Friday, September 12, 2008

Cedric (He's adopted.)


laughingwolf said...

cute, now... i never met an adult squirrel i liked grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Christopher said...

He's almost as cute as his namesake. (I'm assuming his last name is Diggory.)
What's the full story? I'm sure it's going to make me feel exceptionally guilty for setting rat traps in my attic to catch the squirrels that were getting in--perhaps even more guilty than the squirrels in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Morgan said...

Don't feel guilty for your anti-squirrel sentiment, either of you. I'm not particularly keen on squirrels, but find it hard to resist anything brought to my doorstep. I've taken in wildlife for years and years and have seen some remarkable successes, with mixed results. Some of my neighbors are grateful, but my affinity with animals also inspired those unfortunate Witch rumors which were just too delicious for me to deny. By my thinking, the more bizarre my local myth becomes, the more unlikely I'll have Baptists come 'round to invite me to church. Lost causes and all that.

After last weekend's brush with Tropical Storm Hanna my friend April called and asked me if I wanted to take in some squirrels. I said "no" because I really didn't have time so she found someone else to take them. Then a lady a few miles away called me in tears to see if I'd take in a squirrel her cat drug up to the house. That's how I got Cedric. I gave him his first feeding while I was watching "Goblet of Fire," so yes, Chris, the name is from the movie. Hopefully he'll have a happier ending than his namesake. I'm going to try and keep him away from Dark Lords.

Christopher said...

It's not just my anti-squirrel sentiment that I feel guilty about, it's a particularly dark episode when I found a squirrel in one of the traps badly wounded but still alive. There was no way it could be nursed back to health, so I had to take it outside and put it out of its misery. I did it as quickly and (I hope) as painlessly as possible but it's still not something I enjoyed. Here's hoping Cedric fares better.
And what's so "unfortunate" about those witch rumors? I happen to know some really nice witches. And I'm not saying all Baptists are bad, but, personally I'd rather hang out with witches.

Morgan said...

That was tongue in cheek. If you know some nice witches, meeting me simply means you know one more ;-) I didn't mind the rumors one bit. What was unfortunate about them was that I can't *really* fly, and apparently someone saw me doing that. And of course you'd rather hang out with witches that Baptists; we're more fun, and better dancers.

Don't feel bad about putting the squirrel out of its misery. In all my years of working with wildlife I've had to euthanize more than I care to remember. Larry built me a carbon dioxide chamber for the purpose; it's a lot less messy than the hammer-to-the-head method some wildlife rescuers are forced to employ.

And the good thing about dead squirrels and rabbits is that since I primarily have worked with birds of prey my winged patients can eat the mammals that don't survive.

thimscool said...

Cute squirrel. Are you fattening it up for the fryer?

Morgan said...

Well, Thanksgiving is coming, Luke. And this is rural N.C. You figure it out. ;-)
What's funny is that several years ago I did a story about squirrels frying themselves by climbing into transformers or gnawing on electrical lines. The peak of these Squirrely Suicides occurs around the holiday season when the critters are busy storing food for the winter.
The headline was Nuts and volts: Squirrels drive Progress Energy crazy.
Credit one of the copy editors for the awesome headline, which still ranks up there as one of my favorites.
The article was full of reference to fried squirrel. Not everyone was happy with the tongue-in-cheek tone of my story, though. Some bunny hugging types actually complained.

O(h, as aside, Luke, I hear that Vox's dad got sent to the slammer. We probably differ on our opinions about the matter. I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for the man, not because I disagree with his cause but with the cowardly way he went about things.)

thimscool said...

My feeling is that tax crimes should be settled with fines, not jail time.

Money is a consensual social hallucination that is managed by the government. It is a communal concept, by definition.

I'm not saying that anyone can have mine if they want it, but at the same time I get pissed when repugnicans act all high and mighty about how the billionaires earned it that hard way so they should get to keep it and the government is "stealing" from them.

I like the idea of a progressive tax code. Not only is it obvious that the rich are better able to part with a larger portion of their earnings, but it is also true that the rich benefit more from government services. So they should pay, and pay more as a percentage of earnings (wealth/property tax is a whole other matter).

On the other hand throwing someone behind iron bars is not a hallucination. It is force. I don't approve of jail time for tax offenders. They already fined Mr. Beale many millions of dollars, effectivly stripping him of all his wealth. That should be sufficient.

If he tried to hide it overseas, like say Haliburtan and all those other off-shore headquarters having corporate fucks, then maybe I'd feel different. But taking away someone's freedom for financial reasons rubs me the wrong way.

Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

I agree that the tax code is a mess, and I'd happily join a revolt of one were launched. But I wouldn't follow a coward like Robert Beale.

The guy doesn't strike me so much as a rebel so much as an arrogant Bible-thumping nut-job who - like his son - desperately wanted to be seen as smarter than the people he disagreed with. And - like his son - he ended up all squawk but no spurs.

Beale did try to hide his wealth, and, fair or not, he could have escaped jail time by paying up. I would think a man with his resources could have devoted much of it to organizing a legitimate protest rather than tucking tail and running, leaving his family to deal with law enforcement and putting those who sheltered him at risk.

And it does sound like he tried to hide his income. There's a good article on the whole mess here:

I think my favorite line from the story is this:

"He was arrested in November at a strip mall in Orlando, Fla., after 14 months on the run, carrying a fake passport and driver's license issued from "The Kingdom of Heaven." "

I mean, really Luke, you can't make this kind of stuff up. That's the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life. And given that Teddy Boy has often laughed at the suffering of others, I can't help but be sickly amused at the whole situation.

The question is, given Vox's stance on rape, if Daddy gets it in the shower and reports it can we *really* believe him? I'm thinking you're familiar enough with Vox's stance on sex assaults to get that little joke.

I personally will not believe him. Rich inmates lie about prison rape all the time....

Citizen of Earth said...

I rehab'd a baby squirrel once - roofers killed his mom
It was May Day, so I named him Nikita...

He ruled my backyard and terrorized birdfeeders for years

Lu' said...

Great pictures Morgan. I took pics of the spider in my patio. I already posted two items today so I wont post them today. I was going to email you the pics but I don't see one. I'll post them probably tomorrow if they are any good. I didn't load them yet.

Christopher said...

[slaps forehead] This is off-topic by now, but I can't resist. Why don't Southern Baptists have sex standing up?

Because people might think they're dancing.

Morgan said...

LOL, Christopher. Sex jokes about Baptists are never off topic here. Dancing jokes, either.