Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dragon Flies

Not being a shopper, I rarely take time to endorse box store merchandise. If I do you know it's because I'm impressed, which I am by our $10 Costco kite.

Larry bought it on Friday, and after one look at it I was sure something both affordable and beautifully detailed would break on its maiden flight and I'd end up spending a breezy afternoon trying to cheer up disappointed children. But I'm pleased to announce that not only did this kite fly beautifully, but survived about a dozen crash landing and an encounter with a Kite-Eating-Tree with nary a rip.

The day was gusty, with breezes blowing between 10 and 15 mph. When the wind stopped suddenly, as it did several times, the kite came plummeting to the ground. Alex designated herself Dragon Fetcher. Each time "Norbert" (the reference won't be lost on Harry Potter fans) crashed, she ran over, picked him up and patiently waited until Larry adjusted the line in preparation for the next release.

Lucas was enamored and couldn't wait for his turn to fly the dragon, which was quite a feat for such a small boy.

John wasn't all that impressed with the kite, or maybe it was the wind he didn't like; after a few minutes of watching he decided to walk back to the house.

But he was more impressed than our two ponies, Guin and Lyric, who made a dramatic display of running from the kite when it flew overhead.


Anonymous said...

Kites and ponies?? I know where I want to spend my second childhood if I ever decide to go through one.
God Bless You,

thimscool said...

Atticus has the same kite. It's pretty nice, but definitely requires a strong wind to stay in the air.

Did you catch the lunar eclipse the other night?

Morgan said...

You definitely couldn't fly it on anything but a breezy day. Costco also had a pteradactyl, shark and bi-plane kite. Lucas really liked the bi-plane kite but I think one kite's enough for now. When he's not in flight, Norbert hangs from the ceiling in the playroom.

Can you believe I missed the eclipse? I'm so ashamed, because I hear it was impressive and just the night before Alex and I were out looking at the constellations.

Morgan said...


I had ponies growing up and told myself when I became a parent my kids would have ponies, provided I could afford it. Ours are easy keepers and live a life of equine leisure.

Roland said...

We have a dragon kite as well.
Although I admit, that with over a foot of snow on the ground, I'll wait to fly it.
I missed the eclipse too, but I need my beauty sleep. (even more than most people) :)

Morgan said...

It might be kind of hard to run around pulling a kite through all that snow. Not that I would know here on the warm coast. We never get snow unless it's via some freak system. I am jealous.

JohnR said...

The eclipse was not very visible here in the US. It started about 3:30 pm CST and ended about 7:30 pm. By moon rise, 5:30 pm, the eclipse was about 75% completed. We saw the last hour of it. The eclipse was almost over.

Oh, and we got the jet fighter kite about 3 years ago. The company even replaced the reel for free after it broke.

CJ said...

Our Costco doesn't carry the kites, at least not yet. There's a kite store nearby but the $24 kite I got from them last year ripped on its second flight. I may have to try Wal-Mart.

Morgan said...

JohnR, I feel a little better knowing I didn't miss the full glory of the eclipse. My favorite events are the meteor showers. There was one a few years ago that took place in February. We got the kids up and bundled them in coats and blankets, pulled the lawn chairs out and sat in the yard with mugs of hot chocolate. We live in the country so absent light pollution we were treated to a truly amazing display.

CJ, Not all Costco stores carry the same merchandise.. If you really want one of the kites, though, let me know and I can get one and mail it to you.

Suspect said...

We have impromptu contests here to cut each other's kite strings off, using specially made string that's coated with ground glass.

Yea, even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I am the baddest motherfucker in the valley.

Morgan said...

"Yea, even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I am the baddest motherfucker in the valley."

Verily, I do not doubt this. I shalt not flyeth kites with thee. For yea, I fear thee.

thimscool said...

I saw one of those battles when I was in Karachi, Suspect.

Awesome. So much cooler than video games.

I also witnesses a pigeon battle.

Morgan said...

They had something on NPR about the kite battles. It was very cool. I'd love to see one.
But a pigeon battle...

thimscool said...

Well, the pigeons don't actually fight very much...

There are these guys that train pigeons to fly around the sky to where they point, like a conductor.

They can race them, or have a battle, in which two troops vie for control of a certain airspace. Some of the pigeons actually suffer injuries, and I suppose there are occasional deaths (I didn't witness that). It is more like a scrimmage than a battle though.

Pretty impressive, their control of these birds.

Morgan said...

That does sound interesting, kind of like an avian dogfight. Stupid me; I had an image of pigeons on a sidewalk engaged in a pecking battle to the death.
Speaking of battles, I'm taking Larry to see 300 tonight. I can hardly wait!