Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Wes!

Me and Wes

Well that was nice. Our Thanksgiving this year was combined with the celebration of my oldest son's 21st birthday. It was a Big Deal to him, and to me. Now I am Officially the mother of two adults. Two down, three to go.

What can I say about Wes? Not enough, really. He's funny, smart, creative, extroverted, introspective, idealistic, witty, handsome, a bit hot-headed....of all my kids I'd say he and I have the most in common. We talk. A lot.

And that's good because this past year has been a tough one for him. In April he went through a pretty traumatic break-up and for awhile we were all worried about him. He genuinely loved the girl he'd been dating, so much that he refused to see the writing on the wall when things started to go south. After they split, Wes drifted a bit. Things had been so intense between him and Courtney that it was hard for him to go anywhere or do anything without being reminded of what he'd lost.

Wes has learned a lot over the last seven months, mostly about how to be alone and how to be OK with it. As weird as it sounds, that's not something a lot of people can do; not everyone is comfortable in their own skin. It's been very good for him, and I'm proud that he worked on that rather than jump back into another relationship just so he could have someone on his arm.

There's no shortage of girls wanting to date him, but Wes - having learned the importance of being selective - is learning how to balance attraction with the kind of necessary assessment that help avoid trouble in the long run. Because in addition to his other qualities, Wes is a hopeless romantic. When he says, "I love you," it means something, and he's looking a girl worthy of those words.

I'm really, really proud of him. He's such a great kid. And it's cool to see him not only grow into adulthood, but also act the part. What a cool guy.


laughingwolf said...

belated grats, wes!

your ma and pa raised you right, so the next woman could be the one you stay with forever... blessed be

Morgan said...

Thanks, Wuff. Wes is a good person. All my kids are. I'm very fortunate. And yes, we have worked to make all the kids feel loved and secure. I can't help but think we did something right when I look at them.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

laughingwolf said...

thx hon, was very good... got lotsa snoozin done ;) lol

a quote i love:

we can endow our children with but two things: roots... and wings

your young'uns are blessed to have good parents

Mysti said...

{long time reader; first time poster}

I think I read this post wrong.. you are his sister right? No? Wait, you said he's your Son? Wow Lady..

What a cool kiddo you have raised. :)

Morgan said...

Mysti, may I say you just made a crone-in-training's day. :-)

What a lovely compliment!

In truth, I have to credit good genes, a sense of humor and some very kind gods for my less-than-fortiesh looks.

Plus with five kids I'm too damn busy to age. :-)

Andrea said...

belated birthday wishes from me too...and that's a very cute pic of you guys