Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hippie vs. Cowboy

Over at Digital Cowboy’s place, he’s taken me to task for a comment I made about Obama. I mean, he’s really taken me to task. In fact, he’s all but gone McCain on me, not that I mind.

Digital Cowboy is a nice guy. I like him. But he’s really typical of the conservatives I deal with on a daily basis. So I’ve posted his assertions below along with my responses for those of you who may be interested.

Cowboy Assertion #1: The media is “fixing this election” for Obama.

Is Fox news included in there? Before Palin even made the ridiculous point that living next door to Russia gave her foreign policy experience, Steve Doocy said it. If she’s taking her talking points from that clown then that is Reason 4,560 not to vote for her.
Fox has done everything to prop McCain up besides roll out a walker for him to hold onto.

And Fox needs to get off the “We’re-Not-The-Mainstream-Media” line. How can they crow about record viewership and then claim not to be mainstream? Pffft.
There’s plenty of bias out there, but it cuts both ways.

Cowboy Assertion #2: Obama is unqualified to be president and is only where he is because he’s only good at public speaking...

…and yet Palin, while being more unqualified to be president, is where she is despite the fact that she can hardly speak at all. Wow. Jesus must really love her.

Cowboy Assertion #3: Obama is not American.

I assume you’ve fallen for the line that being Truly American means being a cheerleader for every blundering, heavy-handed, meddlesome foray we’ve made into the affairs of other nations. If that’s what it takes to be an American, then I’m not American, either.

Over and over the McCain-Palin crowd say, “They hate us because we’re free.” No they don’t. They hate us because we don’t know enough to keep our nose out of everyone else’s business.

And as far as being un-American, if Obama is, then he should go out drinking with Todd Palin. I mean, we need to get those two together. Todd was affiliated with the Alaskan Independence Party, which favored the state’s secession from the union. I’m not sure how you square loving America with wanting to get the fuck out of it. 

Who knows, maybe Todd though that if Alaska broke away they’d make his wife queen. And then he could be king. And their next kid could be called Prince Moosekill Beyond The Palin or something like that.

Cowboy Assertion #4: Obama loves abortion and it’s the only thing he’s ever taken a stand for.

Ahem. Um. I love it when you guys do this because I don’t see conservatives as pro-life so much as “pro-birth.” Conservatives love to see babies born. They love it so much that conservatives like Palin oppose sex-ed being taught in schools, although she did favor firearms courses being taught. So while they can learn how to handle the urge to hunt, they remain ignorant about how to handle the urge to hump. The result: Bristol Palin.

McCain favored insurance companies covering Viagra but not birth control for women. Nope, no inconsistencies there.
Obama has said numerous times that he wants to see the number of abortions go down. That doesn’t sound like a man who wants to bathe in the blood of dead babies. But the only way to reduce the abortion rate is for there to be fewer unplanned pregnancies.

I have to wonder too, if you pro-birthers love babies so much then why do most of you favor reductions in programs that provide prenantal care and medical care for young families that can’t afford it? Obama favors both. McCain wants to give each infant born a tiny pair of bootstraps to pull itself up by. 

Cowboy Assertion #5: Barack Obama has no experience, while Sarah Palin has actually done, uh, stuff.

OK, I admit it. When it comes to playing the flute and working as a sportscaster, my homey Barack got nothing on your peep Sarah.
Let’s see if I can find any other contrasts. Here’s one: before spending eight years in his state’s senate before being voted into the US sentate, Obama practiced civil rights law. That probably required him to have some awareness of the constitution, which Palin probably doesn’t include in her “vast” list of reading materials. I kind of get the impression that she might be the type who thinks her interpretation of God’s law supercedes man’s. I prefer my presidents not to think that way when it comes to running the U.S.

Obama also happened to work as a community organizer, which I personally applaud. Somehow, Palin’s work on the PTA is seen as more significant, although I can’t see how.

Cowboy Assertion #6: Sarah Palin is a setback for women the way Reagan was a setback for actors.

Are you serious? Really? If Reagan championed policies most actors found damaging or regressive to actor’s rights and was so ill-spoken, clichéd and dim that other actors cringed at having him represent them, then I could buy your argument. But even conservative women in the GOP like National Review columnist Kathleen Parker have suggested that Palin is a disaster. When McCain had real choices like Christie Todd-Whitman or Meg Whitman, for him to choose someone like Palin is puzzling at best and disturbing at worst.

Cowboy Assertion #7: McCain was in the military, so he must love his country more.

So was Jack Murtha, and I’ve seen that man called everything but the anti-Christ for opposing the war.

 The truth is, Cowboy, both McCain and Obama love their country. No one runs for president and puts themselves through what the race entails unless they do. But Obama loves this country enough to realize that the middle class is being left in the dust by these corporate robber barons and that our intrusive, heavy-handed, inflexible foreign policy decisions have brought trouble to our door.

McCain is old guard. People are tired of that, and that is why Obama will win the election. 
If he does, we’ll see whether the people who claim to love this country will love it enough to get behind him. If something happens and McCain wins, despite my threats to move to Canada, I’ll get behind him and will stay behind him unless he fucks up W-style.

I don’t think you can really love your country and want the president who takes over to fail, especially in time of crisis.

Do you?


Anonymous said...

The answer to the last question is no. My gut feeling is that some of these right wing nuts don't want to only see Barack Obama fail they also would like to see him dead. Sorry but your being too kind to this Cowboy fellow. His points seem based on pure anger and nothing more. No wonder he didn't respond on either your blog or his.

Morgan said...

It does seem odd, especially since he invited me to respond to his post. Maybe he couldn't think of anything to say after his initial tirade. Who knows...

Caroline Grace said...

Your posts make me laugh, make me smile, you have a great spirit! Thank you for reading my blog and your comment. Many blessings!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Caroline Grace!