Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Palin was right

Last month, one of the knuckle-dragging Right's favorite preachers, Dr. James Dobson, interviewed Sarah Palin about puzzling poll numbers that showed The Christian Crusade was losing to the Unholy Obama Insurgency.

But Bible Spice said she wasn't concerned because as a Prayer Warrior (her words) she was sure that God would Do the Right Thing:

To me, it motivates us, makes us work that much harder. And it also strengthens my faith, because I'm going to know, at the end of the day, putting this in God's hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4. So I'm not discouraged at all.

For the first time I find myself agreeing with Palin. The right thing was indeed done for America, even if it has left McCain's Vagina wondering why in the heck God didn't deliver the anointing she was expecting.

It's got to be a tough pill to swallow, but I can't feel sorry for her. She should have known she was way out of her league. 

I'd rather feel more sympathy for McCain, who likely realized too late that his pandering to right wingers who pressured him to pick a blatantly unqualified clothes horse for a running mate also attracted the kind of trash who couldn't control themselves long enough to let an old war hero give a speech that may have bridged the gap his low-brow handlers widened with their tactics.

There are a lot of  "ifs" in the wake of this campaign. What if McCain had been a true maverick, the kind who stood up to the Karl Roves of his party and said, "No, this country is too good for the kind of campaign you want to run."? What if he had bucked the conventional wisdom that says the only way to achieve the high road is by taking the low one? What if he'd continued to be the man he really is, rather than let himself be shaped by the most hateful elements of the GOP into someone he probably no longer recognized himself?

But he did not. Instead he let the very people who profess to follow a God of Love sow the seeds of hate in his name. And last night - if you believe in Divine Providence - a miracle occurred when God did just what Sarah Palin trusted him to do and blessed America with a true leader. 

And that's no small thing.


Andrea said...

That's "Karl." Easy to remember that k, right?
(Also, you forgot the a in Obama by the Progress picture.)

Why in the world did she make that retarded statement about God's will? Doesn't she ever feel stupid?

Fuck, I am so bummed right now, Morgan. I'm tearing up all over again, but not for a good reason this time.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the catches. I'll fix them.
I don't think Palin feels stupid. I just think she is on some Religious Auto-Pilot. I was saying the same thing to a friend this morning. Palin doesn't look at things like we do. She goes by faith instead of intellect.
I'm sorry you're bummed. I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

You stupid fucking biotch.........Im so sorry I tripped on your page,,...hating on your own gender?"vagina" !!! Thats moving in the "change" direction huh? Pahlease...SHE, holds an important position AND was put in position to become V.P,whats YOUR vagina doing lately? Hmm? Going for blogger of the year,wth your sweaty horse thighs... hiding behind everyone elses ideas? Get off the computer lady and get a life!!!

Morgan said...

Anon, thank you for displaying the intellect and verbal acumen typical of a Palin supporter. You are the very type of person who helped bring down the McCain campaign, and for that the rest of the nation owes yu a huge debt of gratitude.

Per my own gender, I have no hatred for it. However i do have a problem with a woman being elevated to a position she's completely unfit for based on gender alone.

If there were too many big words for you in that last paragraph, let me decipher it in a way you'll understand: McCain picked Palin because she a woman even though she lacked knowledge in geography, history, world events and was so stupid that two Canadian disc jockeys convinced her she was talking to the president of France.

Now, I can understand why a person like you sees someone like that as a role model. But my vagina is smarter than that, which is why I walked my sweaty horse thighs to the voting booth and voted for Obama.

And on that note, thanks for stopping by. *smirk*

Andrea said...

I guess forcing assaulted women to pay for their own rape kits doesn't qualify as hating your own gender. Good to know.

Morgan said...

Yeah, Andrea, but that's not the kind of thing you are even aware of if the only place you've gotten your "news" is Fox or WND. I'd be willing to bet that Anon even buys the various snake oils WND peddles in ads described as news articles.

He/She's probably even bought rapture insurance. ;-)

Andrea said...

Is it me or does she hold the baby really loosely, like a sack of potatoes? I was never comfortable holding my kids facing out like that.

Morgan said...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I carried my kids like sacks of potatoes all the time. I sometimes even mistook them for potatoes. I tried to peel one once but stopped when it started screaming.

Andrea said...

You know some people wouldn't put that past you ;)

Morgan said...

That's true. And the majority of them live with me. :-)