Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broken but not dead

I'm interrupting my summer blogging hiatus to address thimcool's comment.

The Token Hippie is not dead, only broken. On July 4th I took a tumble off my horse - yes, my wonderful new horse - and broke my lower leg in two places. I did such a number on it that I had to have surgery and am really thankful that I did NOT get that ankle tattoo I'd started to get on my birthday at the end of June. It would have been ruined, not unlike my summer. When I said I needed a break this is not what I had in mind.

I'm trying to make the best of it, but it hasn't been easy. My orthopedic surgeon says it will be a year before I'm back to normal, which isn't surprising given that my X-ray looks like I have a Robot Leg, what with nine screws and an assortment of plates needed to put it back together.

Riding is - for the next nine months - out of the question so I'm thinking of switching to driving if I can find a suitable cart pony. My attempts to get around on crutches have been awkward. Those TV cripples make it look far easier than it is. The electronic wheelchair-scooter things they allow the downwardly mobile to use in grocery and department stores are a huge letdown. I'd always thought it might be fun to terrorize other shoppers by zipping around in one of those things; but the sad truth is they are very slow.

The family has been great. Larry has not complained once, despite having to double up on chores. Alex and John are super helpful in fetching me what I need and Lucas is careful to pick up any matchbox cars that might cause me to fall again. The older kids call and visit as often as they can, despite having their own busy lives and schedules.

So there's my update. Now back to my hiatus. :-)