Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blondes have more fun

I'm seriously in love with Lumos. He's such an awesome little horse and so pretty. I'm pleased with how well he's coming along. He's very smart, very willing to please. 

There's nothing like a few hours of riding to mellow me out and today I was ready for some Equestrian Therapy. Regular readers of my blog know I've had a rough couple of weeks what with my kitty dying. The new one I adopted came with a virus - not a serious one - but serious enough to set me back another $200 at the vet yesterday afternoon. By late today a nice ride had risen to the level of Necessity.

The last time I wrote about the horses was when Alex and I had the instructor out. We'd been working on our jumping and Alex's quarter pony, Oliver, had done much better than my Lumos. 

Lumos is a Haflinger. He's built like a tank and while he has the ability to jump he has yet to refine it, and it's a challenge getting into a two-point (the position riders get in when a horse jumps) because he's so short and stout. 

We both did much better today. Today he actually jumped. It wasn't consistent; he still plodded through several fences but if I cue him hard enough he tucks up pretty well. 

Like all green hunters, Lumos has a tendency to over-jump and will go over a two-foot fence like it's much bigger. Or he'll just barely jump them. Experience will solve both those problems. 

Oliver did that today, too, even though he was trained as a hunter and knows better. I love Alex's pony but he can be a little shit when he wants to be. He did the same thing today that he did when the instructor was here; even though he can jump he plowed through them with Alex several times because he thought he could get away with it.

So today - again - I got on him and made him do the course. He jumped this one so ridiculously big that he looks like he's rearing. It didn't help that Alex's stirrups were about four inches too short so whenever he came down I felt like I was going to get pitched off. 

Eventually, though, he did like he was supposed to do. So next time he has no excuse to act like a complete jackass. 

I ended the ride with a sense of accomplishment. Small gains, after all, are better than no gains at all. And for me any ride that doesn't end with me falling on my ass is a good one.

It's supposed to rain this weekend. Again. So our plans to ride Saturday will probably be scuttled. Hopefully it will be drive by Sunday. Alex and I are trying to vary our routine so next time we're not going to jump. Instead we're going to play some games that should be fun for both us and our ponies.

On a final note, you may notice that one of us isn't wearing her helmet. That would be the dumb one. Really, you should always, always, always wear a helmet when you ride. I usually do. Usually.


Andrea said...

As usual I have no idea what you're talking about with the horsey stuff, but it looks like fun.
And Lumos is gone past merely blonde and straight into platinum territory :)

Morgan said...

Sometimes I forget that the terms I use are unfamiliar. When a horse tucks up, he folds his front legs rather than letting them just hang and bang into the jump.

The stirrups being too short is a problem because it affect leg position. If they're too short and you get into the two point, which is that crouched position you see riders take when the horse goes over a fence, you have the disadvantage of being too far forward.

And yeah, he's a bit past blonde. Even on days I don't ride I go out and brush him or stare at him. He's like something out of a fairy tale and is as sweet as he is good-looking. I am so glad I got him. He's the nicest thing I've done for myself in a very long time.

Andrea said...

Well it looks like you know what you're doing, except for going without a helmet! But then you wouldn't get those cool flowing hair shots.

Morgan said...

Hahaha! Sometimes both Lumos *and* I like to let our hair down.

laughingwolf said...

with me at 6'4", both of those critters are to short for me to ride properly... but, carry on... helmet or no :P lol

laughingwolf said...

'too'... and i checked it, so google is still at it grrrrrrrrrrrr

Morgan said...

LOL Wuff.

I used to hate being so short but now I'm glad because it means I will never outgrow my desire to ride ponies, which I actually prefer to horses. Lumos is only 13hh although his bulk makes him look - and ride - like a much bigger horse.

At 6'4" your feet would drag the ground. :-)