Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broken but not dead

I'm interrupting my summer blogging hiatus to address thimcool's comment.

The Token Hippie is not dead, only broken. On July 4th I took a tumble off my horse - yes, my wonderful new horse - and broke my lower leg in two places. I did such a number on it that I had to have surgery and am really thankful that I did NOT get that ankle tattoo I'd started to get on my birthday at the end of June. It would have been ruined, not unlike my summer. When I said I needed a break this is not what I had in mind.

I'm trying to make the best of it, but it hasn't been easy. My orthopedic surgeon says it will be a year before I'm back to normal, which isn't surprising given that my X-ray looks like I have a Robot Leg, what with nine screws and an assortment of plates needed to put it back together.

Riding is - for the next nine months - out of the question so I'm thinking of switching to driving if I can find a suitable cart pony. My attempts to get around on crutches have been awkward. Those TV cripples make it look far easier than it is. The electronic wheelchair-scooter things they allow the downwardly mobile to use in grocery and department stores are a huge letdown. I'd always thought it might be fun to terrorize other shoppers by zipping around in one of those things; but the sad truth is they are very slow.

The family has been great. Larry has not complained once, despite having to double up on chores. Alex and John are super helpful in fetching me what I need and Lucas is careful to pick up any matchbox cars that might cause me to fall again. The older kids call and visit as often as they can, despite having their own busy lives and schedules.

So there's my update. Now back to my hiatus. :-)


thimscool said...

Aw gosh. I'm sorry.

I was just talking about this.

I wish you a speedy recovery. Glad to hear the family is adjusting, but I'd expect that. You on the other hand... are probably going crazy.

Morgan said...

I watched that special, or a very similar one, on the Discovery Channel. It was very interesting, especially the LSD stuff. There are certain parts of the Hippie culture I'm *glad* I missed.

Thanks for the good wishes, Luke. I am indeed going crazy. I hate, hate, hate being immobilized. I've tried thumping around the farm but it's not the same. I can do very little for myself since I can put absolutely NO weight on my right leg for the next ten weeks.

I'm coping by concentrating on the positive side of things, like the fact that it wasn't my neck or back that got broken. Eventually I will walk again; some folks aren't so lucky.

thimscool said...

It's good that many of your billable talents do not require ambulation.

Morgan said...

That's true. With my leg injured, I'm just broken. If my arm or hand was injured, I'd be broke. In retrospect, that would probably be worse. At least I can still work, and that's something to put in the "Thank God for small favors" file.

Andrea said...

Talk about your shitty luck. I've never broken anything, so you definitely have my sympathies. I wish you a very speedy recovery!

Jana said...

I'm so glad to read a new blog from you, though SO SORRY you're gimping around. Happy to know you didn't break a neck or a hand and end up unable to write or sew, at least you can work and be moderatly productive!! Thankfully hubby and kids are taking up the slack! Take a vacation, queen Morgan, you deserve it.
A client had ankle surgery and she had something like neat a high cushioned seat with 4 wheels, a high handlebar with brakes-like a scooter actually. She put her casted leg on the seat and 'scootered' around with it-better than crutches she said and no weight on the surgeried leg. GOOD LUCK!! And hopefully the horse isn't feeling too guilty about it.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Andrea. I hope I will have a speedy recovery. As it is, I won't be able to drive until sometime near the beginning of fall. That lack of independence is really difficult for me. I'm so used to just going and doing as I please.

Jana, didn't you break your foot last year? It seems like I remember reading about your being laid up for a while.
I'm trying to turn lemon into lemonade by telling myself I needed some time to rest and catch up on my reading and this has forced me to. My good friend April brought me a copy of the last Harry Potter book, which I finished in about three days. That was nice. I taught my nine-year-old how to play cards (Crazy Eights) and we spend a lot of time doing that. I pulled out my easel and started painting again. I'm in a creative mood, but not a sewing mood. And the laptop allows me to put my foot up and keep on working.

Poor Tristan seems rather down, having nothing to do but stand around. Since I won't be able to ride for a year, I've made the very painful decision to sell him. Yesterday a girl came out and rode him. He did beatifully for her. I don't know if he has the cash to pay my asking price, but having him go to someone who can further unlock his potential would take some of the sting out of parting with him.

Beth said...

Aw :( Miss your blogging. My dad told me that I looked like you this summer and I was all happy.

Morgan said...

Wow! If your Dad says we favor I need to give him a hug and a big THANKS!
Hope all is well with you and the baby! Hopefully I'll get back to blogging soon.

laughingwolf said...

wb... missed your return... actually had forgotten to check back to see if you had :)