Monday, March 10, 2008

Gratuitious family shots

We visited my brilliant little sister Carla yesterday. She's so sweet. I just love her. Here we are together in the sunroom of her fabulously beautiful new house near the beach.

Here we are again with my three youngest children - John, Alex and Lucas. It is so hard to get John to smile for pictures. but he was in a good mood yesterday owing to the chocolate cookies and Weather Channel access he enjoyed at his auntie's house. 

Alex shot this picture of me and Larry while we were there. Larry is going to be 49 tomorrow! So an advanced "Happy Birthday" to my favorite Sexy Older Man. ;-) 


laughingwolf said...

yappy barfday, larry! ;) lol

nothing wrong with showing off family, hon... and a fine bunch they are... you, on the other hand, i have doubts about! :O lol

Morgan said...


Doubts? Why? Here I was thinking I totally fit in with my fine family. :-(

But I shall put aside my wounded feelings to pass along your birthday wishes to my "old man."

laughingwolf said...

only kidding, sweetie, as you KNOW! :x

sorry if i ruffled your feathers :(

Morgan said...

No feathers ruffled. I knew you were kidding. And in truth, per that fine family sometimes I don't think I deserve them. :-)

Roland said...

49 isn't old.
Compared to me, he's only 8 and a half.
He's still just a kid. ;)

thimscool said...

Y'all are beautiful people.

Morgan said...

Roland, really? For some reason I thought you were younger.

Thimscool, ya'll are nice to say that, and in such a sweetly southern manner. I think your family is beautiful, too. But you know that.