Thursday, September 20, 2007

My crush revealed

Oh the things one will do for money. I wrote so much porn yesterday that I dreamed of nothing but sex all night long.

Sometimes I can be such a little whore.

Just kidding. I'm not really a whore, unless you consider someone who writes erotica a whore. Clearly some of you do, and we've debated the point ad nauseum here with no one's opinion changing in the least. You're free to think I'm a whore and I'm free to think you're a sexually-repressed clown.

Now, but let's just say for a moment that I was a whore, specifically a cheating whore. If I were, I'd make a beeline to throw myself at this man's feet:

For those of you who don't know who this is, it's the actor Alan Rickman. You young things out there will know him best as Professor Snape:

I fell in love with this guy back when I first saw him in Die Hard and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. I can't say exactly what it is about him that I find so irresistible. Perhaps it's that he's tall and elegant, with hands that look like they could really please a woman. And that deep, silky voice...I get turned on just listening to him speak.

Damn. Hold on a minute. I'll be right back.....While I'm away, check out this video featuring Mr. Rickman.

OK I'm back. I had to get a glass of water. Geesh, what did you think I was doing? *grin* Anyway, about that video....I've watched it like twenty times and have never wanted to be another woman so badly in my life. Or a gas pump.

It pleases me a bit that Alan Rickman is twenty years my senior. I like a sexy older man, and with the age difference I can ogle him without feeling like a freakin' pedophile.

But ogling is what I'm stuck with, for alas. Mr. Rickman is in a committed relationship and even if he weren't he'd hardly be interested in a five foot tall porn writer from North Carolina. Not even one with a big rack and the capacity to be a total whore. Which I'm not.



laughingwolf said...

hmmm... he does absolutely NADA for me :P lol

SHE, on the other hand...

btw i'm not anything like he is, but AM 6'4" and older... 2 out of 100 don't cut it, i know hahahahaha

Morgan said...

You're 6'4"??
OH MY!! I love tall guys. I'm a big girl. I got big needs. ;-)
And older, too...mmmmm.

Morgan said...

Great. Now I do sound like whore.


laughingwolf said...

not at all, hon... sound like 'all woman', to me :)

Ice said...

I have a thing for older men too...(even though the dude I married was younger than I... Clearly I learned my lesson there!!!)
I dont know what it is... they have so much more charm... and more sex appeal.

I don't think you're a whore... I think writing, thinking, even acting out erotica is just a part of sexuality. I, myself have tried many things, probably most things...and I don't regret a single thing I have done sexually...

Sorry I have been so absent as of late... my life is a bit hairy right now, as you all well know... but I have started reading some books that are teaching me how to take it all in stride and actually ignore it and see myself out of it.


Thanks mom... and some good friends.

*(HugZ)* to Morgan :)

Ice said...


Morgan said...

Ice, taking things in stride is the best thing you can do. There's much to be said about the Zen approach. No matter how bad things are, they always work themselves out if you just give them a chance and go with the flow. Trying to control or stop change is a fool's errand. And being stressed never makes anything better. You'll think more rationally if you're calm and that will give you a distinct advantage.
If you ever need to talk, just drop me an email.
Oh, and I don't think I'm a whore. I was kidding about that. I am and have no problem being a very sexual woman. And no shame.

Andrea said...

Hmmm. I don't usually have a thing for older men but I just may need to revisit that position...umm, I mean rethink that opinion. Ahem.

tkkerouac said...

Hi, I notice you make thoughtful zen comments on ICE's blog,( Hi Ice,)
just wanted to see what your blog was like,
You write very well, Great blog!

As for Older men, When you are a younger woman, you fantasize about the older ones,
when you are older,
you like the men up to ten years younger
But I guess sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

Morgan said...

I dunno tkkerouac. I'm 42, and I think that qualifies as "older," although I don't generally feel or act my age. I've never been attracted to younger men, not even now. Of course, the selection of attractive men in the 50+ age range (older in my book) is slim, but Rickman quite fills the bill.

That's not to say there aren't some cute guys in their 20's and 30's. They just don't do as much for me as a knowledgeable older guy. Maybe it's because underneath my outgoing exterior I'm something of a closet submissive and trend towards men whom I consider more knowledgeable and worldy than I. Go figure.

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. It's fun to write what I want instead of what I'm paid to write. I've met a lot of cool people since blogging and since getting hooked on Ice's clever blog I'm meeting even more cool folks, including you. So ~*~WELCOME~*~

Morgan said...

LOL, Andrea!! However you get into position if it's Rickman you know it can't be bad.

thimscool said...


EBEZP said...

I'm following Ice and Tracey but Hi I'm an older man!!

Like your blog already, must come back and have a proper look!

Morgan said...

Welcome Ebezp! It's good to see your colorful avatar over here. I'll have to go check out your blog today as well!

Luke, it seems like you walked in to my blog today, looked around and thought, "What the hell is going on in here?" Sorry, temporary hormonal departure. I'll try to balance it out soon. :-) Still thinking of you, you being on Baby Countdown and all. Hope all is well.

laughingwolf said...

hiya icey, where do i know ye from ;) lol

if my granny, at 19, had not wed grampa, who was 51, i'd not be here now....

Morgan said...

Wuff, did Grandpa look anything like Alan Rickman?

laughingwolf said...

dunno, but he was tall... at 6', dad was 6'2", and dad's bro, 6'4"...

my own son is now a tad taller than i am, about 6'5"

but gramps had a big farm, was a self-taught healer [maybe shaman?], and jack of many trades... granny was his housekeeper, after his first wife died

Morgan said...
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Lord Omar said...

When I was a young player, I was in several May/December romances. Now that I am more mature middle age (44 next month), I tend to prefer ladies of a somewhat younger vintage. How do I prefer my men? Cleanly shaved, fit and liberal.
(current avatar notwithstanding)

Morgan said...

I think that's par for the course, Omar. A lot of guys get a bad rap for being attracted to younger women, but by the time most older men find themselves suddenly single, the women in their age group are often angry at men in general. I've seen this a lot in my friends, who wonder why they can't get a guy but don't realize that no matter how well they keep themselves up if they're angry and jaded they just aren't going to be as much fun as someone with a more youthful, optimistic personality. That's my theory, anyway.
I'm not discounting the fact that the hard, youthful bodies are also a draw, but I believe more than looks play into the equation and women who complain that older men are only after a firm set of tits are missing the mark.

thimscool said...


Change it!

Morgan said...

LOL, Luke. I'll make the hot Mr. Rickman go away later today.