarah did not give birth to Trig. And if she lied, it was a lie aided, it would seem, by a male-dominated media too squeamish to really examine the biological discrepancies of a story which never quite added up to many women who know a thing or three about giving birth.

The most dogged in pursuit of this truth is Audrey over at the Palin Deception blog. A mother,  former childbirth educator and lactation counselor married to a physician, Audrey was immediately suspicious when she heard Palin's account of how she began leaking amniotic fluid at a Texas governor's conference and still waited eight hours to fly back to Alaska, where she bypassed a major medical center to drive to a small community hospital to deliver a child she allegedly knew would be born with special needs. The special needs was Downs Syndrome, supposedly diagnosed via an amnio administered far earlier than medical professionals allow.

These discrepancies, combined with conflicting photographs of Sarah looking not all pregnant and then suddenly very pregnant shortly before Trig's arrival - and her refusal to ever provide medical records -  sent Audrey on a quest to find the truth, not because she hates Sarah Palin but because she believes - as many of us do - that no politician should get away with telling a lie of this magnitude.

Since the election, traffic on Audrey's blog has only increased as she and others continue to look for evidence to prove their suspicion that Sarah Palin - for whatever reason - lied about giving birth to Trig.

A couple of days ago, she was provided with a photo that many of us think proves her point. This shot was taken in March, around the time Sarah Palin would have been 32 weeks pregnant:

Looks like a normal shot, right? There's Sarah, with a bit of a "bump." But enlarge it. Is that really a bump? Or a pad?

If you enlarge this you can clearly see a rectangular pad and not a baby bump. The fabric is lose below the pad, and any woman who's had a baby and who is familiar with the distinctive shape of a pregnant belly will recognize that something is very, very, very wrong with this picture.

I'm not going to rehash Audrey's entire post here. She does an excellent job of providing more photos on her page for juxtaposition, both of how pregnant bellies really are shaped as well as a photo of how Sarah Palin suddenly looked eighteen days after this picture was taken.

If you want to get freaked out even more, check out what Jack Bog posted on his blog today. Please take particular note of the revealing screen grab taken from a documentary in which Sarah Palin pats her "pregnant" belly.

For those of us who have long thought this was a story, the biggest disappointment has been the dismissive attitude of  the people who run about calling themselves "journalists." The only ones who have been brave enough to stay on the trail of this story is Audrey and a handful of other dedicated bloggers who  deserve the word far more than those guys sitting in their offices ironically ringed with J-school diplomas. Too bad those degrees didn't come with backbones; when questions like these loom large, the public deserves a press brave enough to answer them.

It's a sad commentary on the state of modern journalism when private citizens are more interested in uncovering the truth than the press. Something's rotten in Denmark, folks, and our nation's media is sitting there with a clothes pin on its nose.

So good work, Audrey. Hopefully someone, somewhere with a louder voice will take a second look at what you've found.


JohnR said...

A couple of reasons the Palin/Trig story has no legs.

Palin lost, so the story does not matter.

If the media pursued this story, then they might have to actually investigate whether or not Obama is a natural-born American citizen, and the media may be afraid where that trail might end up.

Palin supporters don't care if she made it up or not. They like her.

If Obama turns out to be constitutionally unqualified to be President, would that change your mind? Would you demand that he step down, or would you say that it doesn't matter, the People have spoken.

Morgan said...

So if Ted Stevens had won the election he should still be in the Senate simply because people like him despite his proven dishonesty? So character doesn't matter? That's pretty curious coming from the right. But then again to those on the right, character only matters if it's the character of the other side. ;-)

If you think this story doesn't matter, visit the Team Sarah website, where 60,000 fawning supporters are still raving over her and vowing to work for her political advancement. These people are hardcore, John, and write things like this:

We all have something that connects us
no matter what it may be.
Sometimes the connection is less then great,
but the connection we have is the best ever.
We are connected through Sarah,
A woman who is strong.
We stay up for hours talking about her.
When we talk about Sarah,
it's hard to leave the site and go to bed.
We don't answer the door or feed the cat
when we talk about Sarah.
We ignore the phone and ignore other sites.
We are the people that don't watch the news,
except for FOX.
We are the people that even after the election,
are wearing buttons.
We are the people that can watch youtube videos of Sarah,
and never get tired of them.
We are the people that have Sarah Palin ringtones,
making our liberal friends uncomfortable.
We are the people that are thinking about moving to Alaska,
just to be closer to Sarah to protect her from the smears.
We are the people that still scream when we watch Sarah online
and hear our families laugh when we do.
We are the people that make never-ending facebook groups
and websites galore to support Sarah.
We are the people that will fight against liberals
when they bash Ms. Sarah.
We are the people that oppose Oprah and Ellen,
and just about every show from Hollywood.
We are the people that like to make nicknames,
nice and mean,
for conservatives and liberals everywhere.
We are the people that stand strong for our beliefs,
because that's what Sarah taught us to do.
We are the people that love Sarah
to the ends of the earth.
We are the people that want to make Sarah shine
showing the beauty she has inside and out.
We are the die-hard supporters across the nation.
We are the Team for Sarah

That's the kind of people who are shilling for her, John. Like you they think that Obama isn't a citizen, that he's a Muslim and that the three sixes in his final election numbers mean he's the anti Christ.

As long as these crackpots are out there, she'll have a political chance. As long as she's still viable, this is still a story. And it would be even if she weren't because it would mean the GOP failed to vet a woman enough to reveal what a handful of bloggers have discovered.

The fact that people like someone doesn't make them worthy of leadership. Fortunately in this election not enough people liked her to vote, did they?

If the best you can do is throw up Obama rather than present any statement as to why this photo isn't fishy, JohnR, then your efforts would be best spent helping the people over at Team Sarah write poems about Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

"...And he causeth receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads...he that had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name...for it is the number of a man..."

Sorry, I just get upset when people use the 666 number to sell their religion. It is the number of his NAME, it is the number of a MAN. How about using Roman numerals? And...the mark IN the a principality, not a tattoo.

Please check out this site.

I have always questioned Palin's story as my water broke before delivering both of my children. I do not think for one minute she was able to get in and out of taxis and airplanes...all those seatbelts...all that walking without going into labor or without anyone noticing.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Morgan said...

Hey, no problem. Venting is good.

The whole mechanics of her flight back to Alaska makes no sense.

The fact that she bypassed a major medical center in Anchorage to drive to some podunk community hospital to deliver a special needs child after her water had been leaking for more than ten hours. Well, you have to be a pretty stupid conservative to buy that one.

JohnR said...

You know, Morgan, you consistently misinterpret my posts.

I offered an opinion not an endorsement. I made no comment on the picture because, seriously, I don't care if she faked a pregnancy or not.

I didn't say anything about Obama being a Muslim or a non-citizen. Again, I offered an opinion on why, possibly, the MSM is not covering Palin's faked/real pregnancy.

Really, the story doesn't matter. After the first of the year, the economy is really going to turn south and Palin will be forgotten.

The economy is the story.

People out of work, afraid of losing their job, etc. don't give a fuck about Palin. I don't give a fuck about Palin.

My mother turned 83 last summer and she is really starting to slow down. I don't know if she will make it through 2009. My FIL has Alzheimer's. My wife works for a large corporation and while her job is not in danger, yet, who knows. Those are the things that concern me. I would love to have so little on my plate that I could obsess about a two-bit politician like Audrey does.

I guess I still haven't made it clear that I am not a conservative or on the right of the political spectrum.

And that is a seriously bad poem.

Morgan said...

JohnR, you constantly misinterpret my friends. Audrey is a wife and the mother of six children. She's runs her own business, is an accomplished writer and she also has a mother with Alzheimer's.

And yet she manages to find time to make contributions that go far beyond tapping out petty criticisms on blogs. Audrey - like many of us - watched a completely unqualified politician come within reaching distance of the Vice-presidency of the United States, a woman pushed along by a rabid, right-wing segment of this society that gets exponentially nuttier with each passing year.

Audrey saw some serious inconsistencies in Palin's story about Trig and rather than sit around with her thumb up her ass she decided to do something.

Even if Palin does go away, the search for the truth surrounding her birth story should not. If the GOP nominated a woman who faked a birth certificate, possibly committed insurance fraud, possibly encouraged her doctor to submit a false statement to the voters about her medical history then I think this is something we need to know. Why? Because politicians - especially ones who run under the banner of 'Country First' - should be honest with that country.

Yes, the economy is the story. And we came real fucking close to having a dunderhead of a vice president a malignant melanoma away from assuming control over it and the rest of the country. It's lying politicians who got us in this mess, JohnR. Thank heavens for people like Audrey who try to stop them before they get in.

Rather than bitching about the likes of Audrey, you might want to try being more appreciative of the people out there willing to do what the press is not, which is search for the truth.

Honestly, JohnR, sometimes.....

PalinBaby Question said...

Here is another website that is collecting information on the question of who is really Trig Palin's mother:

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan,

I completely agree with you about the picture. Not the belly of a 32 week pregnant woman. Def looks like padding or something? and where's the bellybutton? When I was that far along my belly button was my pride and joy! This whole story just makes me ill. I agree with you....the truth needs to come out. Our leaders (and "wanna-be-leaders) must be held accountable. SP is a scary chick....let's check this one of our list then move on to the other shit!

And I hear you regarding the "Team Sarah" website! The people there are obsessed with her and are determined that she is the only hope for this sinful country of ours. She can do no wrong, in their eyes. They really think she's been chosen by god to's crazy scary.

Now I've got a stomach ache! Palin-talk does that to me....shit. We must rid the political landscape of her, once and for all! For the sake of my tummy ;)


By the way, TONS of snow here yesterday and today! Fluffy stuff! Very cold too.....22 degrees was the high today! My dogs are loving it. Me, not so much...but it sure is pretty!

thimscool said...

It's just too fucked up.

My gut reaction is that this is too personal to bring into the political discussion, but the republican party has been the one dragging the personal into the political for years now. It was common knowledge that Bush the elder had a mistress, but nobody called him on it. Of course, Clinton was dumb enough to do it to an intern in the Oval office, so I guess it was just too tempting? Ironically, when the republicans in congress tried to tie Bill to a stake, many of them ended up resigning in shame over their own indiscretions.

I'm rambling a little here, but I guess the point I'm making is that it is a crying shame what has become of the body politic. Important shit needs to get decided, and we're all gossiping about baby-mamas.

Anonymous said...
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Morgan said...

I agree, Luke. It is fucked up. But this issue is still very relevant, especially if we are edging towards a process where idealogical figureheads are foisted on the political arena without vetting, and then defended from public attempts to vet them.

I'm pressed for time right now, but Andrew Sullivan linked to Audrey's blog today and I think his post warrants a read if you really are interested in why this still matters to some of us:

The arrogance of politicians who think they are above explaining themselves is what has brought us to the problems that you find so pressing. Wouldn't you rather see those politicians disqualified before they achieve the level of power that allows them to do what they've done?

thimscool said...

Is this thing on?

thimscool said...

I guess so. Hang in there Morgan! I'm cheering for you.

laughingwolf said...

happy new year to you and yours, morg :D

Anonymous said...