Monday, October 20, 2008


I’m over the top, impossible, unfocused and erratic
I’m silly, childish, dirty-minded and overly dramatic

And I know you think I never listen to a goddamned thing you say
But that’s not true. I really do. I just do not obey.

And I’ve got this knack for disappearing and going off somewhere
inside my head while I’m still sitting right here in this chair.

Or sometimes I really leave and walk off in the woods
for hours. And I wish you’d hush, for it does me worlds of good.

It helps me focus and reflect on what you hate in me
when I’m off by myself like that, in my own company

And I have found when I’m alone that I like myself just fine
so just because I don’t list your faults the way that you list mine
does not mean they are absent because, lover, they are there.
It’s just that petty criticisms aren’t what I care to share.

So back off, man, time is short. The years have no respect.
We can fight if you want, but I’d just as soon have sex.



thimscool said...

Oh dear. Take care of what is most important, Morgan, including yourself.

Morgan said...

No worries, Luke. This is actually an older poem that I found the other day. I wrote it as sort of an ice-breaker when Larry and I were going through a rough patch.

I'd quite forgotten how much I'd liked it, so thought I'd share.

But thanks for your concern. I love you so much.

Caroline Grace said...

Morgan, your brilliant! Really brilliant amazing and have this great perspective... I'm so glad that I found your blog!! Rock the day out - the world is lucky, blessed, estatic to have you dance in this sphere. Thank you!!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Caroline. You just gave me a shot of Happy to go with my coffee. 'Tis nice to start the day with an ego boost. :-)

Christopher said...

This just left me speechless. I'm really glad to hear it's an older poem, but I'm also glad you shared it. Somehow it's exactly what I needed this morning.

Morgan said...

Awww, thanks Chris. The only thing better than knowing that you like it is knowing that it helped you in some way. We all have our days.

laughingwolf said...

boy, that shook me... glad it's an older piece!


Morgan said...

Thanks, Wuff. Didn't mean to ruffle your fur.

JohnR said...

You know yourself pretty well.

That's what I like about you.

Morgan said...

Thanks, John. :-)