Friday, October 19, 2007

Owl tattoo

So here it is, the lifetime ramification of my decision to get a tattoo.

And I don't regret it a bit. I've thought about it for so long and debated myself, worrying that getting inked would scream "Midlife crisis!" Then I stopped and asked myself when I ever based a decision on public opinion and the answer was "Never."

The tattoo artist, Phil, was awesome. We spent a lot of time talking while he worked adapting a photo I'd chosen into a piece of permanent body art. He's also interested in esoteric matters and the conversation was so lively and fun that the hour in the studio passed before I'd even realized it.

My oldest son, 20-year-old Wesley, went with me for moral support and it was so special having him there. And how cool is it for a guy to go with his mom when she gets her first tattoo?

Jessi had to work so Wes and I went to see her afterwards. She got her butterfly tattoo a couple of years ago and was supportive about my getting one. Wes wants to get one for his upcoming 21st birthday; he just needs to decide on a design.

The tattooing process did hurt a bit, but not as much as I'd expected. And Phil cut me a break on the price, I think, given all the detail he ended up putting into the work.

And I'm so proud. I've worked with birds of prey for over a dozen years, and have a passionate obsession with owls. I remember every one that's ever been in my care. There's something mystical and otherwordly about them - something magickal. I've been fortunate to have had numerous owls perched on my arm as I prepared them for their journey back to freedom.

Now I have one that will never leave.


Andrea said...

It's beautiful! It suits you perfectly and I love the location. Congrats.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Andrea! I looked for weeks for an owl design and then remembered I had this huge book of owl photos tucked away on my shelf. As soon as I saw the barn owl I said, "That's the one!"

Ice said...

OhhhhHhhhhHHhh, Very nice!~

You really do have a thing for Owls, huh?

My dad had a thing for Lions and Eagles... I know where the Eagle interest comes from, he used to(when alive) ride a Harley... so that explains that.

Nice job on the tatt!

I want another one on the back of my neck... a design, that I create... almost tear drop like from my hair line down the centre of my neck.

My other tatt is on my ass... left cheek, top... its a (triple X)xXx with flames. LOL!

I was a firey porn star when I was in my early 20's... although I haven't lost it!!!


Sorry its been so long since I ventured over!

Ya know, hectic life!

EBEZP said...

That's so good Morgan! Mine is up on mine too and Jules will be later, it's tattoo time!!

Morgan said...

Ice, my sister wants to get a lion tattoo. In her case, it's likely because she likes cats and is a Leo.
You're completely excused for not coming around for awhile. You've been through a lot and I'm just glad that you're back.

Ebezp, I was over at your blog and left a comment on your tattoo. I love it!

~d said...

There (is) a saying that
the only difference between a person with tattoos and one the person WITh tattoos doesn't CARE if you are tattooed or not.

Roland said...

wow! Now you have 3 hooters!
Was that inappropriate?

thimscool said...


laughingwolf said...

grats morg... that's AWESOME :)

Morgan said...

Haha, D. That's so true. My mother asked me last night, "So how long will it last?" I said, "Forever." I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Too funny.

Roland, I get a lot of hooters jokes as it is, what with my owls and my boobs. I guess this isn't going to make things any easier. ;-)

Thanks, Luke. And, oh, by the way? Got baby yet?

Laughingwolf, thanks! I got your emails this morning. I'll shoot you a response back later. Both were interesting.

laughingwolf said...

thought you may be intrigued ;)

thimscool said...

Not yet, thank God.

I'm in the last third of a big project that needs to get done before she's born.