Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Horsing Around, Part II

Yesterday's riding lesson was rife with obstacles. Pun intended.

Alex and I are finding that learning to jump is both a challenge and an art. Horses are unpredictable and yesterday Stormy and Duchess put us to the test. As usual, Stormy took some extra motivation, while Duchess decided to throw a wrench in my lesson by refusing a jump or three.

We found we had to push not just our horses, but ourselves, to make the good rounds happen. And ultimately we did. Alex and I learned to do rollbacks and jumped our first verticals.

So it was a good lesson, but bittersweet. Our instructor and the schooling horses will be moving to a new stable next week and we'll miss our small, simple arena that's become like a second home to us these last few months. But the new stable apparently has many amenities, including an eventing course! Yes, an eventing course. How cool is that?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video. For those of you concerned with such things, this was produced on my MacBook Pro using iMovie. The song is "Push" by Matchbox 20. After watching the video, it seemed wholly appropriate.


Micky-T said...

That was fabulous! What fun watching Stormy and Duchess get the feel, for jumping. Good job on the videos too!

Morgan said...

Oh, thanks, Micky-T. Stormy is actually a fabulous jumper. He's just a bit old and careful with the students. Duchess is only three and she is still very green. Yesterday was the first time she ever refused a fence so I had to really work with her to get her to stay on point. It was a good lesson for both of us.

Also, thanks for the comments on the video. I just edited a bit to change the ending after realizing the end of the song and the vid didn't match up. I'm such a dork. :-)

Micky-T said...

I thought they were your horses.
My brother is the horse person, he rides and shoots in competition in NH. His wife rides also and she has a tack store on line. Keep an eye on my blog for 10% discount!

I know that was a shamless plug but it's family.

Morgan said...

Shameless plugs are welcome here. I will certainly keep an eye on your blog.

The coolest tack store we've ever been to was Peacham's in Kentucky. It's run by the Mennonites and if I'd had a couple of grand I probably wouldn't have made it out with a cent left.

No, Duchess and Stormy are not ours. But we don't need them. We have eight ponies of our own. Seven are miniatures - two of them are trained to cart - and one is 13.2 hh show pony. Or he was. He is a bit lazy so we're schooling him currently in hopes of getting him back up to condition before the end of show season.

flagman said...

Hi Morgan
Micky-t's brother here. great video love horses I attached a pic of me cowboy mounted shooting.Hope it works

flagman said...

Hi Morgan
Mick's brother again

I couldn't get the pic so I posted it on my blog.



Morgan said...

Welcome, Flagman, and thanks.
Mounted shooting?? No way!
I'm on my way over to your blog to take a look!

thimscool said...

Did you have a "Come to Jesus" talk with Duchess, or did she just need to shake off the cobwebs?

Morgan said...

Nah, Luke. She just got tired of being made to do the same thing over until she got it right. Every time she refused the jump I'd just take her back again. After a while she figured it was less of a hassle to go ahead and jump.
She's a young horse, so she's still learning.

Lu' said...

Snuck in while at work. Ooh I gotta come back tonight to view another video, yippieeeeeeeee.

Lu' said...

Very very nice. The horses names seem as though they should be reversed. I'd think the name stormy for the gray horse, ya know like storm clouds. I used to ride with a friend in jr high. She borded her horse at some stables that let me ride one of their horses. When I was riding one time, the horse stopped dead cold and got all panicky. Turns out the horse was string shy and there was a white string laying accross the ground, go figure. Big big horsey afraid of a piece of string. We would ride western and bareback. I liked that but man would your legs get tired trying to hold on to the horse during a trot. I see you've made the list at Micky-t's. I'm glad I could turn him on to a cool blog. He turned me onto You Just Keep On Believing that by Doc and Mt Cat. Very fun blog they have.

Morgan said...

Lu, they shy at strings because they look like snakes. Duchess shied last week at a dog running through the woods and it caused Stormy to bolt, too. Fortunately Alex and I were able to handle the situation. Neither are usually jumpy horses, but the really big jumper I ride - Tyson - is afraid of everything outside the ring. I used to have a horse that was afraid of water. I used to ride him on the road and there was a pavement patch he was afraid of because it was darker than the rest of the road. The funny thing about that was that he was generally fearless over anything else.

I didn't realize I'd made Micky's list. I feel honored. I like his blog, too.

Micky-T said...

From an old hippie
to the token hippie!