Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farm video

I produced this YouTube video using photos I shot on Saturday at the Easter bash my dear friend April threw on the family farm where she raises dairy goats, cattle, poultry and crops.

Her place is absolutely idyllic; rural life is absolutely the best as far as we're concerned and she has one of the most picturesque farms I've ever seen. The photographic opportunities were staggering. I wish I could have used all the shots I took, but these are the ones I chose. Hope you enjoy it!

If the video loads slow or stops on this site - as it does on my computer - you may be able to view it easier here at the YouTube site.


Andrea said...

That was pretty sweet...gorgeous birds - even the turkey!

I honestly don't know if I have what it takes to live the rural life, but I'm tempted to shop for acreage.

Love your choice of music :)

laughingwolf said...

quite the opposite for me, hon... fup duck on the 'tube link, perfect here!

looks like everyone had a ball! :)

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...


Happy Easter - May the Earth Mother re-awaken once again and find us all well.

Alas winter won't let go of us quite yet here in upstate NY and it's snowing again as I write this

But under the snow - the crocus & tulips are awake - and a white blanket does not fool them

I am surrounded by farms here in NY - surprising to some maybe - but agriculture is still the number one industry in NYS

And no, I don't mean agri-industry, but family farms, small and large.

Dairy, meat, poultry, corn, wheat, even rice and bok-choy - And the people who work them are the tightest and most connected community of people I've ever known.

Thank you for paying hommage to the family farm, we should all know where our food comes from, and much of it should come from nearby.

I too am a farmer - part time.
But a farmer of another kind - for Trees are my crops.

Red pine, Spruce, Sugar Maple, Ash, Black Cherry, and golden Tammerack to name a few.
(sorry - no Christmas trees)

Grand Dad left me this legacy and I am proud to carry it forward.

This summer MY grandson will visit the trees for the first time.

But Grandpa left me another legacy as well...
A vision for the future
This year, next year - and the Ash we plant this summer will be for my grandson to look after 40 years from now.

The earth feeds us all - turning soil and sunlight into food, and fresh air.

The Farm is where this big magic takes place - it is simple, it is sacred, as sacred as any church or temple - perhaps more so.

It is a place for man to use his hands and his knowlege to bring it forth, and to cooperate with nature.

Know where your food comes from
Say no to industrial farming and yes to family farms.

No Farms = No food

Hopper said...

hey there... been stopping by your site for a while now and figured i'd say hi... i like your perspective on the earth... you sound like you'd enjoy the writings of aldo leopold (a sand county almanac)... he's one of my favorite writers and forms the base of my land ethic... thanks for writing...

thimscool said...

Beautiful slide show, Morgan. You specialize in making me jealous of your lifestyle.

Cool gig, Bobbb.

Morgan said...

Andrea, thanks!! The turkey is a Royal Palm turkey. He spent the day trying to outshine the peacock.

Wuff, glad you were able to view the video!

Bobb, THANKS for your words. Farming is the ultimate, whether it's a hundred acres or one or two. I just got an excellent book on micro-farming which talks about utilizing every inch of space for self-sufficiency. It's really inspirational. We have small acreage here but run the pony business, grow our own food, operate a greenhouse and are are about to add bees and dairy goats to the setup! Growing our own food and buying - and selling - locally fosters a sense of community and is just plain healthier for everyone.

Welcome, Hopper, and thanks for your kind words. I look forward to checking out the author you recommended and also checking out your blog.

Luke, thanks for the kind words. The Mac makes doing those slideshows a joy. I used iMovie to produce it, and plan to do a lot more throughout the spring and summer to chronicle the goings-on here on the farm and at the market.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I bet I know who that "anonymous" is. Grow up. Its not Morgan's fault your kid was born with flippers.

Morgan said...

Play nice, people, before I ban anonymous comments altogether....

Yes, I realize some of the mouth-breathers still stop by, and you may insult them at will. But their progeny is off-limits.

Now as you were....