Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Witching Hours

I love this time of year. The approach of Halloween puts a spring in my step. The days are shorter, the leaves are brighter and otherwise stuffy grown-ups turn a bit giddy at the idea of playing dress-up for one magical night. Plus the whole notion of people making light of Death and Darkness puts the True Christians™ in the most amusing self-righteous frenzy. Bonus.

Halloween preparations are in full swing at our house. Alex and Lucas helped me put up the spider webbing this weekend. Once again the poor Barbie doll has been victimized, this time by an even bigger spider.

In another web, a hairy mother spider guards her hatching egg sac.

Oh, and the jack-o-lanterns!

My favorite addition this year is a plaque made for me by a dear friend. It's not a Halloween decoration, but a permanent fixture. Still, any trick-or-treaters looking to nick anything besides extra candy would be wise to consider its message. Oh, and ten points to the House of anyone who can tell me what book series this poem was adapted from.

Along that same vein, I've decided what character I will be for Halloween this year: Bellatrix Lestrange - Death Eater, devoted lieutenant of Lord Voldemort, murderer, and all-around bad-ass witch.

I've done a good job adapting the costume with a low-cut, lace-sleeved shirt, black skirt, underbust corset, black stockings and knee-high lace-up boots. I even dyed my hair nearly-black for the role. I'm pretty psyched.

Alex is going as Samara, the creepy kid from The Ring and will spend part of Halloween night crawling out of a well we built last weekend in my friend Dan's front yard. Dan's party is a holiday staple for us. We never miss it. Lucas is going to be Harry Potter. Larry hasn't yet decided between werewolf or vampire. I thought he'd make a good Sirius Black. He's got the dark good looks and the beard, the costume would be easy to make, and I could kill him. I'm still hoping to talk him into it, so wish me luck. I don't know what the older kids are going to go as. They haven't completely decided yet.

So, what plans are you making for Halloween?


Ice said...

Samara!!! I love it!!!

You're looking mighty delish in that get-up ;)

haha :)

Happy Halloween, girl.

Morgan said...

She's going to be awesome as the creepy Ring kid. She's been practicing the "ring walk" through the living room today. Too funny!
Thanks for the compliment on the outfit. Alex still can't believe I'm going as the witch that killed Sirius and Dobby. I'll be on the lookout for any women dressed as Molly Weasley!
Happy Halloween to you and yours, too.

thimscool said...

I plan to have a spooky little girl.

Morgan said...

You're going to need a very tiny costume for her, Luke. You think she'll be here by Halloween?

thimscool said...

Full moon is Friday...

laughingwolf said...

pagan instincts tell me you disturbed a few by your opening comment... well said! ;) lol

yeah, that getup looks cool on you, grats on it, and plans for wee ones, too

i'll remain in my wuff suit, as always :P muahahahahahahahaha

or is it: aroooooooooooooooooo ???

Andrea said...

That plaque is awesome.

And so are those ass-kicking boots. Looks like you're in for another really fun Halloween 8)

Morgan said...

I wouldn't put too high a hope on that full moon, Luke. I thought I could swear by it but carried five near-term babes right through them without so much as a spasm. I could be wrong, though, and how cool would it be to have a baby born on the full moon! I hope she comes soon, if nothing else so your bride can see her feet again before November. Please give her my best. As a Repeat Reproductive Offender, I feel her pain.

Wuff, I think all my Rabid Christian readers have flown the coop, which is sad because they were so much fun to play with. Oh, and the wolf suit is an excellent choice. But do try to avoid lost little girls in red capes, will you?

Andrea, the boots were an exceptional fine. With my ankle still being a bit dodgy, anything with stilletto heels was out of the question. These boots are lace-up, dead sexy and with a LOW heel, so I can run about casting killing curses on my Big Night.

Jana said...

One of my clients has a sign on his front door:
Come in peace, or leave in pieces!!
Love it love it love it, though I don't know what the plaque saying is from... still kinda cool.
I'm not a rabid Christian, just not into halloween anymore, though, used to be. Went as Aunt Jemima one year, that was a FUN time indeed.

Morgan said...

No points for your house then, Jana. It's from the Harry Potter series. It's the poem on Gringotts Bank.

laughingwolf said...

dang morg, if not for the ones in red capes, i'd starve... in all iterations of the term! :O lol

too bad they've flown, i quite enjoy setting them up, myself ;)

laughingwolf said...

dang! furgot to mention: great graphics!

Morgan said...

Well, Wuff, there are always the grandmothers. A bit stringy and chewy, but what can a wuff do when there are caped lasses to be had.
Glad you like the pics.

JohnR said...


We had a heated TrueChristian emergency meeting regarding Halloween and have issued the following resolution.

Be It Known by All TrueChristians:

Halloween is a secular holiday devoted to candy and costumes. Any religious significance whether pagan or not does not exist.

Dressing up as a Ghost, Serial Killer, or any other being that may be regarded as Undead or possibly Satanic has no meaning.

Be It Known That The Holiday Called Halloween Shall Henceforth And Forever Be Called Candy Day II.

The Holiday Known As Easter Shall Be Known As Candy Day I.

St. Patrick's Day Shall Be Known As Drink Green Beer And Vomit Day.

MLK, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day Shall Be Known As Corporate And Government Day Off Day.

Thanksgiving Shall Be Known As Eat Too Much, Try Not To Kill Family Members, And Watch Boring Football Games Day.

Christmas Shall Be Known As Christmas

Enjoy if you wish.

That is all.

Seriously, Morgan, all religious holidays lost any religious meaning in the post WWII secularizing of society.

Do what you want, most Christians could care less.

Although, I find it odd that Bane hates Halloween and yet he loves horror movies. Go figure. You don't suppose people can be contradictory do you.

Fudd forbid!!


laughingwolf said...

grannies are cool, too ;) lol

after all, the progression, as ye ken, is: maid, mother, crone :)

mitzibel said...

Love the costume. I haven't seen the latest movie---is that Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix? Oh man, between that and Alan Rickman, those movies are just making evil look way too hot.

The whole family is going as fairies this year. Not too imaginitive for Penny and myself, but Trey's costume is two-piece so his hairy gut can hang out, and he's going with a cigar stub and one of those beer hats.

Last week I had to go to a "Heaven and Hell" theme party (and I so prefer "Tarts and Vicars"), a great excuse to re-use my high school prom dress, which is covered in royal blue sequins. Add some horns and a tail, and I'm a song you hear on the oldies station! Yay!

Morgan said...

JohnB, you have perfect timing, don't you. It's been awhile; good to see you back.

I don't think most Christians have a particular problem with Halloween. It's the Not-So-Bright right-wingers, like the one you mentioned, who decries Halloween but puts up his pagan Christmas tree in between blogging about the latest horror flicks.

But it's the stupid ones that are so amusing, since they'll send their last dime to buy a WorldNutDaily DVD about the evils of Harry Potter without realizing that the Wing Nut money machine knows the best way to get a True Christian to open his wallet is to exploit his stupidity and paranoia. It's a sick little side show, but a highly amusing one, especially since Jesus did more magic tricks than Dumbledore.

Morgan said...

Mitzibel, The Order of the Phoenix is set for release on Nov. 12. You've got to get it as soon as it comes out. Rickman and Carter do indeed make evil look sexy. And Helena Bonham Carter is not just evil, but Crazy Evil, which is why I knew as soon as I saw her that I wanted to be her for Halloween.

Your fairy costumes sound awesome,especially Clay's. I had to work Larry quite hard to even get him to be Sirius Black. I could never get him to be a fairy. Kudos to your guy!

Tart and Vicars, huh? I'm jealous. We've nothing like that around these parts. :-)

mitzibel said...

Well, now that I'm home from surgery with a big fat bottle of Vicodin, I'm thinking about changing our plans--if I can find a hot-pink strapless minidress two sizes two small, I'll slap on my blonde wig, take my pills, and make Trey shave and go as Danny to my Anna Nicole. "Hey, sugarsweetums, is momma's boobie hangin out again? Can you just tuck that back in there for me, baby? That's my good boy, my best boy, I looooooove my Danny-boy soooo much . . . oh, Danny baby, come hold momma's hair back, she's gonna puke again." Good times, good times.

Morgan said...

That would be awesome, Mitzibel. Just make sure you take the whole bottle. And you might want to puke on your own vomit for realism.
Our friend Dan has a graveyard for Halloween on his lawn. The Anna Nicole grave has two bumps for the tits. Sweet.