Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New home, new name

Sorry again for the posting lag, especially given how willing everyone has been to help me name our new pony. But it took me a couple of days to recover from the 300 mile round trip to pick him up and get him down to the stable.

I'm pleased to report that it went remarkably well. For a horse who hasn't been worked much, he loaded up and rode the 150 miles to the equestrian center like a champ. And through the whole ordeal, which included the kids literally hugging and hanging on him, he was incredibly patient. Not once did he pin his ears back or show any reaction other than alert curiosity. We were especially impressed by how quickly he bonded with John, whose autism often makes him remote and detatched. Horses are among his favorite animals, and he spent a lot of time petting our new guy, and even though his attempts were clumsy at times, the pony didn't seem to mind. Even Larry, who isn't really a horse person, was impressed with this one. The trainer is, too. She called me the next morning to say that she'd never seen a horse so mellow after coming to a new place. The verdict is unanimous; he's a real gentleman and we've high hopes for his training.

Per the name suggestions, you guys came up with some, well, interesting ones. To Ayman -while "Jihad Warrior" is unique, I don't think the military-supporting, conservativestable owner would have taken kindly to having a horse with that name housed in his barn. Luke's suggestion of "Bombshell," while appropriate since Haflingers have been called the Blonde Bombshells of the horse world, might have been similarly sensitive. Big Gay Al? Ditto. I don't think gay horses are allowed in the barn, either. Elan was a beautiful suggestion, Crowdcat, but my husband thought people would think we were saying Ellen, regardless of how we pronounced it. Mitzibel's suggestion of Elmer (like in the glue) is one we might consider if he goes against our expectations and doesn't want to be trained. I appreciated Suspect's suggestion of Shadowfax, except for the "fax" part. Of course, there were no fax machines when Tolkein was writing LOTR, so he couldn't have known that later the name of Gandalf's horse would make one think of office equipment. We came really close to using Margaret's suggestion of Merlin, but for some reason he didn't look like a Merlin. Lord Omar would have made a fine name, but alas, the horse just isn't pretty enough. ;-)

We knew we wanted something from legend or history, so almost all the way home we bandied names about. It was Alex who came up with the winning suggestion based on our earlier study of a pre-Arthurian legend made into a recent movie. I'll leave it up to you to guess which story it is, but in the meantime, here is our decision:

His name is Tristan.


Anonymous said...

I'm still fond of Merlin but Tristan is a lovely name. I'm glad you got him back safely. Please keep us updated on his progress!
God Bless You

mitzibel said...

Tristan is fabulous. Keep him away from the married ladies, though ;)

CJ said...

Yeah, I guess he kind of looks like a Tristan. But I still think telling people his name was Big Gay Al would have been a good conversation starter.

Morgan said...

Ah-ha! I think Mitzibel has guessed the story where Tristan got his name. Maybe I should change my mare's name to Isolde? ;-)

CJ, I think the conversations might begin with, "Who the hell would name a horse 'Big Gay Al!'"

Margaret, I'm glad you like Tristan's name and hope you can take comfort in knowing your choice was a close second.

Jana said...

Well - if I'd have been here instead of whining and pouting over this big ugly stupid couch I'd have suggested Stormy.. but since he's mellow, then that wouldn't have worked. He reminds me of Misty's foal from a long ago book I read.
Hope he's doing well and that he and John are getting along great. I don't know what's wrong with Ajax, and wonder if he'll take to a change in name, after all, people don't respond to a change in name... name given at birth is the name you keep - unless you're named Throckmorton VonStrudelmocker the 3rd, then I'd change it. =-)

Jana said...

Oh - I LIKE you're new picture too you look very fancy up on the horse. Bet Lord Omar misses the pic of you in your buxom lady dress.

Morgan said...

Horses adapt well to name change. Ajax will still be his "official" name since it's his registered name, but I don't care for it since it reminds me of a scouring powder sold under the same name. So his call name is now Tristan.

The horse I'm on in my new avatar isn't Tristan. It's my mare, Guinevere. I trained her myself and she's just lovely.

John loves all the horses. He rides Guinevere but she's shorter and lighter than Tristan and he'll be a better horse for such a big guy.
I kind of miss my buxom avatar, too, but was in the mood for something else. I don't think Omar holds the change against me, although CJ threatened to stop visiting if I didn't promise to don something push-up and post another pic of myself in it in the future. Hmmm. Maybe I'll dress up as a wench on horseback? ;-)

CJ said...

I live for the day you put on you post that picture of yourself horseback riding in that wench getup. Better yet, how about a video? And try to get the horse to trot, will you?

laughingwolf said...

good choice of name, and reasons for not going with those offered... :)