Thursday, November 06, 2008

Carolina Blue!!!

Yeah, baby! We did it! It's official!  North Carolina went for Obama! We're a blue state now!
OK, so maybe we're just light blue. And maybe my backwards-ass county still voted Republican. 
But I'm not going to let that rain on my parade. Being the resident of a New Blue State has put a spring in my step. 

Alabama and Mississippi - you still suck. 

Sorry, but so do you, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. We're only touching you because we have to. When you look away we rub sanitizer on the part of the border we're forced share with you.

Virginia, you are awesome. It's an honor to be your neighbor.

I. am. so. PROUD.


Grace said...

Florida is BLUE tooo!!!!
ps i changed settings on my blog.. if you can't see it send me a message at
keep shining your wild bright heart!

Morgan said...

That's awesome!!!!
Florida certainly deserves to be blue after all the nonsense that happened with Bush vs. Gore.
I'll check out your blog!!

thimscool said...


Morgan said...

That's right, Gomer. Shazamn indeed.

Micky-T said...

Hey, my 8 acres is blue on a red background in East Tennessee. I also happen to know of a couple of other blue places nearby.
Congrats on your blue state of mind!