Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More mouth-breathers for McCain

Watch this video, and the next time some wing-nut tells you that he or she likes Palin because Palin is an average person, remember that this is their idea of an average person.

Why? Because with the GOP, Stupid has become the new Black. And I don't mean black as a skin color, because the only thing that scares a conservative Republican more than a black person is a black person with a book. No, I mean 'black' as in fashionable.

McCain's Vagina has made knuckle-dragging vogue. Thanks to Palin, it's not only considered elitist for someone to be schooled in constitutional law, but to be schooled at all. It's equally elitist to speak proper English, reject the notion that humans once had pet dinosaurs or believe anything other than what Fox News tells you to.

 When did Willful Ignorance become the new litmus test for GOP leadership? And don't say, "Since Bush," because this crowd makes W. look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Seriously, people. This is some scary White Trash. 


Andrea said...

Aren't you loving the new polls though?

It's been utterly delightful to see the racists proudly showing their hateful faces in public. I hope McCain and Palin are proud they have the Klan vote all tucked away and secure.

Have you heard the RNC has spent upwards of $150K on Palin's hair and makeup since August? Guess some hockey moms are too good for Walmart or Target.

And here's another voter for you...you'll no doubt notice God's love and Christ's nonjudging and humility just flowing out of her pores:

Morgan said...

Good Lord. You know what I kept wondering when I was watching that, Andrea? Why are so many fundamentalist Christians so fucking *fat*?

We have a family of fat Christians down the street. I don't know their names; I just call them the Waddles. There's Ma Waddle, Pa Waddle and the two little Waddles. They are all sloppy fat and have cankles.

They're also Republicans and have a sea of GOP signs in their yard. On Sunday morning, Pa Waddles was in front of my house at 7:30 trying to figure a way to reach over my fence and get my Obama Biden sign. I went out and told him, "Please try it, because your fat ass will be on YouTube" if you even think about looking at my yard again.

I can't wait till Obama wins so I can do a happy dance in front of those ignorant fucks. Normally I don't like to gloat, but in the case of these pinheads I will make an exception.

Andrea said...

Why, that's easy...they just skipped right over the verses about not making a gluttonous sow out of yourself. What, you don't think she looks like a delightful little daisy to be married to?

McCain's decision to pander to these ratdicks is what clinched it for me.

That would be hilarious if you actually caught that guy on tape showing neighborly love by messing with your property.

Morgan said...

I bet that guy never gets sex from that woman. And I bet he is really happy that he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Morgan -

Ever wonder how people like that are, well, physically able to have sex?

He rolls her in flour and goes for the wet spot.


BTW, I have to tell you - I am so g-d fed up with these fundamentalist neanderthals I can barely contain myself as the polls keep looking worse and worse for them and their minions. I just want to get in front of a bunch of them and do double back handsprings... J.

laughingwolf said...

they scare the crap outta me, and i'm not even in the same country :(