Sunday, November 12, 2006

More trip pics

These eyelash vipers are among my favorite snakes. There were some really nice one in the frog exhibit.

This fish did not look at all happy, despite his nice surroundings. I guess he just has one of those faces.

The Australian exhibit was the firt place we visited at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I kid you not, I could have walked out after seeing these giant flying foxes and still have felt like I'd gotten my money's worth. Ever so often they'd take off and fly around the place. With their 4-foot wingspan they are jut amazing.

I got this shot of this somersaulting dolphin just as it landed in the water.

Here's another frog from the frog exhibit.


Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

What's new in Baltimore?

Besides one of the best ocean fronts and Aquariums in the nation...

Havent been there in over a decade, but I too have family nearby.

I feel a roadtrip comming on

thimscool said...

Are y'all gonna hit the Smithsonian on your way back?

Erik said...

I bet this frog is called the "bruised banana frog" (o=

That Cleaning Lady said...

We have a campground up the Entiat river from us called Fox Creek, and guess why? Well, because there are flying foxes up there!! They are amazing to watch fly around! Thanks for the pics, I've never been to Baltimore, that looks like a great animal park.

Morgan said...

Very cool, TCL. :-)