Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm getting some. Tonight. My 20-year-old son, Wesley, is going with me for moral support.
To those who would like to guess what my new "image" will be - and where - have at it.
And no, this isn't an impulse decision. I've thought long and hard about it for over a year now and finally know what I want for my permanent brand.


Andrea said...

Kick-ass! Although I haven't the slightest what the design will be, I trust that it holds some meaning for you (?)
I'm jealous...I would like to get another one, but I'm not sure how to articulate what I'd like it to look like without sounding like a complete flake.

Are you getting it on your ankle?

Morgan said...

No. But it's somewhere just as - or more visible. I'd considered lower back, but the only one who would really see it would be Larry. I *might* eventually get one there if this one goes OK.
I have a photo the tattoo artist will use if I can't find the perfect tattoo design at the studio. If he has to use the photo, I won't be getting the ink until Saturday.
Here's a hint at the tattoo, though: It'll go nicely with my other two hooters.

Andrea said...

Then it must be a wise, handsome owl. I think that would look good on your shoulder.

Morgan said...

Yes, it's an owl, but it's going to be on the inside of my forearm just above my wrist. :-)

Andrea said...

Awesome, that's an even cooler spot. Have fun!

EBEZP said...

Wow I got my first one last week and I'm posting pic tomorrow, the designer of mine is getting hers done today and she's posting tomorrow too!!
Oh mine's on my arm and hers on her ankle
You are going to post a pic aren't you morgan - could be tat weekend in blogland!!

Oh an owl will look so good!
Mine is a wolf with wings!!

laughingwolf said...

too cool, morg :)

Jana said...
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