Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dropping in...

"Ma'am, I'm here about your rat problem...."

Sorry for the slack posting. A picture of one of my most obnoxious patients ever and a caption is the best you're going to get. Spring is sprung and outdoor projects abound. On the list are new enclosures for the raptors and upgrades to the kennels and stables while the price of lumber is still at pre-hurricane season rates.

Alex and I have resumed riding now that the weather has warmed up and that's taking up quite a bit of time. The ponies, spoiled and lazy from a long wet winter of doing nothing, didn't take it well at first but are coming around. The farmer's market is about to begin and we're busy preparing for that, too. In short, there's too much we want and need to do outside to spend that time in front of the computer, unless I'm getting paid for what I write.

So posting will be spotting and most likely consist of photographs and the random thought here and there as the mood strikes me. But unless a rainstorm traps me inside please don't expect too much. And don't think it's because I don't love you all, because I do. It's just that life is too short to spend so much time in front of the computer when there are better things to do.




Andrea said...

Warm weather, huh? It's still very cold and wet here in Seattle and it's pissing me off. So I am quite jealous, Morgan!

Looove farmers' markets!

Have fun out there:)

Anonymous said...

That is a fierce looking bird! I don't think I would want to get too near him.
Please don't make your posts too terribly few and far between. The Token Hippie is required reading for some of us. Good luck with your projects!
God Bless You,

thimscool said...

Ha! Nice response.

I wonder what the evolutionary value is of those agressively yellow irises...

Morgan said...

I've wondered about that, Luke, because two of our other native owls - the barn and the barred - have black eyes. The great horned and the screech have the yellow eyes. I think it makes them look catlike and it seems to me that they'd stand out like a flag. They remind me of big, angry tabby cats. This one was particularly aggressive and I think I was as glad to see her go free as she was. Apparently she's a good hunter. The pellet she coughed up was full of rabbit fur.

thimscool said...

If you haven't read it, I would heartily endorse the book "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen. It is one of Atticus and my favorites.

I'm sure they have a copy at the library.

Your second photo reminded me of one of the illustrations.

Man... I wish I could be a bird for a day.

Morgan said...

"When you go owling
you don't need words
or warm
or anything but hope.
That's what Pa says.
The kind of hope
that flies
on silent wings
under a shining
Owl Moon."

You are so cool, Luke. The kids and I have memorized that book. I think my favorite illustration is the one of the little girl's expression of wonder as the owl lands on a branch above her. The picture really capture the fascination little ones have with owls. I think it's the fact that the owls' eyes are in the front, like ours, so they seem human in their expressions.

The first owl I saw in the wild was a great horned; there was a pair in a tree beside a bridge near my house. I just sat and watched them for the longest time.

I think my love for owls is genetic. My grandmother adored them and her living room was filled with owl figurines, pictures..she even had an owl clock. My mother has said so many times that she wishes Grandma Mamie had lived to see the owls I've worked with. I know she would have loved them.

You know, it's funny but for all my work with birds I've never had a flying dream. I think it would be cool to be a bird for a day. I think it would open our eyes to how beautiful - and frightening - their lives probably are.

Roland said...

Owls are cool. Enjoy your other projects, Morgan.
Flying dreams are better than falling dreams.

Beth said...

Morgan! I had my baby! :)

Morgan said...

Roland, I've never had a falling dream either, thank goodness. I have had dreams about being chased, which were very scary. And dreams about car crashes and tornadoes. My really good dreams are always about sex. Go figure.