Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes it's best to step aside and let conservatives be conservatives

Really, do I need to add anything? Except to the woman who said she wasn't trash. Uh, sorry, but yes you are.

The really scary thing is that these mouth-breathers represent much of what lives in my community amid the forest of McCain-Palin signs. 


Andrea said...

I need to consult my dictionary because they speak so intelligently that it's hard for me to keep up.

Morgan said...

You need your Trash to Proper English translator.

I frequently have to refer to mine here where I live. My neighbors think I am a heretic. As long as they refuse to speak to me I will know I'm doing something right.

Andrea said...

If I was your neighbor, Larry would have to whisper to you to tell Andrea to go the hell home already :)

Morgan said...

Believe me, he's as starved for decent company as I am. We might not let you leave. Our only cool neighbor is away or a month and a half, leaving us surrounded by fat, Republican morons who apparently never got the memo that gluttony is a sin.

They've peppered their yard with signs saying, "Another family for McCain." I'm itching to run over with a Sharpie and scrawl the word "Inbred" after the word "Another" on their signs.

I've yet to meet one intelligent person who supports Palin, either inside or outside the blogosphere.

Andrea said...

That's tempting...and yet your neighbors sound like they would pelt me with pinto beans if I walked outside. Or perhaps they would be afraid of that jungle fever stirring in their loins. While beaning me.

Also, did you know that Obama is "neither-nor?" Ricky Thompson says it's in the Bible. He must be talking about the Book of Genetic Diversity, verse 1 of which is "Don't create other breeds."

laughingwolf said...

holy crap, what century are they from?

is not one capable of reading, ffs?

like the pagan community, one must always be alert... unfortunately


Morgan said...

No more lynching either. But if these clowns had their way...

We went out to eat at our fave Chinese plate tonight and the owner, who also owns the salon next door was telling us that a SCHOOL TEACHER came in her salon and started going on and on about how Obama wasn't an American and was a Muslim and blah, blah, blah.

Well, normally, the owner doesn't discuss politics but she said she turned to the woman and said, "Ma'am, you're telling lies in my shop and I won't tolerate that. Please leave."

I wanted to shake her hand for that.

thimscool said...

Holy Crap, Morg.

Now I see why you home school. Come to Chapel Hill and see why it was a difficult decision in my neighborhood.

I'll buy you some tofu. And a shot of bourbon.

Micky-T said...

It boggles my mind.

"He might be against whites" him and his wife could be hiding that.

Morgan said...

Yeah it's scary to think that people with this kind of mentality are going to be shaping young minds, Luke. My oldest daughter is now teaching first grade in another rural county and put an Obama sticker on her car. She parks in the "teachers only " lot and came out after work to find that one of her co-workers had tried to scrape the sticker off her car!

You are so fortunate to live in CH. That's the most awesome area up there. I love it.

Morgan said...

Yeah, Micky-T, there were a lot of gems in that video. Ugh.

Christopher said...

I wonder if the reporter told any of the half-wits he was interviewing what network he was with. Honestly, in that neck of the woods I think if you said, "I'm with al-Jazeera" you wouldn't just get pelted with pinto beans.

Hans Lundahl said...

I cannot see that video from this computer, but a hippie calling someone trash is not very cool

Hans Lundahl said...

oh, did the woman pelt him with pinto beans? was that for being called trash or before being called trash?

Hans Lundahl said...

Oh, as for shaping young minds, let's be a little cool. Parents come in all shapes, that is why parental authority is genuinely diversifying. What is scary to you may be attractive to some parent.

Morgan said...

Hi Hans, thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

I'm afraid the "trash" label is appropriate, silly boy. Just as calling you a silly boy is appropriate since you saw fit to comment on a video you haven't even seen. Get thee to a computer that lets you watch videos, and then tell me what you think because sincerely and truly I would like to know if you agree with these people.

Obama didn't call the woman trash. She said he thought white people were trash. Which is, well, rubbish!

And I have no doubt that right-wing fear-mongering is indeed attractive to many parents. It's a proven fact that stupid people are breeding much faster than the rest of us, and often because God told them to.

They can teach their kids whatever they please. It doesn't mean I want them poisoning mine.

Andrea said...

I'm just amused that these people are now in the AlJazeera archives. I wonder if they would appreciate the irony.

(And Morgan, I'm sure Chris wouldn't mind if you kept me for a while!)

Hans Lundahl said...

you just made two cases

one for sending me money so I can go to cybers

see the Music on Antimodernism in deretour on my profile

and one for homeschooling/private schools where parents agree

Morgan said...

No one ever agrees, Hans, and we have plenty of friends who don't agree with our political views. I don't want you to think that we only associate with people who share our views, or that we don't expose our kids to varying viewpoints.

But looking at your profile makes me understand why you completely missed my point. You're European, so you've never been exposed to the species of White Trash. If you're thinking they'd appreciate your defense of them, you'd be wrong. You aren't from around here, which would automatically make you suspect. White Trash only trusts Things American, with Things American being those things that stand in agreement with ever domestic and international blunder this nation has ever made.

The White Trash mentality is expanding, and showing its gnarly ugliness at McCain/Palin rallies where they cry "kill him" in reference to Obama.

My good man, if you went to a Palin rally in Ohio they'd stone you to death with potatoes simply for talking funny. Good luck hiding what I am sure is a really sexy accent.

And I would send you money, but I'm not sure you want it. It's American money and that's worth less by the day.

On a lighter note, stick around. You seem smarter than the average bear and we can use someone to liven things up around here. My cat died Monday. I could use the extra company.

Morgan said...

Andrea, I'd let Chris have you back every other weekend.

Hans Lundahl said...

Look here: the mentality you describe exists anywhere, in any ethnos. Including parts of France. What I do not agree with is describing people as trash because of it.

I've had people, whom otherwise I would had trusted on grounds of religious sympathy, distrust me, whether it is because I am from a Protestant country, or because I speak fluent English and can converse with English speaking tourists, or because I fled my country, or because I live on the streets and beg rather than work hard with my fists and arms. I am "frog lover" as that lady would probably call me, but the "frogs" distrust me because I am also "ami des rosbîf" (yup, Frenchies call English roastbeefs=rednecks), and because my folksong repertoir is more anglophone than francophone. I can sing (or could before the colds strained my voice) things like Waltzing Matilda or In Dublin's Fair City or Scotland the Brave: but if I cannot sing either Brel or Brassens, I do not count as a real street singer around here. Especially since I do not play the guitar.

I am a composer, but since this has so far not landed me with success or money, some people will just give me no credit for it.

God decides ultimately who is trash and goes to Gehenna. Yup, the Hebrew word for hell also is the name of the refuse heap outside Jerusalem. Which is reason enough, knowing as we do NOT beforehand who goes there, not to describe people who are alive like that.

Morgan said...

Hans, I addressed your points here in a separate post at the top of my blog. Feel free to comment there if you'd like.

Hans Lundahl said...

Let's get back to the video. I got money this evening, I'm in a cyber, I have just seen that video.

The woman who said she was not trash was a granny. She might have misunderstood something, or she might be remembering something everyone else has forgotten about Obama: whichever is the case, I cannot consider her trash in ANY possible sense of the word.

As for hate and fear, as the nervous Obama supporter on the end talked about, I leave that to Mr Obama who does not allow his daughters to surf on the internet alone, and who considers that the highschool students who went pregnant were "enfants" (quotes from interview in MarieClaire, a famous French mag for women). I mean if you can already get pregnant WITH child, you are obviously no longer a child yourself. He is surfing on a wave of new superstitions and prejudices (including people who would call that woman trash, whether he would so himself or not), much of which is produced by psychologists.

Morgan said...

Hans, I have higher expectations for the elderly than you do. I know plenty of "grannies" who are savvy and sharp, both socially and politically. If you were offended by hearing someone call someone trash, you should know that if you referred to an older woman as a granny and suggested her age made her addled, you'd likely be made to understand how insulting she found your remarks.

The woman may have been old, which means she's old enough to know better. Anyone who holds that mentality and refuses to seek the truth is White Trash. In this case she's just a bit more crumpled.

I read your last paragraph twice and am thinking we've got a communication barrier, because I can't believe you lack basic biological knowledge. Girls can start their periods at 10 and 11 years of age, and they can get pregnant. Do you really think that just because a girl can get pregnant she is a woman???

Are you really that stupid?

That is why there is an age of consent, Hans. Sometimes the body fully develops before the age of consent has been reached.

And it appears Obama has a healthier approach to raising his children than Palin does.

Hans Lundahl said...

The mean age of puberty is about twelve for girls and about fourteen for boys. The decisive development of the brain pretty uniformly is between ten and twelve. Which is why the age of consent in:

- Spain up to a hundred years ago
- Russia of the Czars
- RC Church up to say 1960's

was twelve for girls and fourteen for boys. Raising it to 18 is an insult to biology and to its Creator.

Hans Lundahl said...

PS, sorry about Obama, I thought from my impression of that interview in MarieClaire his daughters were teens, it appears from Wiki the eldest daughter is ten.

Morgan said...

Hans, it's always a good idea to check your facts before you make comments.

And sorry, but if you're advocating sex with twelve year old girls then I'll have to dismiss you not only as a religious nut, but a pervert as well.

The only men who would defend lowering the age of consent are those who 1.) can't get a woman or b.) fancy buggering children.

I would say that those positions seem inconsistent with your Christianity, but then I think of all those Catholic priests having sex with children and realize your sentiments are probably not out of the ordinary, which is just another reason to steer clear of the Sickness religion has become.

Hans Lundahl said...

a) buggering usually refers to totally infertile sex, f y i

b) someone who can have children, unless she is very early out, obviously is no longer that herself

c) you epithomise modernity: what your ancestors (as weell as mine) called normal you call sick

Morgan said...

Hans, society evolves. At one time, before humanity became civilized, we believed that bleeding people cured disease, slavery was acceptable and the earth was flat.

And some people believed it was OK to have sex with children.

Now that you've established that your social acumen is as advanced as your politics, allow me to give you a rare honor of being the first person to be kicked off my blog.

Anyone who comes on here and longs for the good old days when it was acceptable to fuck 13-year-old girls is not welcome here.

Fuck off, Hans. Don't come back. Period.