Sunday, February 25, 2007

Baby, oh baby!

My beloved blog-pal, the lovely Andrea of Andrea After Hours has just welcomed a new baby boy, Joel!

Please join me in congratulating her and wishing her well at her blog, which has been updated with some photographs of just the cutest little baby ever, as well as quite an amazing birth story.

Best wishes Andrea, you sweet little mama! From my family to yours, we love you and are so happy for you and your husband. Two little boys! How sweet!


Andrea said...

This was so nice of you - thanks!! Glad to report that I still feel fine. Those spinal headaches...holy hell. I would not wish those on my worst enemy.

My blog comments have been turned off for a while, just in case anyone wanders over and wonders what's up.

Baby Joel is doing well, just being a sweet little baby. Speaking of, he's calling for his mom:)

Thanks again, Morgan. I'll try to write back soon.

Morgan said...

I never had an epidural with any of mine kids and am kind of glad I never did after reading what you went through. On the other hand, I was really lucky to have *fast* deliveries of my kids. I may have felt very differently if my pushing phases had been longer.

I'm glad little Joel is doing well. How does your older son like being a big brother?

Let me know if you need anything! :-)

thimscool said...

Congratulations, Andrea, and family.

Rest now... you're gonna need it!

Morgan said...

"Rest now... you're gonna need it!"

Andrea can forget about rest. She'll be able to rest again in about 18 years. Of course, then her kids will be like mine and bring home their laundry, but then at least he'll be able to rest between loads!

Erik said...

He sure is a cutie!

Congrats Andrea!

mitzibel said...

Good job, sugar. He's gorgeous.

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone. I think he's stunning too, of course:) Although he seemed less cute when he was wide awake at 4 this morning.

Morgan, our 5-year old loves his baby brother to pieces, and he watches him like a hawk. He's been busying himself with drawing pictures of his new family....I really have to scan and post the one of his rendering of Joel being nursed :D

Morgan said...

I used to get a kick out of how Jessica and Wesley - who were four and five at the time - used to both sit and "nurse" their baby dolls as I sat and nursed their little brother John-John. When Lucas came along, Alex used to do the same thing and even got me to fashion a sling so she could "wear" her dollies the way I wore Lucas.
Having a baby is fun, but the second one carries the additional joy of making your existing child a big brother or sister.
I bet that picture your older son drew is so cute!