Monday, March 05, 2007

It's not easy being green, so how about...

Roland doesn't miss a trick:
"Is it me, or did the colors change?"

Thimscool then observes:
"Holy cow! Flash back! Somebody get my camera, I see an aquatic ape!"

So last night I took some sage advice and switched to Mozilla Firefox, which interfaces much better with Blogger and allows me more creative control. So I started playing with templates. I put this one up because I thought it looked "earthy" but I take it that Thimscool and Roland might think it looks more like puke.

Please, guys, advise me. I do enough to piss you off without hurting your eyes in the process. ;-)
If this sucks, let me know and I'll try some other templates on for size.

You may also note that I lost my links when I switched templates those of you I lined to like (Roland, Omar, Sammyray,Andrea, etc.) will be reinstated ASAP.


thimscool said...

It's not bad for what it is but since your blog often employs quality photography, I would advise going with either a black background, or an off-white background (preferably the latter).

Go back and look at some of your Octavia photos and you'll see what I mean.

Morgan said...

Ewwww. You're right. Let me switch to one of the black and white ones.

Morgan said...

I dunno. I'm thinking this is too Darth Vader, which is sometimes appropriate given that I'm planning to blow up the world. And i have a ki named Luke.

Morgan said...

That was "kid" named Luke.

Morgan said...

Back to square one. Blogger clearly needs more templates. The black one was just depressing and the orange one was gross. There are some you can buy and download but I'm not about to start putting money into this blog. My time's enough.

Roland said...

I'm color blind. I fail 14 out of 16 of those little stinking dot cards. But, I am touched that you value my readership enough (insults notwithstanding) :) that you would ask.
I am so glad that I need to wear black pants at work. No problems there.

Morgan said...

Roland, I'm one of those rare people who can be completely at odds with someone and still not take the disagreement personally.
I lost my links and will have to put them back up. Later, I'll laugh about it but right now I'm really irritated with myself for tinkering with my blog.