Sunday, October 26, 2008

The empty Valentino suit

Thanks to Jim for sending me this link to a wonderful commentary on the makeover of McCain's Vagina, which turned out to be so financially and politically costly. Take special note of how the blunder has so thoroughly backfired against their claims of Obama Elitism.

Sometimes hypocrisy can be a beautiful thing.

Also note the campaign's weak arguments in defending the makeover. And if you are tempted to feel sorry for the party or their candidate, just remember: they brought this whole thing on themselves. Try as they might, they couldn't put enough lipstick on this Political Pig to get the public to take her seriously.


Andrea said...

Yesterday I was digging through the garage for my son's old clothes, which his little brother will get to wear for the winter. We found enough to save ourselves a trip to the store. We're trying to make do with less, and we don't have fancy taste anyway. Too bad it doesn't count since we're not Real Americans.

Morgan said...

I've seen Palin defending herself in interviews with FOX news, going on and on about how back home she shops at thrift stores, etc.

She made a big deal early on in the campaign about how she fired the chef and sold the plane when she became governor. These stories were supposed to reinforce her image of a frugal, cost-conscious maverick.

But I guess hair, makeup and clothes are her Achilles heel. Either that or she's not as frugal as she says she is.

An ordinary person would have said, "Hell no I a NOT going to accept this when families across this nation are struggling."

See, character is what you display when no one is looking. When no one was looking, Sarah Palin revealed who she truly was and thought a pretty face and nice clothes would camouflage it.

She was wrong.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love the picture. Where'd u find it?

Morgan said...

I Photoshopped it from a picture of her I found online. hehehehe

I also used Photoshop to alter the one I ran about her Wal-mart shopping trip. ;-)

Andrea said...

You're a regular wizard, Morgan :) I didn't know you did those yourself. They're awesome.

I think she's been bitten by the glamour bug. If once she was a thrifty mom, she isn't anymore. She's become a diva and I don't think she'll break that habit.

Anonymous said...

Thats great. Can I borrow it?

Morgan said...

Please do, anon. :-)
I'm all about spreading the kind of joy that spoofing Palin brings.

Morgan said...

Andrea, I think all of this went to her head. Either that or Palin was always a Diva and was just putting on an act to fool constituents. She spent fifty grand renovating her MAYOR'S office, so I'm more inclined to think she's always been a prima donna in cheap clothing just waiting for a bigger opportunity - and budget - to come along and attire her in the manner to which she is entitled. ;-)

Glad you like the graphics. Altering those photos wasn't hard to do at all. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out and actually got the idea from the "Clothing First" sticker you have on your blog.

Andrea said...

Ah. Well, you know me, I crave constant change with the visuals. Now it's a zombie sticker.

Victoria said...

I saw the zombie sticker. I'm loving all your Halloween stickers.

Christopher said...

She made a big deal early on in the campaign about how she fired the chef and sold the plane when she became governor.

I remember that. And what she didn't mention was that she kept the chef on in another position (but in her new position she continued cooking for the Palin family) and she sold the plane at a loss. She did not, contrary to what McCain said at campaign events, sell it on eBay for a profit.