Friday, August 08, 2008

Not much to report..

..but I figured give that it's already Friday I'd throw something up along with my wish for everyone to have a wonderful weekend. 

I've been busy with a writing project, but am still taking time to get out of doors at every opportunity. Yesterday I spotted this osprey by a pond near my house. By the looks of the bird, it's a female. With birds of prey, females are about a third larger than males and this is an exceptionally big osprey even accounting for her gender.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but I had to shoot her from afar with my zoom lens. One of these days I hope to get a stronger one for difficult subjects like this osprey, which emitted a shrill call when she spotted me on the other side of the pond.

And then she was gone, but at least I got a clear enough shot for you to see the dramatically hooked beak and talons so perfectly suited for snagging and tearing up fish.

It was nice to see her, even though ospreys are my least favorite raptors to work with. They're skittish and fickle. It's nearly impossible to get a single one to eat in captivity. And because they only eat fish cleaning up after them is less than pleasant. I won't elaborate; just take my word for it.

In other news, Larry started leveling the dirt he had hauled in for the greenhouse expansion. I'm not thrilled about the project, but what can I say? We both drive each other crazy with our projects and I just had my turn a few months back when I brought home that herd of dairy goats. 

Six-year-old Lucas is totally on board with the expansion because leveling the dirt means he gets to ride on the tractor with his daddy. I just love this shot of them, and also wanted to include it so Thimscool could see the banana trees in the background. Some of the larger plants should be fruiting soon and I'll try to post pictures when they do.


Lu' said...

Bird shots, bitchin. Dad and Son on the tractor, most excellent :)

Christopher said...

Here's hopin' you have a good weekend too. And I remember seeing a couple of nesting ospreys when I went to the North Carolina aquarium on the Outer Banks. Apparently the birds picked a spot near the place themselves and the management set up a camera to keep an eye on them.
Oh yeah, and good for you shooting the osprey with a camera. I still cringe every time I remember that a distant relative shot a great blue heron because it had the audacity to fly over his house.

laughingwolf said...

good all round, morg!

i can see how proud he is to ride the tracyor with papa :)

laughingwolf said...

tractor... damn

thimscool said...

That sux... blogger ate my comment.

Larry and Lucas are in the moment, there... I can't imagine why you'd grouse about a greenhouse expansion.

Have a great weekend all, I'm headed to the beach.

Morgan said...

Thank, Lu'!

Christoher, given that I've devoted the past decade and a half to caring for injured birds of prey, I'm highly unlikely to shoot one other than with a camera. Lots of folks around here still shoot hawks and owls; I've seen more than my share of that. They justify it by saying the raptors prey on chickens or things they want to shoot, like quail. But herons? They don't eat anything but a few fish and frogs. I can't imagine what excuse someone would have for shooting a heron.

Yes, indeed, Wuff. Lucas loves tractors.

Luke, it's not the expansion that irks me; it has to be done. It's losing the open patch of ground the greenhouse will cover. Oh, and have fun at the beach. Which one did you go to? You may have been in my neck of the woods.

Christopher said...

Morgan, this was a very backward man I grew up knowing only as Uncle Elmer. He had a brother named Edwin, and my grandfather liked to say that, between them, Elmer and Edwin had only one brain and that Edwin was using it most of the time.
It really didn't matter what it was. If it was on, over, or near his property Elmer usually shot at it. It's a lucky thing he's extinct now and not continuing to push any other species to extinction.

thimscool said...

Holden Beach. It's magic. I'm staying an extra day.

Morgan said...

We still have a lot of folks who exercise that mentality here, Christopher. Often the dying off of this 'old guard' is the only way to affect real change. It's rare to get the old timers to change their ways, but in some cases it can be done. We've converted a few locals around here and now they'll call us for advice before they shoot an owl or a snake. But there are far more who think because that's the way papa raised them then it's OK.

Morgan said...

Holden Beach. That's up near Myrtle. I think Holden's a lot like Topsail, very quiet. We vacation in Topsail when we can. I love it there, too.
Oddly enough, as close as I am to the beach I don't go that often. But we spend a lot of time at the lake.