Monday, December 17, 2007

Gay Republicans....

.....are they born that way? Or is it a "top down" influence of their leadership. You decide.

Thanks to Senator Larry Craig for sending me this link. Oh, and if you can't view it on my blog (Wuff) just cut and paste this link into your browser:


Mysti said...

Where the hell do you find this stuff?!?!?!? I love YouTube, and am there quite often, but hardly ever run across little gems like this.


Morgan said...

It helps to have a 21-year-old son a sense of humor as warped as mine. :-)
He finds all kind of cool stuff, but this was quite possibly my favorite.

laughingwolf said...

took a while to load, even on this dsl, but it worked, hon ;) lol

good chuckle, too

laughingwolf said...

have a cool yule n frantic first, m'dear! :x

Roland said...

I could just feel the heat between them.

El Borak said...

Merry Christmas, Morgan. And a happy new year to you and yours.

Roland said...

This site makes me laugh. And yet there is the ability to make me think as well.
Are you going to run for office?
Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well.

thimscool said...

Morgan for president! She'll usher in the new Victorian age.

Roland said...

Queen Morgan the Victorian!
Long live the queen!
Well, actually, long live me! Screw the queen.
Not literally.
That's her husband's job.
I have my own queen.

laughingwolf said...

happy '08 to y'all y'all, hon! :x

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Hi Morgan

Happy Solstice

I've been off the blogs for a long time I know - like a year or so
but I couldn't stay away
I missed you

So haappy 08

Hope I find the time to writ - now that things here are less hectic

Glad to see you are still at it
Keep singing your song

Best to all


mitzibel said...

Darling, you need to fix your MySpace account. It done got phished :(

EBEZP said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Morgan!