Friday, October 03, 2008

Doggone it to heck, she did it

Palin survived the debate. And because she didn't fall off the stage or set her hair on fire, she's even being declared the winner in some quarters. Over at FOX News they are already summoning a flight of angels to carry her to a golden throne at the right hand of Jesus, where she and that old guy she's running with - his name escapes me at the moment - will rule for 10,000 years. Verily.

Serioulsy, though, McCain's Vagina did not flub the debate. Instead, using a blend of folksiness and cliches, she managed to sound reasonably coherent. Her handlers did the right thing by having her take the offense; they knew Biden had too much class to give her a smack-down, given that he's against Violence to Women and all. 

The result: Palin came across as Tough, even if it was the Cutesy Variety of Tough. After the debate, MSNBC's Newsweek contributer Howard Fineman likened Palin's performance to "a wolverine attacking the pant leg of a passerby."

For those who are voting based on nothing more than a Tingly Conservative Feeling, McCain's Vagina rewarded them with spasms of pure Neanderthal pleasure. After a disheartening week, they finally have their mojo back. Yeah, baby!

But for those of us looking for more information on Palin's policy positions, well, I'm afraid we're going to need more than her showing us what a Maverick she is by refusing to answer questions. 

I'd like to see more interviews, although I can understand why McCain's Vagina is reluctant to give them. Journalists like to pin politicians to the mat and press for answers. It's not so easy to wink and grin your way out of an interview.

And I never though I'd do this, but I am going say that I understand why Palin may refuse to sit down with another journalist. This morning, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough passionately - and fairly - observed that the disastrous CBS interview was leaked out in dribs and drabs over the last week, leaving the impression that Palin was repeatedly screwing up when it was really just in one interview. Now, granted, the interview was still telling; Palin came across as completely unfit for the job she's been tapped to do, but releasing portions of the interview like that in run-up to the debate was kind of dirty pool when you think about it.

Scarborough said every Republican since Ike has been painted as a buffoon. Ford was a klutz, Reagan was nothing but an idiot actor, Quayle was stupid, Bush was a moron. He said the media is doing the same thing with Palin. He doesn't think it's fair.

And it may not be fair, which is why we need to all cut through the media spin on both sides and really listen to these people. If you did that last night, you didn't see anything impressive from Palin, unless you're impressed by a woman who can wink and talk at the same time.

And poor Biden. Despite the fact that he responded to every question with facts and made his points and rebutted hers, this morning the nation is sitting around celebrating the mediocrity of the candidate who really did neither.


Andrea said...

My opinion is unchanged on Palin. I'm not impressed with her "garsh, I'm a regular ol' gal just like yall" act.

But I am extremely disappointed that Obama and Biden are against equal rights with marriage. I'd like to slap some sense into them.

Morgan said...

She was all polish last night but no substance. Palin to calm the fluttery base, that was about it. But I don't think she moved anyone else an inch.

And I completely agree. I was really surprised when Biden said he and Obama opposed gay marriage. I really can't see anything wrong with it. My personal opinion is that he state doesn't have any business defining or sanctioning marriage anyway. If Joe wants to marry Sue, Bill or both Sue and Bill then that's between him and his partner/s.

The right wingers still have the pols by the short hairs on this and I really don't understand it.

laughingwolf said...

it's my understanding palin evaded answering questions, instead rambling on about nothing of import... like most politicians here, too... and folk wonder why i have no use for em? grrrrrrrrrrr

wallycrawler said...


Micky-T said...

Bravo! ! !

flight of angels, cutesy variety, neanderthol, she's a maverick too!.....LMAO

I agree, the Katie interview was pushed, way over to the left.
Sure was fun watching though!!!!!

Tough to cut the spin, when all you have in your face, is the media. We can't go hang in a park with these people for the afternoon and get to know them.

Biden impressed me, yet again.

Palin dissapoints me all the time.

Morgan said...

Wallycrawler, good to see you and your orange eyes back over here.

Micky-T, glad you enjoyed the post. I hate it that we have someone in contention for VP that has made lampooning them so easy. Methings matching T-shirts are in order for McCain and Palin. Both would say, "I'm with stupid." Or maybe his would say it, and hers could say, "I'm with senile."

I think most people are more impressed with Biden after the debate. Palin may have rehabilitated herself among the True Believers who were starting to falter, but it's too late to undo the damage of the CBS interviews. Fair or not, she's the one who gave the answers and they were very revealing.

Christopher said...

A friend of mine said all Palin had to do to be considered a success was not swear, throw up, or faint. That's how low expectatoins were. I've also read some comments about how Palin didn't even have the decency to say, "I'm sorry" or even acknowledge it when Biden brought up losing his wife and child in a car wreck. I know it wasn't a matter of policy, and I'm sure Republicans are criticizing it (it's fine for them to bring up their own personal struggles, they just don't like anyone else doing it). It says a lot about Palin, though. She's called herself a pit bull, John McCain's called her a barracuda, but she had a chance to sound like a sympathetic human and skipped it.
Of course it's typical. John McCain's strategy all along has been to say one thing and do the exact opposite. He talks about bipartisanship, he talks about not placing blame, he even claims people who disagree with his policies actually agree with him. All this talk about him being a "maverick" who's willing to reach out to "the other side" is just a lot of talk. Choosing Palin, and her subsequent behavior, just shows what a partisan he is.

Morgan said...

Her whole strategy was to rely on scripted recitation as much as she could get away with. Remember at the beginning when she said, "Can I call you Joe?" It was taken as a friendly, folksy gesture. Then later in the debate she used that corny, "There you go again, Joe" line. It was so apparent that the only reason she asked to call him "Joe" was because it fit with the script. Palin is an obedient little robot, which makes her just the kind of woman the GOP find "acceptable" in power.

Morgan said...

Actually, it wasn't "There you go again, Joe," it was "Say it ain't so, Joe."
But still...

Citizen of Earth said...

Gomer Pyle in drag?

Well Goooooleeeee Gee!
Surprise surprise surprise...

Palin was never in danger, if the debate had gone badly for her, she would have bailed herself iout by baking a batch of extra fudgie brownies, right there at the podium.

That anyone at all would find this candidate appealing shows how low this country has fallen.