Thursday, November 08, 2007

Survey Nation

The one thing that drives me crazy about MySpace is the dozens of surveys that are posted on my bulletins page at any given moment. It seems people just can't give out enough information about themselves. If the government wants to find out the dirt on someone today, they don't need satellite imagery or sophisticated recording devices, they just need to be on that person's MySpace friend's list.

Some of the surveys are way too intrusive to answer. Like I'm going to actually tell someone how many sexual positions I've tried. Those are usually the surveys that carry a chain-letter type threat at the end, something along the lines of: "If you don't answer this honestly and repost, you will die." People who fill those out because they are scared are just stupid.

Most people fill surveys out because they are bored. I'm rarely, if every bored, so I never filled one out. But this morning, finding myself finished two days early with what I figured was a weeks-long writing project, I faced a choice. Either fill out a survey or clean the house. Guess which I chose?

3 names you go by?
2. Morgan
3. Vic (but only to Jamie and Howard, who are too lazy to say Victoria)

3 things you are wearing right now :
1. Big Harry Potter towel wrapped around my body. Twice
2. Smaller towel wrapping up my wet hair
3. Nothing else

*You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY

[01] Are you in a relationship of any type?

[02] Have you ever been given roses?

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?

[04] How many times have you honestly been in love?

[05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
I'd like to think that.

[06] What's your current problem?
The toy explosion covering the playroom floor and the five-year-old who thinks he's above cleaning up his own mess.

[08] Have you ever Had a Long Distance Relationship?, wait. I'm sort of having one now. I'm having an imaginary affair with Severus Snape. I guess that counts as long distance since Hogwarts is in Europe. But then again, the affair is in my head, which is attached to my body so maybe it's not long distance. What's up with the trick questions, anyway??

[09] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
Hmmm...sort of

[10] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"
I'd need a better definition of cheater. Some people cheat with good reason and I believe they can change. But some cheat recreationaly, because they're arrogant players or because they think they're entitled to have their cake and eat it, too. I don't think the second type can every change and why I might be casual friends with such a person I'd never have a relationship with one.

[11] How many kids do you want to have?
No thanks. Already had them.

[12] What are your favorite colors?
Green. And more green.

[14] Do you believe you can only have 1 true love?
I used to believe that.

[15] Imagine you're 79 and your spouse just died, would you get re-married?
No. I'd have a string of meaningless affairs. With younger men.

[16] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?
I think I was like ten or so. I had a crush on a boy named Mark Farrior. His mom was a biology teacher and so he considered himself an expert on all things, including how people "did it." One day in the schoolyard he told me that 'doing it' mean a man "put his wee-wee in a woman's pee hole." I called him a liar and hit him so hard I bloodied his nose and then gave up talking to boys until the following year. Later, when I learned he was sort of correct I felt bad. You think I should look him up and apologize?

[17] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?
Another wedding? How about "The Black Parade."

[18] Do you know someone who likes you?

[19] does more than one person like you?
I sure hope so.

[20] Are you currently in a relationship?
I already answered that.

[21]Does any one give you butterflies?

(22) What music are you listening to?
"Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails


laughingwolf said...

ye furgot: MORG, as a name ye be called, lass :P lol

check out the 'imaginary friend, jesus' cartoon in me blog, yet? ;)

thimscool said...

You don't wear a ring?

Gina said...

I have a blast filling those out and getting them. Then again..I have nothing to hide

Morgan said...

Wuff, how could I forget Morg? Too bad there wasn't a fourth option.

Luke, I don't wear any rings - nipple, wedding or otherwise. I just don't care for them.

Gina, if I spent all my time filling out surveys I'd never have time to blog about surveys. I'm not one for hiding things either, but I don't share everything just because someone asks, especially when the request comes in the form of a survey created by a teenager and regurgitated for the umpteenth time on MySpace.

thimscool said...

Interesting factoid.

You may have missed my announcement a few posts down...

Morgan said...

I looked but didn't see it. Is the princess here????

thimscool said...

Yes. Her name is Rosemary. I'm holding her right now. She is magic.

Morgan said...

AAAWWWW!!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!! Do you have an email address? I'd like to send you an ecard.

Jana said...

I can't see a worm without recalling that taught love-scene in Secretary. Ahhh young love and the brushes people will go to.

thimscool said...

She is the bees knees. I am in love.

laughingwolf said...


thimscool said...

Thank you.

Morgan said...

Little girls have a way of worming their way into a daddy's heart. I can see why you are smitten.
Now here's a question: Are you going to let her vote? I mean, being a girl she may not be smart enough seeing how we're all willing to sacrifice freedom for security. Maybe Atticus can vote twice. ;-)

thimscool said...

My grandmother, who died two months ago, was president of the League of Woman Voters in Montgomery County. Rosemary was named, in part, in her memory.

Have you been lurking over at Voxes recently?

Morgan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Morgan said...

I popped in the other day after reading they'd nabbed his father to read how he spun that whole mess. While looking for his comments on the Family Saga, I saw his latest diatribe against women voters.

I just don't know how anyone can read the guy with a straight face. In Vox's mind, his dad is a hero for running after he was caught trying to hide income. It seems to me that a real hero would have challenged the IRS in court, not tuck tail and run to leave his wife alone, his children fatherless and his grandchildren with such a shitty legacy. Not to mention how he put everyone who hid him at risk by not letting them know they were housing a fugitive. I guess "Thou Shalt Not Lie" doesn't apply when someone asks for your real name. Gotta love those hypo-Christians!

So Daddy's a hero, and women are haters of freedom although almost every freedom-hating despot (and the armies who've backed them) has been male.

I kind of wonder how - as the grandson of female voting advocate and the father of a daughter can even stomach that creepy little troglodyte. Maybe you're just better at compartmentalizing than I am. But what I know of him in print - and personally - leaves me wondering how anyone smarter than EP can take him seriously.

thimscool said...

Goodness, you don't like him do you?

I don't really know what the situation is with his father. I suspect that he has more than paid for the decisions that he made. The IRS tends to get what they're owed, and they'll happily make an example out of you before, during, and after they take it.

Since I don't know the details, I can't jump to some of the conclusions that you've made. In particular, I wonder about your assertion that he abandoned his family. I think all his kids are grown, and I think his wife divorced him. I somehow doubt that he reneged on any family responsibilities.

I may be better at compartmentalizing that you, as you suggest... but I think it comes down to the fact that I just don't take anyone's opinions too seriously. There is always a wider view.

Vox advocates the disenfranchisement of more than just women, but I can't feel animosity towards him unless he is calling for the persecution of women or others, and I don't think his opinions about suffrage qualify.

Overall, I greatly appreciate Vox as someone that fearlessly states his opinion and takes on anyone that wishes to challenge them. I think he is good at heart, even if I disagree with him on many fundamental issues.

There are many people in the blogosphere whose opinions I am more synchronized with, but that I nevertheless do not read because they are simply intellectually dishonest. This site is a notable exception to that rule. I suspect that my political/social views are far closer to you than to Vox, but I admire you both for taking on criticism and defending yourselves honorably (for the most part).

Morgan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Morgan said...

No, I really don't like him. And that's rare for me because I like most everybody. A person really has to spark a great deal of distaste in me to create the kind of disrespect I have for Vox Day.

My problem with Vox isn't that he stands his ground. You're right; he does that. My problem with Vox is that he is puts himself up on a Christian pedestal while exhibiting behavior completely at odds with his faith.

He can't debate people on their own terms without implying that they're either gay (Shapiro) or whores.(Malkin) And more laughably, he refuses to see himself in the criticism he levels at others.

I've seen him lambaste the writing of noted authors as bad - which is his right - without realizing how terrible his own fiction is. He's continued to lie to himself about the quality of his work for as long as I've been reading him.

Interesting fact: Last year he sent the first part of a novel he was writing to me and another female blogger who shall remain nameless, asking if we'd give it a once over. It was quite possibly the most god-awful thing we'd ever read. Honestly, my ten-year-old could have done better. The opener was full of phrases like "enormous, giant wolves." I told him the truth; it was so terrible that I couldn't get through the prologue and the only way I could read it completely was if someone shackled my hands to the desk so I couldn't reach my red pens. The other blogger was a bit gentler, but told him in her own way that he'd be crazy to submit the thing to a publisher. Shortly after, his fantasy books hit the skids and he was forced to self-publish and give his books away online.

Vox is a good blogger and a decent columnist but he's a terrible fiction writer. But it doesn't stop him from criticizing other writers. He seems particularly resentful of successful female authors. Likewise, he preaches the merits of a living a Christian life while exhibiting some really, really questionable behavior (I will NOT discuss this further but I was privy to some things last year that really made me feel sorry for someone close to him, even though I don't care for her either). Maybe as far as Vox is concerned, living your values is akin to living in America; it's for the little people. ;-)

My problem with people who hold themselves out there as Examples of Faith is that it should mean something. I can't respect people who think what they preach doesn't apply to them.

Per Vox's father, I have to disagree. I believe his wife had no choice but to divorce the guy. He abandoned her, after all. Last year, Vox's son supposedly wrote a book. I think it may have been nice for his grandfather to have shared in that, but it didn't happen because he was on the lam. Just because children are grown doesn't mean they don't need or want their parents around. I know that my children really enjoy seeing their grandparents, and it pleases me to see them together. I have to wonder if the millions Beale sought to protect were worth the year he missed seeing Vox's son and two little girls. Vox claims he doesn't care. But I think it's just another posturing lie. Of course he cares, but his pride and arrogance won't let him tell the truth. He's afraid if he shows it bothers him, someone will use it against him. Don't most bullies work like that?

My time over at his blog revealed a man who can open up and show his honest side, but it comes in small, guarded flashes. Overall, I believe he's very insecure and a lot more frightened of things than he lets on. I also think he's a terribly lonely man.

One thing I will say for Vox, he's exceptionally bright, but has the burden of being surrounded and admired by a lot of stupid people, thanks to the site where he gets the bulk of his readership. That's probably where a lot of his anger comes from.

It is also funny that he claims atheists have a form of autism. As the mother of an autistic person, I thought that about Vox long before he leveled that charge at others. He exhibits quite a few markers of a high-functioning autistic. Chess great Bobby Fischer has Aspergers and apparently he's an asshole who hates to lose, too.

That he is leads me to think I should be more understanding, but *my* flaw is that I find it hard to be charitable to Religious Posers, especially ones whose patina I can see through. I probably need to try harder.

thimscool said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Ice said...

Hi, Morgan :)

Hope all is well.


Morgan said...

Hey guys!!!
It was nice. I've been sooo busy. Blog ya later! Hope your holiday was happy as well!