Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pot, meet kettle

Hmmm. If Sarah Palin loves America so darn much then why do she and her husband support a group that can't wait to get the hell out of it?

Maybe Todd thinks that if Alaskans secede, they'll make Sarah their queen. Then he can be king and they can name their next baby Prince Moosekill Beyond-the-Palin.

Oh, irony, thy name is McCain's Vagina.


Andrea said...

The bit about using the Republican label to accomplish their goals is especially rich.

Long live the Trojan Moose, I guess.

Morgan said...

That's exactly what jumped out at me, Andrea.
This just makes me think McCain didn't even vet her, and just said exactly what was in the comment section of that parody Facebook page you have on your blog:
"Hey, you're a woman, right? Are you doing anything for the next four years."

laughingwolf said...

you two nailed it!

Morgan said...

We nailed it. And I just realized that the theme song for the video is the same one from 28 days later. How far out are we from the election? About 28 days?
Dude...Attack of the GOP Zombies. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

digitalcowboy said...

Trojan Moose? No kidding?

Ever heard of ACORN or The New Party? (Google 'em.)

Can I say Trojan Negro without being called a racist? Not likely.

I have no dog in this fight. I'm not voting and I'm not a McCain supporter in the least. In fact, you should also know that I've never voted for W and resent the fact that I keep getting forced to defend him- when I don't agree with him or his policies - by the irrational, retarded, illogical hatred from the hard-core left.

I loved that video and it made me love Sarah and Todd even more. I hang out with people like that and I seek them out.

I cling bitterly to my guns and religion because George W. Bush failed me. (Apparently. That's what Barry Hussein, the DNC and their chatterboxes all over the TV tell me.)

Do you people ever get out of the circle-jerk long enough to see sunshine?

I refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, too. Unlike your ridiculous atheist friends I refuse to say it not because because it mentions God but because it declares allegiance to a nation that is "indivisible."

The correct side lost The War for Independence and Lincoln overthrew America. (It was also never about slavery because Lincoln himself was a horrible racist, promised he would never interfere with the slave trade and never did anything to help slaves. But I digress.)

If the original ratifiers of The Constitution had not believed that they were joining a free Union that they could freely leave at any time, there never would have been a united States of America. (Capitalization, or lack thereof, is intentional.)

Every state has the right to secede any time the people of that state so choose. Apparently, they just don't have the power. Anymore. Thanks to Lincoln.

This is the difference between you and me. I'm a sovereign individual that respects others as individuals.

You prefer the comfort that comes from large groups that can afford to hire others to commit violence on their behalf. So they can remain comfortable and not have to mess up their nails or, y'know, actually see all that icky bloodshed.

Government IS violence. I won't vote for McCain because he wants more of it. I most certainly won't vote for Obama because he loves it even more than John.

They seem to differ only on the specifics of where it should be used- mainly - at home or abroad.

And please rid yourself of any notion that I'm a "conservative." It's not true and that thinking only confuses you while attempting to understand me.

("Could you please get that gun out of my face? No, it's not a racial thing, Senator Obama. I have no problem at all with the color of your skin. It's the gun you're pointing at me with which I'm concerned. If you could figure out how to show me the same respect I'm showing you we can avoid a fight.")

Morgan said...

Um, Digital Cowboy, let me start by asking you a question. Are you really incapable of defending yourself without throwing out stupid insults?

No offense, but it seems you resort to name-calling before you even get to the point and by the time you do you end up in such a self-righteous lather I don't think you take the time to even check for the holes you leave in your arguments.

Without calling names, I'm going to take what you say point by point.

First of all, ACORN is a reprehensible organization. Everyone knows that. They represent the worst in organized voter fraud and Obama should renounce the funding he gave that group, period.

But voter fraud and dirty tricks are nothing new to Republicans. There are already efforts - reported efforts - of conservative operatives spreading leafelets on college campuses warning young voters that if they show up to vote they'll be forced to pay for outstanding parking tickets, etc. Flyers with the wrong voting dates were circulated in poor neighborhoods during the last election. So take it for what it's worth.

Now, per the video. I guess it's the blonde hair, but I'm confused about how someone who says "Country First," and blasts Obama for not loving the nation enough can be part of an organization that professes to hate the US.

And you can spare me the history lesson. As a daughter of the South, I know that the war between the states wasn't about slavery. If it had been, the Emancipation Proclamation would have done away with it completely, and not just in the southern states. Slavery was still alive in well in the North, where free labor was needed to run the Yankee war machine.

The war was to stop secession and I'm glad we lost. Do you really think individual nation-states could survive today? Do you see no purpose to this union at all?

And now to quote from you:

"You prefer the comfort that comes from large groups that can afford to hire others to commit violence on their behalf. So they can remain comfortable and not have to mess up their nails or, y'know, actually see all that icky bloodshed."

Um. Again you're off the mark. We have guns, quite a few. My husband even loads his own bullets. If it came to defending my home I'd have no problem whatsoever. Your insults do nothing more than fill space and make your head seem even more empty.

If you're going to come here and debate me, Cowboy, then man up and take me on like a big boy. Don't throw verbal slaps like a little girl, okay? It's unbecoming of a man.

Government is fraught with problem, but it is a necessary evil. We just need to get back to where it's seen as the servant of the people, and not its master.