Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Horsing Around, Part IV

Our instructor Stephanie came to us today for our first lessons on Lumos and Oliver. When your instructor tells you that you've bought a Good Horse you know you chose well. Lumos was on his best behavior today. We did walk, trot canter and Stephanie was impressed not only with his willingness but the fact that he also knows his leads. 

Lumos' former owner had him jumping small cavalettis, but it's been awhile. Today Stephanie had me try taking him some ground poles and cross rails. If you're wondering why there are no pictures, it's because they were all embarrassing. We think Lumos has the potential to do some jumping, but as far as he's concerned if barreling through the jumps gets you to the other side as effectively as jumping, why leave the ground?

I finally did get him to do a short course, but it was kind of sloppy. He's much more graceful at the trot and canter. I really think he'd make a better dressage horse, but we're going to work on a little jumping as well, just to see how he does. 

Alex's pony Oliver is a hunter and has shown competitively. He can jump, but his problem is that he is lazy. Today he plodded along and plowed through jumps to the point that Alex was close to tears. When I decided I couldn't stand it anymore, I put her up on Lumos, hopped on Oliver and made him do the course. After he'd jumped two fences like he was supposed to, I put Alex back on him and he did this for her:

Oliver is a sweetheart; you couldn't ask for a nicer pony with better ground manners. But he's a pony and will get away with what you let him. Stephanie thinks I should ride him at the beginning of each lesson to send the message that he has to work by the time Alex gets on him.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain. Ugh. Hopefully it'll be out of here by the weekend and we can do a bit more flatwork with the boys. In the meantime, they're getting a well-deserved break. They both did well this week, and we're pleased.


Andrea said...

His mane looks really cool in that top pic.

(Did you get my email?)

Morgan said...

I'll go check right now.
Lumos is a Haflinger. They have killer manes. His is one of the prettiest I've seen.