Friday, February 16, 2007

Like father like son

So last night Lucas decided it might be fun to try and climb on top of my sewing studio counter top. His dad happened upon his little adventure too late; the footstool Lucas was using slipped out from under him and the result was a gash above our young son's eye.

Now, I'm no stranger to blood and gore. I've played midwife to dogs and livestock and doctored up wildlife who came in with compound fractures and exposed organs. But the sight of my little boy being toted into the kitchen with a stream of blood streaming down his face was something else entirely. Larry set a howling Lucas in a chair and pressed some paper towels to his bleeding brow. "Hold this," he said. "I'll get a washcloth."

That's when everything started going black. By the time Larry came back in I was sitting on the floor. Seeing how pale I was, instructed me to lay down.

I really didn't have a choice. Everything was spinning, no matter how hard I tried to level them out. I felt sick. Then I got sick and it wasn't until Larry had slowed Lucas' bleeding that I was able to go back over and assess the wound.
I felt like such a wimp, but any embarrassment was replaced by relief when I realized that the gash wasn't as deep as first thought. A good cleaning and some butterfly bandages stopped the bleeding and today Lucas is actually proud of his new "boo-boo," which will likely leave a faint scar.

His father has a number of interesting scars. The latest one is a zig-zag mark on his forehead just above his right eye, earned in December when a four-inch piece of pipe popped up and hit him. It still hurts sometimes, and when it does we always ask him if Lord Voldemort is near. Almost three months later, the joke hasn't gotten old. To us.

Larry also has several scars on his hands. One came during a mishap installing a fence several years ago. But the most impressive one was the infamous Lizard Attack scar, earned when a 4-foot Crocodile Monitor mistook his hand for a mouse and ripped through several fingers. It was so ghastly that the nurses in the ER queued up for a look. My husband. The one-man-freak-show.

I only have one scar, a small one on the base of my wrist that came courtesy of Ranger, the first hawk I ever handled. In my naivete, I was worried about being bitten but quickly learned the danger of raptors is not the beak but the claws. Ranger, a huge red-tailed hawk that ended up living with me for a decade, managed to grab my wrist and sink right in. And there was nothing I could do but wait for her to decide I wasn't a threat and release me. When she did, she left a permanent reminder to always wear gloves, even if the raptor seems weak.
Jessica, John and Alex are scar-free. Wesley has a faint scar on his face that Jessica gave him years ago when she scratched him - quite accidentally - when they were playing. Wes was about three at the time and the scar, which started out under his eye, migrated down his face as he grew into manhood.

Who knows what scars are in our kids' future. Hopefully not too many. But for now, Lucas seems pretty proud of his first one. He's practically swaggering this morning, and quite proud to have a story to tell.


thimscool said...

I have a good scar in the same spot as your son.

When I was about his age (maybe a bit younger), I apparently smacked my head on the corner of our dining room table, and was forced to get seven stitches in my left eyebrow.

Several years later, I fell down at the ice rink. A boy who was trying to impress my sister decided that my fall was a great opportunity, and he decided to spray me with ice from his hockey skates (by stopping right in front of my face). He slipped, and his skate cut open the old wound, resulting in seven more stitches. It definitely made an impression on my sister.

Morgan said...

Please tell me your sister didn't go on to marry him...

I'm beginning to think that above-the-eye scars are especially common in boys. A couple of my friends have kids with scars in similar places.

Today, when I mentioned to Wes that I had blogged about the scar his sister gave him, he asked me, "By the way, Mom, I also have a scar under my nose. Where did I get that?"

Disturbingly enough, I could not remember. Bad mom. Bad mom....

Anonymous said...

Oh he is so cute and so much lovely hair! I am so glad that he didn't have to have stitches. Hospital visits are so scary for children and this time of year with so much flu they can be risky.
I'm glad your little angel is feeling better.
God Bless You,

thimscool said...

It's true... he's about as cute as can be. Look at theose cheeks! He wouldn't survive a visit from my Aunt Pauly.

Roland said...

There is a story behind every scar.
The scar just helps us to remember better.
I wonder if Lucas will remember mommy blacking out? ;)
It's funny that after the fact we usually find out it wasn't as bad as we first feared.
May Lucas carry his badge of honor for years to come.

mitzibel said...

Damn, your son is GORGEOUS. Scars rock; I'm personally pissed off when I go through an injury or other trauma without a scar to show for it. My favorite, besides the knife-stab in the thigh, is a nice one on my forehead from the first time I shot a .45, at 11 or 12 or so. I hit the can, the hammer gashed my head open, and we managed to get around the side of the house in time to make my mom believe I was running and fell on a rock.

And I can totally empathize with your reaction. When Penny hurts herself and I'm the only one around, I might as well be Dr.-freaking-Quinn, but if her daddy's there to take care of the bloody emergency, I turn into a quivering naseous mess.

JohnR said...

Morgan: When someone in our family got hurt, Mom was Teutonic in her response.

No emotion, no tears, just got the kid to the hospital.

As soon as they told her she could go, she would hit the floor and have to have medical attention.

Funny actually.

Morgan said...

Margaret, Lucas is certainly feeling better, especially since his dad got him yet another toy train tonight to take his mind off the already-forgotten-boo-boo. It's actually half the size it was yesterday.

Thimscool, Lucas does have quite the set of chipmunk cheeks and - fortunately - still doesn't mind getting lots of kisses. We don't have any pinchers in our family. I seem to recall from the pictures that Atticus had quite the pinchable mug himself. Is Aunt Pauly still around? And if so, does Atticus run from her?

Roland, I hope Lucas doesn't remember my blacking out on him.

To John R, I'm going to have to try and adopt your mother's tact and fall apart after the blood has been mopped up.

Mitzibel, I have to believe if Larry hadn't been here I would have handled it better out of necessity. At least I hope so. As for scars, after hearing about yours my hawk scar is seeming a bit puny right now. I'm going to have to find some real creative way to get hurt now. ;-) Perhaps a guest spot on Jackass is in order.

mitzibel said...

Aw, hell no, a hawk scar is the bomb! I'll have to keep that in mind for my next mundane scar--I'm not above lying to people by saying that my liver biopsy scar is from getting shanked in the ribs with a sharpened knitting needle. In the pen.

And if you go on Jackass, for G-d's sake don't drink after Steve-o. And bring bleach.

Morgan said...

Mitzibel, I shall have to adopt your scar-tale embellishing tact. Let's see. It wasn't just any hawk that gave me this scar on my wrist. It was a robotic hawk. With sharpened knitting needles for talons. Yeeeaaah...that's the ticket! ;-)

You know, I had resisted watching Jackass but rented Jackass II last weekend when Wesley and Courtney were here. I watched the whole thing and kept repeating, "WTF?" I'm all for the edgy practical joke or dare, but letting someone brand your ass with a branding iron? Locking people in a limo with angry bees and having marbles waiting on the pavement when you let them out? Taking a swig of horse.... Oh god, I can't even recall that one without feeling like I'm going to vomit in my mouth.
I felt like so less of a freak after watching that movie. I still can't believe Steve Irwin's dead and Steve-O is alive. If there is a god he's got one weird sense of humor.

Suspect said...

I have a scar right there too. It seems to be a very common place for small boys to get hit.

mitzibel said...

Oh, dear, you should have eased yourself in with the first one---even the fuddy-duddiest of old folks can't keep themselves from chortling during the "let's rent a car, refuse the insurance, install some rollbars, drive it in a demo derby, and then try to return it and say we hit a dog" prank.

Morgan said...

I can clearly see that I'm going to have to start taping any reruns. Wesley said Jackass I is even funnier.
I have to say the Anaconda ball pit and Torro-totter stunts had me in stitches. Maybe there's something to the rumor that if you actually *try* and get yourself killed you are somehow impervious to harm.
And I was practically in tears over the prank they pulled where they dressed the guy as a terrorist and hailed a cab to take him to the airport, only telling him after a disastorous trip that they'd fashioned his "beard" from their own pubic and ass hair.
The stunts I couldn't tolerate where the fart/shit ones. You pretty much have to have some arrested mental development going to laugh about the fart mask prank.

sammyray said...

Adorable kid ... just like his momma :)

Morgan said...

Geesh. Now you've gone and made me blush, Sammyray. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Morgan: like father like son reminds me of Vox Day and his fugitive father Robert Beale. it has been some time since the elder Beale became a fugitive. i was wondering if you might have heard if he has been apprehended or not?