Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Preacher touches McCain's Vagina

Thanks to Audrey over at Sarah Palin's Lies for alerting me to this video. Move it ahead and about seven minutes in you'll see Kenyan Witch-Hunter and  True Christian™ Thomas Muthee praying over the woman McCain has tapped to be second in command, should he and his herd of melanomas make it into the Oval Office.

I'm not sure how this video will play with the GOP. There's sure to be a conflict among some on the Christian Right when they see a black man putting his hands all over McCain's Wholesome White Vagina. Muthee even went all the way and anointed her, which is apparently what they call putting a woman in raptures when God says it's OK.

As I've said before, I know you crazy right-wingers still read over here and I invite you to either post or email me privately and tell me how this isn't completely insane. I dare you. I dee-double-dare you. But I won't expect a response. There's no way any of you can defend something you secretly know is just plain nuts.

Oh, and for those of you still pretending to back Palin for her political acumen, I have a question for you: Does being spiritually groped by the head of a Kenyan witch-hunting cult count as foreign policy experience?

For more on this video, go to this piece on the Huffington Post.


Anonymous said...

I double dog dare them. (Actually, this is technically a breach of protocol, with the double dare and dog dare usually preceding the coup de gras "double dog dare," but what the hell...).

Sit back, take a breath, and look at this with a fresh eye. If McCain is elected, this person is very, very likely to be president of 280 million people, directing the most powerful military the world has ever seen, making policy for the world's largest economy, making decisions that affect every human on the globe. Do you really, really, want that?

Christopher said...

This also highlights a double standard in the way the campaigns have been treated. Obama was smeared with statements made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright (some of which were taken out of context--one was Rev. Wright quoting Fox News). When it came out that John Hagee, who John McCain purposely wooed even before he picked a religious wingnut for a running mate said that Hitler was sent by God to drive the Jews to Israel, the campaign quietly distanced themselves from Hagee with little notice from the press. That may have even been why McCain had to have a religious fundamentalist as his running mate: having finally won over the wingnuts, he didn't want to risk alienating them again.

Morgan said...

Anon, they are a stubborn lot. Best to just jump straight ahead to the double dog dare. The lesser dares are just foreplay.

And what you're describing is just the way I've been looking at it. The scary thing is that the fundies are looking at it the same way and their answer to your question would be "yes."

That is one scary thought...

Morgan said...

Christopher, color me just as stumped as you are. I don't understand why Obama's preacher made headlines for so long while the only one in the media bothering to sound the Kook Alarm over Muthee is Keith Olberman, who while well-intentioned, is mad as a hatter himself.

Maybe the mainstream media is afraid to point at the problem of a crazy, witch-hunter's influence on a top political candidate, while FOX news is like, "Problem? What problem?"

Micky-T said...

Mainstreet media...chickin shits that want to keep their jobs so they won't speak up at all.
Just the facts mam.

Morgan said...

Preach it, brother!

Christopher said...

While I'm wary of making such a statement, there does seem to have been some racism in the screaming about Obama's pastor and the silence about McCain's cozying up to Hagee. Even the silence over Muthee is understandable. Look up the definition of "African" in Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary:
It pretty well sums up the right-wing attitude.
I know Rush Limbaugh, Neil Cavuto, and their friends will dispute this, though, because of course they've never, ever, ever, ever said anything that could even be construed as racist.

Andrea said...

Did you see that yesterday Laura Bush said Palin is being treated unfairly because she's a woman? Apparently to some people *asking reasonable questions* = unfair treatment.

Not that it's the MSM doing any of the asking.

I for one do not criticize Palin because she's a woman. I criticize her because she's a delusional, secretive human being with a powerful government job - and she wants an even *more* powerful government job. Not that she could articulate to us what said job entails.

Morgan said...

That Devil's Dictionary is a great resource, Christopher. After looking at it, I have a couple of blog posts in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

And as usual, you are so on point. I think you hit the nail on the head as to why this isn't being picked up.

Andrea, did Laura Bush have a straight face when she made that asinine comment, or was she smiling that creepy doll's smile that's always plastered on her face?

You're right; Palin is being picked on because she's clueless. And here is the latest shining example of how clueless she is:

Andrea said...

She has the body language and cadence of a student bullshitting their teacher. With some really bright people, you can tell that their mouth is just trying to catch up to their brain. Not so with Palin.

Here's a blogpost idea for you: a Sarah Palin drinking game. Get us shitfaced as only a hippie can, Morg. But, you know, hold back a little...I'm not trying to die of alcohol poisoning. So "take a shot every time Palin says something senses-shatteringly stupid" is out.

Morgan said...

The only problem I'd have with the game is that a.) I'd probably end up shit-faced drunk by the time I watched the complete Couric interview and b.) I'd end up drinking so much before the election that I'd put back on all the weight I lost.

Maybe, as a hippie I could take a nice toke every time she says something stupid, then I could just sit around stoned until the election. If she and McCain win, I'll just stay stoned. It would be so much easier than reality.

thimscool said...

Don't bet on that.

Here's another take you might enjoy. :)

Morgan said...

Luke, thank you so much for sending that link. That was the funniest thing I have ever read about Palin. I think I may have hurt myself laughing.

Blognigger said...

Guys, thanks so much for the shout out.

Your post is pretty kick-ass as well... The video is unreal. The thought of these people coming in to power is just enough to.... oh well time for cornchex

Morgan said...

Thanks, BN.
Cornchex? I think it's time for the rapture. If I thought it would take Sarah Palin away I'd pay Jesus to come back.

Christopher said...

What a difference a day makes, eh? How naive we were just a few days ago, talking about the issue of race in this campaign. Now we've got a choice between a man who responds to a crisis in a sober, thoughtful way, and a man who goes off completely half-cocked, acting scared of his own shadow, makes a bold statement about what he plans to do, and then does the exact opposite.
It's almost enough to make me miss the good old days. You know, last Monday, last Tuesday...

Morgan said...

LOL, Chris. I can't believe McCain's latest stunt of trying to turn tail from the debate by pretending to want to fix an economy he helped royally fuck for so long. McCain is like the arsonist who excuses himself from an inquest into the crime by telling them he must run and put out a fire.

JohnR said...

Let's see.

Obama received major contributions from Freddie Mac.

Barney Polesmoker headed the Banking Committee in the House and did nothing and he used to blow a major player at Freddie Mac.

Chris Dodd was the #1 receiver of contributions from Freddie Mac.

Restrictions were loosened during the Clinton Adm. with the help of both parties to allow people who should not have gotten loans to get loans.

Nothing like watching single women who make 30,000 get 250,000 100% adjustable rate mortgages and then act surprised when they default.

Both parties have their fingerprints all over this one Morgan.

The next president will be a one-term president.

@Chris: I am assuming that the sober, thoughtful guy is Obama. Pul-lease.

The guy is a Southside Chicago political hack and an excellent actor like any good politician.

By the way, isn't he in Washington now trying to look helpful?

Morgan said...

JohnR, I'm curious. If Obama is so easily disputed, why is War Hero and Palin Sidekick John McCain trying to avoid the debate?

For a bit of background on your guy, you might want to read this:

If you think it's just liberal tripe - I realize McCain backers would rather consider the source than the facts - ask yourself why Steve Doocy of Fox is so eager to quell a discussion on McCain's ties to the Keating Five:

You gotta love the irony of all this. I do believe Phil Gramm, who was ass-deep in the scandal, served as McCain's advisor before getting nailed for saying what all Republicans feel, which is that anyone worried about the economy is a "whiner."

As I've said before, I'm not a huge Obama fan, but he's the lesser of two evils. Better a hack in office than a candidate who will continue the Hack Job the GOP has done on this nation and this economy.

Christopher said...

Morgan, it's your blog, but is feeding the troll really a good idea? I'm not sure there's much point arguing with a homophobic bigot who's made up his mind to support McCain, even if he's ashamed to admit it.

Morgan said...

Chris, JohnR is not a troll. He was one of my first readers and is kind enough to weigh in with the needed voice of dissent from time to time.

He's *generally* respectful, but not always. I can't really chide him for that because I've been on forums where I was less that respectful myself and JohnR knows how spiky and belligerent I can get when my ire is raised.

This blog would be really boring if we all agreed. Without debaters there is no debate, and what is the fun in that.

All I ask is that everyone play as nice as possible, whatever that means.

Morgan said...

Oh, and Chris this is totally Off Topic, but I sent you something last night via email, finally. ;-)

Christopher said...

I'm all for debate, and I apologize for mistaking him for a troll. His childish response and homophobia just seemed very troll-like.

Now I'm off to read my e-mail!

JohnR said...

Remember Morgan, I am a Ron Paul supporter. Obama and McCain are different sides of the same coin.

Both are equally corrupt.

Regarding the Keating 5, McCain was cleared by arch-Democratic operative Robert Bennett in the investigation.

Can't address the other issue because I don't care. I don't want either to win.

Christopher, the foxes are guarding the hen house and you are upset because of my characterization of Barney Frank.

Spare me.

I notice you do not dispute any claims I made.

I know plenty of homos who call each other "fag" and "queer". You don't get to complain when the straight guy uses it.

I'm like Bane without the wit, charm, violence, guns, knives, and porn.

I plan on voting a third party.

Friends don't let friends vote Democrat or Republican.

I believe in Liberty, not slavery under government, which is what the two parties offer.

Victoria said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Morgan said...

JohnR, I guess what confuses me is that you seem to regularly bash Obama and defend McCain. It's curious behavior for someone who claims to think neither man should be in office.

Do you go on the forums of McCain supporters and defend Obama? Or does your fair and balanced behavior follow the Fox News model?

Understand I'm just having a bit of fun with you, but there's a serious side to my question. You seem to dislike McCain but hate Obama. Is there are a reason for that?

Morgan said...

And Chris, thanks for understanding. Homophobes and haters of all types are welcome here, trolls or not.

Remember, I write dirty stories for a living; what do I care of someone comes on my blog and exposes themselves? ;-)

Morgan said...

JohnR, I do believe it Bane hadn't gone tits-up he would have voted for McCain. Palin fit in with his Crazy-Ass Religious World View. Who knows, he may have even been inspired to go back to church by Muthee, had Muthee not been black.

JohnR said...

You, spiky and belligerent?!?!?

I think you all sweetness and light and I am sure Larry would agree!! :D

No, I don't hate Obama. I just don't believe he is what he says he is. I think he has plenty to hide just like McCain does.

I don't go to McCain forums. I think both are indefensible.

I don't watch Fox News although sometimes I watch Fox Sports.

Oh, yes, Bane would vote McCain.

Morgan said...

JohnR, Larry is a saint among men and would add distractible, silly and impossible to my list of sins. Why he sticks with me I'll never know. I'm thinking it's the boobs.

And I agree with you about Obama; I'm sure there's plenty to hide there. I was listening to Ron Paul talk about this financial mess last night and just felt so sick that this nation didn't have the balls to break the mold and give the guy a chance. He's the only one of the lot who ever made a real lick of sense.

People keep pondering whether this country is ready for black or female leadership. I say we'll be ready to choose a leader by gender or race before we choose one based on Ability.

JohnR said...

Yes, your rack is (Insert Darth Vader voice) "most impressive."

I honestly think most Americans are terrified of what actual liberty would require of them.

And to Christopher: I am not a homophobe,I am very much a live and let live person. But I don't have a problem insulting a public homosexual like Barney Frank.

I used to work in the restaurant business and if you ever have, you know you have to deal with all kinds of people. I got along great with my lesbian boss and all the homos loved me and it wasn't just because I look good in a pair of tight jeans.

Frank is trying to get the Republicans to help him drive the economy off a cliff but they aren't helping. He needs to be able to spread the pain so people won't notice his clammy hands all over this mess, thus the insult.

laughingwolf said...

a pox on all their houses....

Morgan said...

It's nice to know if I'm ever on the Death Star my cleavage will buy me some mercy.

Per the homophobe argument, I'm going to watch you guys hash it out from the sidelines. I'm not qualified to take a stand, given that I support gay rights but also made a gay Harry Potter spoof on YouTube.

And yes, indeed, Wuffie. A pox on both their houses. A pox Plus One.

Christopher said...

This is coming a bit late, but, JohnR, you never really addressed my original point, which was to contrast the differences between the Obama and McCain campaigns. My point was that, while neither one has been doing anything about the economic crisis, Obama has been out there talking about it. McCain, on the other hand, reacted with a blatant lie about suspending his campaign, attempting to dodge questions about his own ignorance of the economy, his own connections to lobbyists, and his own sinking poll numbers.

As for your homophobia, you said, "You don't get to complain when the straight guy uses it."

Why not? I wasn't complaining. I was just pointing out that you're threatened by Barney Frank's sexuality. You have the right to say what you want. Why do you think my right to speak should be limited?