Saturday, November 11, 2006

Notes from the road

I had intended to post yesterday, but as is often the case with trips that combine visiting relatives with family outings, the fantasy of kicking back and relaxing is just that - a fantasy.

Even so, we're till having a great time. We went to the aquarium last night, taking advantage of an off-seaon special that got us all in for eight bucks apiece. The downside was the low light in some of the exhibits that made my photographs come out a bit below my high standards. But some did come out OK, so here are are some shot from our visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

The dolphin show was spectacular. I've seen it several times and the quality of the show depends on the enthusiasm of the dolphins. They were very enthusiastic last night. John enjoyed the show most of all, I think.

There's a new frog exhibit at the aquarium. It's really nice. Below is a type of poison arrow from called a Tinctorius, and a tomato frog.

Many people think that even in captivity poison arrow frogs are dangerous, but because they get their toxins from the ants they eat in the wild, the ones born in captivity are perfectly harmless.

I have other photos of fish and of the amazing, amazing giant fruit bat we saw in the Australian exhibit. I'll try to post them later, but for now have some other things to do.


Erik said...

Why is it called a tomato frog?
And is it tom-ay-toe or tom-ah-toe?

Morgan said...

You say tom-ay-toe, I say tom-ah-toe. Let's call the whole thing off.