Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer's Quagmire...

Is the resemblance here really a shock to anyone? I always thought Family Guy horndog Glenn Quagmire was Elliot Spitzer's alter ego.

But seriously, folks, this latest juicy scandal should serve as a cautionary tale to all the women out there who won't give a little head to hubby. You'd better get on your knees. If you don't blow it, he'll find someone else who will. What's more he might spend the kids' college fund to pay for it.

Of course, there may have been more to the story but we'll have to wait for the call girl's book to come out. Media tidbits have suggested that Spitzer wanted his high-priced paramour to do things she "might not consider safe." Oh God, please let it turn out that he was into bondage or something equally off the beaten path (pun intended). Not only will it make Spitzer even more ridiculous for playing the public role of Rev. Dimsdale while engaging in a bit of expensive hanky-spanky, but it will be a major boost to the erotica industry, thereby enriching those of us who don't even try to hid our Inner Freak.

Giggity, giggity...


Roland said...

Good post.
I was thinking the same thing about whether or not his wife ever got alone time together. The busyness of that kind of life would be tough. Not busy enough that you couldn't go way out of the way to find a hooker, but you know what I mean.

And why is it we glory in someone else's problems? Especially when they've been a dick about it?
Okay, silly question. We all know why.
I still think it would be great if he could turn his life around.
But then again, I see the glass as one drop full. :)

Morgan said...

By all accounts, Spitzer was an arrogant, self-righteous douche of a guy. And while I know it's not nice to glory in someone else's problems, when that someone has built their political fortunes tearing other people down it seems like a fitting dose of karma when they ultimately trip themselves up.

At this point, Spitzer has no choice but to turn his life around. It will be interesting to see if any transformation he effects will go beneath the surface, though.

Per his personal life, I would imagine that busy political couples do get pulled apart by their public obligations. But turning oneself into Client No. 9 is a questionable way to handle that particular problem. Spending eighty grand on hookers does little to foster spousal affection.

thimscool said...

I don't think that anybody makes it to that level of politics unless they have compromised them self in a way that their superiors know about it.

The people who are actually in charge cannot have puppet politicians unless there are strings to pull.

In this case, the puppet was not completely resigned to his status, and tried to upset some apple carts. He stepped on the wrong tail and ended up exiting stage left, by hook.

thimscool said...

Thrice mixed metaphor in two sentences. I'll try harder to be concise.

Roland said...

Thimscool, I don't think you should drink and blog anymore. ;)

And yeah, Morgan, he had it coming.
It's hard for me to fight down the joy I see at his come-uppance. But truthfully, I hope it does become more than a superficial change in him as well.

How much forgiveness does it take?
Picture his wife.
How hard will it be for her to let the man touch her again?
I can't imagine them going home after the conference and getting it on. And if they did, *shudder* it would creep me out a little. But maybe they're into that sort of thing.

Here's hoping the self-righteous douche of a guy gets his act together.
And if he doesn't, here's hoping that his wife gets to keep his balls on the mantlepiece.
Oops. Got a little excited on that one. ;)

Morgan said...

Thimscool and Roland

I liked the metaphors. Although it may be more fitting to say he left the stage by hooker. ;-)

Spitzer did make a lot of enemies, and I don't fault the guy for having weaknesses or sin (don't we all) but for being so arrogant in how he went about committing them. Either he was subconsciously trying to destroy is career, thought he was above the law somehow or was just plain stupid either way the whole thing is just mind-boggling.

On the other hand, I have deep sympathy for his family and - personally - for the shame he hopefully feels when he looks into their faces. It must be tough for Spitzer to have this ugly business unfold so publicly and realize that
his actions have held his entire family up for ridicule. Society can be a bitch, and I'm sure there are more than a few snide and less-than-sympathetic remarks being tossed about in those circles.

See, guys, this is exactly why we all decided never to become famous. Obscurity is so much easier, right?...

laughingwolf said...

the way spitzer pronounces his wife's name, as 'soda', it's fitting she's 'soda spitzer' :P lol

but with his [pappy's] gazillions, all he'll get is a slap on the peepee... er... wrist... no prison time for the ultra wealthy [mothra's time was more like an extended craft session]

all the bac-types [born-agains] will be there pronouncing 'he has seen the light', and all will be forgiven before spring....

Victoria said...
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Morgan said...

Is Lesbian Prison Sex a craft? Cuz I was always worried that Martha would get drawn into a little more than quilting bees while she was in the pen. I think it effected her deeply. On one of the shows she produced after her incarceration, she gave a lesson on how to make a shank out of the good silver.

OK. That's a lie. No she didn't. But I think the whole Martha Stewart railroading is one of the top reasons I deplore Spitzer. And don't expect the born-again types to jump to his cause. At least check, Spitzer was Jewish.

I'm sure he'll try to rehab his image, but no matter ll he does we won't be able to see the #9 - or the #69 - without thinking of him.

laughingwolf said...

mea culpa... did not know his religion, not that it matters to me :(

but, unlike mothra, he will do no time....

thimscool said...

What gave me away?

Ice said...

Hi Morgan :)


I hope things are well in your world... I'm sorry I just kind of 'went off air', you probably wondered what the hell.

I'm slowly comin' back, blog is "kinda" open.

Come on in and let me know you found the place.

I missed all my bloggy buddies!



laughingwolf said...

nice to see ye agin, icy! :) lol

William Wren said...

hence today they have no religion and little regard for that of others, the story says. another, recorded in bulgaria and turkey, said that when god was giving out the different religions, the gypsies wrote theirs on cabbage leaves. a donkey came along and ate the holy book with the same result.

Morgan said...

Ha, William Wren. The result is indeed the same. A lot of crap. Unfortunately, there's big business in turning that crap into fuel for whoever wants to use God as a weapon.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Trust me - I'm kind of on the inside on this one. It's Local politics and I have friends in the Gov's mansion - and that's all I'll say.

This wasn't about the sex - it was about a rich guy who just couldn't find enough ways to spend his money.

A $5,000 Rollex on one arm and a $5,000 hooker on the other.

And when he takes her on a junket and steps into the 21 club, his friends aren't shocked - they all left their wives at home and have brought expensive dates of their own.

If Spitz was banging an intern - I would have been the firat to come to his defense.

But he didn't - he broke the law in a most hypocritical fasion - and for that he will pay the price.

Arrogant? - Maybe - but he made so many enimies because more than once he stood up for the little guy and flew in the face of the status quo - Even though he seems to have enjoyed being in the club.

I suppose it was naive to think he could do both.

I may be pissed as hell at him for fucking up like this - but I will miss him.