Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Justice Gets Doled Out

From the woman who brought us "Godless" comes "Classless."

Her mama and daddy must be rolling in their graves to hear her give them credit for her "values." I can't believe she's standing up there offering to pray for Kay Hagan.


Elizabeth Dole was worse than ineffective; she became a colossal embarrassment to North Carolina by exemplifying the worst of Tar Heel politics.

Good bye and good riddance, Mrs. Dole. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in Elizabeth Dole. She came across as so classy at the Republican convention several years ago, but my Dad used to say you "couldn't tell a thing about a man when things were going well. It's always, 'Hail fellow well met.'" It's when he's in a bind you can tell what sort of man he is - when adhering to his principles costs him something.

When the Republicans were doing well, they were fond of denigrating the "angry" liberals. Now that their stock is down, we see who they really are.

Morgan said...

I voted for Liddy Dole the first time around. She'd seemed like a moderate, level-headed person and I was impressed with her experience leading the Red Cross.

But like others she couldn't stand up the grinding GOP machine that convinced her the only way to achieve the high road was to take the low one.

It's really gratifying to see them proven wrong, and my only regret now is that we can't pelt Liddy Dole with rotten fruit as she flees North Carolina.

And you are so right, Jim. I couldn't have said what you said in your last paragraph better. They really have revealed their true colors, haven't they?

Christopher said...

This morning on the radio I heard a Republican talking about the possible future of his party. He said that Republicans need to return to focusing on the things that will actually help the economy and the country: smaller government, free markets, and family values.

I can see possible values in smaller government and free markets even though businesses and markets are very bad at governing themselves.

What I really don't understand, though, is how "family values"--at least the ones espoused by Republicans--will help the economy or the country. Does keeping contraception and abortion legal somehow harm the economy? Is denying civil rights to people because of their sexual orientation going to strengthen national defense? Will teaching evolution in schools prevent another stock market crash?

Of course I have a problem with the very narrow definition of "family values" anyway. I have family values of my own. Just because they're different doesn't make me any less of a person.

Morgan said...

I think "family values" is just code for "defining morality."

In our house, family values means respecting people regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. It means understanding the importance of young adults living together *before* they get married, so they can be sure they are compatible. It means when my oldest kids came to me and told me they were becoming sexually active, that I made sure they were on birth control. It means that at the age of 43, if I were to accidentally become pregnant, sitting down and discussing with my husband whether or not to continue a pregnancy that might compromise my health and our family finances. It means teaching my kids to stand up for themselves and not to let anyone shame them or bully them into prescribing to a certain religious dogma or belief. It means raising them to be good, caring, generous people while teaching them to think critically so they can make up their own minds about what is right and wrong when we are no longer here to guide them.

But to Republicans who preach "family values," mine don't count because it's different from their narrow, religion-based interpretation of the term. Which is why they really aren't about family values; they're about CONTROL. And that's why I'll never stop fighting to keep them from taking charge of this nation. I just care too much for my family.

Andrea said...

Gee, I don't know...perhaps Palin and Dole should look into some other deities. There are plenty to choose from.

Is there anything more unbecoming than watching people try to out-christian each other? This Dole woman seems to think very highly of herself, for no discernible reason.

Anonymous said...

Your description of the "family values" situation is spot-on. I have never heard it put into words so perfectly. I would encourage you to develop it further and send it to every major newspaper in the country. That "family values" thing is why I, who used to be a serious Republican, decided that a thinking man can no longer be part of what has become the Party of Intolerance.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Jim. Maybe I should, but I worry that I'd just be preaching to the choir. People like you and me, we already have values. We know what they are. The people who seemed so obsessed with creating a Standard for values don't seem to really have any at all, which was made apparent during this election.

In a way it's surreal the way the Republicans seem to be living in Upside-Down Land where Christianity is about Hate, hoarding wealth is superior to charity, unfairly calling people "godless" is righteous and lying is acceptable as long as it gets you where you want to go.

I just wonder if any of the people who truly consider themselves Christian actually ever stopped to compare the behavior of their leaders with the example Jesus taught in the Bible.

Morgan said...

Andrea, I attribute her inflated sense of self-importance to the complete lack of humility one sees in, well, Christians. ;-)

Andrea said...

Bizarro Bibleists.

Every day is Opposite Day.

Morgan said...

There was an Opposite Day on one of my favorite episodes of SpongeBob. Only it was funny.

Andrea said...

I know it well. It was when SpongeBob decided to be quiet and out of the way. I wish some people would take that advice.

Christopher said...

The Opposite Day episode is one of my favorites. It's right after Rock Bottom and Tentacle Acres.
Even on the darkest days a little Spongebob goes a long way.

Christopher said...

And it just occurred to me that Dole, Palin, and others would be very happy living in Tentacle Acres, riding their bikes, doing interpretive dance, and eating canned bread every day.

Morgan said...

LOL, Christopher. That was hysterical. I bet Karl Rove eats canned bread.
Actually, Rove is more like Plankton.
"I went to college!!!"
Have you ever noticed that Plankton's computer wife Karen sounds just like Sarah Palin?

Andrea said...

Aww yeah - a SpongeBob hijack! I love you guys.
Rock Bottom actually really freaks me I alone in finding that ep disturbing?

And Sarah sounds exactly like Karen! And she has the aspirations of Plankton to boot. Total package.

Christopher said...'re a genius. I never noticed it before but I'll never be able to look at Rove's big round head and glasses again the same way. If only his first name were Sheldon. I won't be able to look at Karen the same way either. And Karen's got to have cost Plankton at least $150,000, you betcha.

Christopher said...

Andrea, you're not the only one who finds Rock Bottom disturbing, or at least a little frightening ("This is...ADVANCED DARKNESS!") but at the same time I'm usually laughing too hard to be truly disturbed.

My favorite part is when Patrick and Spongebob are trying to figure out which bathroom to use.

Andrea said...

My favorite part is when SpongeBob and Patrick raise a baby scallop together.....wink wink

Christopher said...

Right--nothing suggestive about Spongebob in that French maid outfit.

It's frightening how much of this I remember.

Morgan said...

I loved the way Patrick would come home from "work" and refuse to help Spongebob with the scallop and then later Spongebob found out that Patrick wasn't really working at all.

Rock Bottom scared me, too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. You guys are so fucked up. I love you.

Andrea said...

A backless French maid outfit :D

And Patrick was working *overtime* at the office! lol
"Let's have another."

JohnR said...

Yes, but notice that they assumed traditional roles and Spongebob was a stay-at-home mom.

They pulled the rug out from under both sides, didn't they?

Andrea said...

You obviously haven't seen SpongeBob and Patrick figure skating together. Or wearing Speedos together.

Besides, in that episode, SpongeBob did ALL the thankless mommy work and Patrick was a worthless butthole - woo hoo, tradition!

Morgan said...

LOL, JohnR. That they did.

I remember in one of the earlier episodes, Squidward looked outside and yelled, "Will you two please stop leaving your underwear on my lawn?"

Yeah. They're straight.

JohnR said...

Gee, Andrea, you think that was part of the joke too.

Andrea said...

gee, yes...that traditional roles are a joke and "Junior" didn't much appreciate "Dad's" "effort." yup.

omg, i love squidward...he tries so hard to be cultured and he just can't quite hack it.

love sandy too - "Don't you dare take the name of Texas in vain!"

Morgan said...

Texas was one of my favorite episodes.

Sandy: "Whut did you say?"

I loved it when Spongebob and Patrick were dancing around trying to piss Sandy off and Spongebob had that retard look on his face and was saying, "Look at me, I'm Texas. Get a dog, little longies!"

Then she started chasing them and roped Patrick and there was that mushroom cloud....good stuff.

And Squidward is so funny. I loved "Band Geeks." Another one of my artsy faves was "Doodlebob."

God it is SO nice to be talking about characters who are more intelligent than Sarah Palin.

Morgan said...

Oh, and I heart Gary, too.

Andrea said...

I LOVE when they bust out with that stadium rock in "Band Geeks."

So many great lines from this of our favorites is Patrick saying "Look at it! It's ugly, isn't it?!" as he's holding up SpongeBob :D