Wednesday, February 14, 2007 ya' think?

Yeah, this pretty much sums it up.


thimscool said...

Hmmm. I came here to wish you a happy Valentines Day, Morgan...

It seems like maybe you're in a different mood, tho!

Morgan said...

I'm still accepting Valentine's wishes, you big silly. I just wanted to post something to balance the Annual Commercial Romance Prompt that Feb. 14th has become.
Not to say Larry and I didn't fall prey to tradition. We exchanged sentimental gifts and the younger kids each got candy and a little stuffed animal.
So consider your Valentine's wishes warmly, blushingly accepted and reciprocated with heartfelt sincerity.
And the picture on my blog -- consider that my Valentine's Day card to the Right Wing. ;-)

sammyray said...

LOL That's a strange way to ring in Valentine's Day :)

I just posted a movie on my blog ... you might want to watch it, considering your mood. It makes me very upset, and I think it should be required viewing for all Americans.

Love you Morg!!!

Roland said...

Nice pic.
Does this mean it's true love?

Morgan said...

Love, Roland? I don't thing G.W. has it in him.
Sammyray, I watched that movie from your blog last night and was spellbound. I did not know the Fed was a private bank? That documentary has completely changed my way of thinking.
Love you back, Sammyray!

JohnR said...

Morgan: I would feel worse if Bush was the first to do this, but he is just another of a long line of politicians who have been doing this for more than a century, including members of Congress.

The consolidation of federal power has been going on since the Civil War.

Let's not pretend different.

Oh, and Happy Hallmark Day!!

Morgan said...

Oh, JohnR, I completely agree. Perhaps some cover art of every politician since the founding fathers feeding on Lady Liberty is in order.
But for my lifetime, I have to say George W is one of the worst. It would be nice to have a leader who would at least try to rein in the Feds a little, rather than enabling them at ever turn as GW has done.
And a belated Happy Hallmark day to you as well. :-)

JohnR said...

Maybe a better picture would have been a gang-rape.

Morgan said...

Sadly, JohnR, that may be a better analogy.
Oh, and by the way. If you check out Sammyray's comment above you might want to visit his blog and view From Freedom to Facism. He has the whole documentary posted there and it's really chilling. The Vox crowd would really enjoy it although I'm sure they all know about it by now.