Monday, June 30, 2008

CCHA Horse Show

It's been a busy few months, which has put blogging way, way down on the bottom of my to-do list. Sorry folks.

So much has been going on. We now have three dairy goats which keep me busy with twice-daily milking. I've learned to make cheese and yogurt from the milk and it's a big hit with family and friends.

We have a new foal on our little farm. Luna, our black miniature mare gave birth to an adorable paint filly on June 12th.

Alex and I have been taking weekly lessons at a local riding school. I've ridden for years but after my ankle-shattering fall last year decided to rebuild my confidence by taking lessons. Last weekend, just a week shy of the anniversary of my fall, Alex and I showed at the Carolina Classic Horseman's Association Horse Show.

I rode Tyson, a huge former Grand Prix jumper, and Alex rode Stormy, a beautiful white Arabian. We both placed in the show, with Alex taking home a fifth place ribbon and me taking home a third and a fifth.

I'll try to do a better update soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.