Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Irrational decisions

Octavia's death must have affected me more profoundly than I realized. This morning I downloaded a Justin Timberlake song. Justin Timberlake. I hate Justin Timberlake! But now his song Sexyback is on my iPod and I can't stop singing it.

God, what if someone I respect gets ahold of my iPod? How will I be able to explain having a Justin Timberlake song on there? I guess I'll just have to tell them I was going through a period of intense grief over the death of a spider and briefly lost my mind.

Until I get over the loss of my pet spider I'm clearly going to have to refrain from making any major decisions.

In the meantime, please note that I have added links to the complete Octavia Files to my blog. To latecomers who want to read about her from start to finish, you'll find the links at the bottom left of the page.


Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Don’t sweat it Morgan
I’m no Justin Timberlake fan myself
But I would NEVER judge you for that
Or for anything on your Ipod for that matter

If there is solace there for you than that is what matters
Who cares what people think?
You might be underestimating your friends
The worst they can do is tease you and I get the feeling that would be dangerous on their part
You being the writer and all.

As for me, I would see you find comfort
Wherever you need to find it
And I rejoice that something so simple can help you through a time of grief
Do not be surprised or dismayed at your reaction to this loss

Octavia may have been small
But she was one of god’s creatures
She provided a connection for you to all things living
And that includes me
Her web, what can I say
A marvel of nature
What a beautiful symbol of that connection

You sing Morgan – and care not who hears you
Sing your heart out, and I will listen
And rejoice

Peace be with you this day

Andrea said...

I forgive you too:) Actually, I know what you're talking about...I'm not a Justin fan either but that song is pretty hypnotic.

I was also kinda startled when I read yesterday that Octavia had died. I'm not poetic so I didn't know what to say. I suspect that you did her justice with your writings and photos. I know you definitely made her more "real" for me.

Morgan said...

Bobbb, I was being a little tongue and cheek with my post. I really don't care what people think; I was just so surprised that I actually liked a song by Justin Timberlake that I was looking for a reason to justify the download. :-)
But you know, I am finding a better way to deal with my doldrums since the infamous Bad Download. I pulled out my watercolors today, went through my photos of Octavia and painted a picture of my favorite one. I read yesterday that spiders are the totems of writers and creative people, and a spider coming into your life may be a sign to express yourself through art or writing. I've got all these wonderful art supplies and have been wanting to paint but could never find time to pull out my art box. Today I did and am so glad. So Octavia continues to inspire. I wanted to share that with you because I know you'd understand; you're such a gentle spirit.
Thanks for your nice note.

Morgan said...

Andrea, thanks for you comments. It means a lot. Your blog picked me up the other day with your great Office Space post, by the way. Laughter is the best medicine!
And yes, the Timberlake song is infections, God forgive me.

CJ said...

Justin Timberlake? Have you considered counseling?

sammyray said...

Morgan, go see a doctor or therapist immediately.

Morgan said...

Very funny CJ. ;-)
I didn't know it was Justin Timberlake until I was already hooked on the song. I don't exactly go looking for his stuff on iTunes.

Morgan said...

Ditto to you, Sammyray. ;-) Something about that song appeals to my inner masochist. I'm not sure a therapist would understand.

CJ said...

Yeah, sure you don't....

Erik said...

Perhaps if it is a video Ipod you could download Paxil Back which is the same tune and song but better lyrics and better music video. Yeah, its just exactly the same but better.

(Perhaps it would take care of the need to see a shrink?)

Morgan said...

Erik, that is too funny. I just checked it out. I think this has to be my favorite verse:

I'm bringing paxil back. (yup)
My HMO might just pick up the tab (yup)
I got the tremors and I need a nap (yup)
I gave my rent check to those phfizer cats.

That's a great parody. There's a song out now - a hip hop tune I don't really care for called "Ridin' Dirty." It's this black dude singing about how the jealous cops are hassling him because they think he's got drugs in his nice car.
Weird Al did a parody called "White and Nerdy." It's not as good as his "Amish Paradise" song, but it's close.

Erik said...

Wierd Al is awesome! Probably my favorite song of his is "Dare To Be Stupid" first heard by me on the Transformers the movie (original one, new one to be out July 4th, 07)

Morgan said...

I haven't heard Dare To Be Stupid.
My favorite parody son is the one he got Joan Osborne to sing. It's a takeoff on her tune, "What If God Was One Of Us," only this one is called "What If God Smoked Cannabis."

mitzibel said...

Poor Joan Osborne. All most people ever heard of her was that one stupid song, but she's really an incredibly talented blues/rock vocalist. The entire rest of that album is best listened to while drinking from a flask while driving dirt roads in late summer.