Monday, May 07, 2007

Just stuff

There's too much going on to provide details. Just suffice it to say I've been busy.

Family drama abounds. My oldest son suffered his first heartbreak, necessitating a midnight trip to be with him during his darkest hour. A video game buff, he now compares the experience to "leveling up" and while a reconciliation may be in the works, he's emerged from the experience tougher and, hopefully, smarter.

My oldest daughter is moving into an apartment complex that - if I had to live in an apartment complex - I would choose for myself. She's got two roommates - well, five if you count the cats - and I approve of them all.

I've been writing my fingers to the bone lately and am intrigued by a job offer by a local Government Entity that wants to possibly enlist my services as their PR person. They approached me out of the blue, and I'm not even going to venture a guess as to what they have in mind - or whether they can afford me - until I meet with the head honcho Wednesday. If it's press releases and photos he wants, and he can match what the paper pays me for hammering out such things, then I'll consider it a nice little sideline income generator. But if he's looking for a spear-catcher to spin the department's shortcomings to the media, I'll politely decline no matter how much he offers me. As a working journalist I've had enough experience dealing with lying, weaselly flacks to know I never, ever want to be one.

The farmers markets are going well, but are generating plenty of work to fill up what used to be my downtime. So when I'm not writing, I'm potting plants or designing signs and fliers for our booth. I do enjoy market days, however. If nothing else, farmers markets are great places to people-watch. And animal watch, too, since everyone brings their dogs. On Saturday, a kid walked by our booth dressed as a ghost. No particular reason, apparently. According to his father, the kid just likes ghosts and wants to be one. His outfit garnered lots of stares, but the most intense came from a boxer which glared so seriously at the child I worried he might jump on the boy and give him his wish. Anyway, it made for a good picture. I suggest enlarging it for full effect.

The only escape I'm finding from work is with the horses. Alex and I still work the ponies daily and several times a week I head to the stables to help train our new pony, Tristan. He's coming along so well and is just stunning under saddle. I took this picture of him Friday and every time I look at it I'm reminded of why I wanted a Haflinger. He's quite possibly the most beautiful animal I've ever seen:


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a full plate lately. It's good to have an update.
I love the new horse picture. You need to frame that one.
God Bless You

Morgan said...

Thanks! Things are only getting busier.

Jana said...

What a beauty, he looks like he's running even when he's standing still!
Good luck with the farmers market, wish I was there, ours start soon, but only a couple organic growers, and their stuff isn't rolling till mid June.

Morgan said...

He actually was running when I took the picture. I have a great stop-action feature on my digital. I focused on him as he was cantering around the pen, got a body shot and cropped the picture.
And yes, he is a beauty.
You must have a shorter growing season than we do. Ours is in full swing now. I really enjoy it.

laughingwolf said...

boxers [the dogs] are not a breed i'd own, so glad you looked out for the wee ghostie ;)

as for the pr job, yeah, it could include a load of bs... i did that with 3m canada, eons ago

tristan IS a lovely fellow... since i was born in the year of, always had great affinity with em :)

steve said...

I've had enough experience dealing with lying, weaselly flacks to know I never, ever want to be one.

But Morgan. You ARE a lying, weaselly flack. Didn't you realize that? Have all your adventures taught you nothing?