Friday, November 24, 2006

Bubble Lights!

I cannot believe I actually found some bubble lights but tonight we were at the home improvement store and there they were. Thank heavens for all this nostalgic marketing! I was so sure I'd never be able to find any that were both functional and affordable.

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember I've gotten wistful just recalling the bubble lights my grandmother used to put on her tree. I've tried to describe them to the kids - to tell them how I used to stand mesmerized as I watched the tiny bubbles boiling in thin globes tucked between evergreen branches. But they never could quite understand what I thought was so great about those lights.

Now they do, and in a way they have the cat to thank. If Piper the Cat hadn't knocked down our ancient Christmas tree today, gotten tangled in the lights, drug the whole works six feet across the floor and destroyed it in the process, we wouldn't have been forced to go out out tonight to find a replacement. And I wouldn't have found the bubble lights. So there you go. It was fate.

So tonight, we bask in a bit of early Christmas cheer brought to us by our new bubble lights. And really, it's a much better way to kick off the season than by writing about my racist nativity scene which is what I'd planned to do before all this happened. I'll save that for my next post.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these pics of John, Alex and Lucas decorating the new tree. We're quite pleased with it.


Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty! My mother had a collection of blown glass ornaments. They were so pretty. She taught us all how to cut out snowflakes and I can still remember sitting at the table when I was six or seven and making the most elaborate designs.
The holidays are so magical for children.
I won't put my tree up for another week or so but don't expect my dog to pull the same shennanigans as your cat. He's too lazy to be mischevious I'm afraid.
Thanks for the pictures. What a nice thing to see so early in the day.
God Bless You,

Erik said...

umm, mini lava lamps eh? Your hippie credentials are fully intact! (o=

As you know I dont do the whole Christmas celebration but I do remember decorating the tree and how much fun that was. Those decorations brought back a lot of memories each time they were put out.

Erik said...
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Andrea said...

I've never seen those bubble lights before, they're pretty cool.

I LOVE Christmas trees. I find them absolutely entrancing and gorgeous. (Btw, I really like the way you take pictures...I've never "gotten" so much out of photography before.)

(Also OT: you have to see Borat if you haven't yet! I saw it yesterday, and I'm pretty sure you'd get a big kick out of it too.)

Lord Omar said...

You have your tree up already? Wow. I wish Xmas was celebrated once every five years. I could maybe get excited for it then. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the giving and could care less if I got anything in return, but it's the "reason for the season" I have difficulties with.

nice bulbs by the way ;-)

Morgan said...

We don't heavily emphasize the birth of Christ aspect, since I really don't think Dec. 25th was Jesus' birthday. The date was picked to coincide with Yule as a way to make the holiday palpable to pagan converts.
Trying to emphasize the "reason for the season" amidst all the rampant commercialism is a losing battle. It's all spiraled into hypocrisy anyway given the move by fundamentalist Christians to force huge retailers to say "Merry Christmas," as if Christ really wants to be associated with sales of crap people don't even need anyway.
We do have a nativity scene. I put it out but explain to the kids that the baby Jesus and his parents weren't Caucasian, but Middle Eastern.
We put the tree up early so the kids can get weeks of enjoyment out of it. By the time we take it down at the beginning of the New Year it seems like less of a loss to them.

sammyray said...

I despise Christmas.

Athiests should be the only ones celebrating it, considering the non-Biblical, or pagan, origins of it (involving worship of the sun, and its rebirth at the winter solstice).

Additionally, the commercialism and "forced giving" at Christmas only leads to indebtedness, hurt feelings, and general grumpiness.

But we get a day off of work, so yipeeee!!

Morgan said...

The thing I hate most about Christmas is when people ask me what I want. I don't want anything. My nine-year-old daughter said the same thing today. She said she couldn't think of anything she wanted that she didn't already have. Her four-year-old brother is quite the opposite. He wants everything he sees. Let me clarify that. He wants everything with wheels.
The older kids really don't know what they want.
If I must give things to people who don't need them I try to make them useful, or at least give something I know they'll use and enjoy, like an iPod or something.
I've gotten even more anti-stuff since remodeling over the summer, when I took everything out of the house and only moved back in what we needed. That turned out to be very little indeed. The notion of cluttering the house up again with useless crap is depressing.
Not to sound like a grinch, but what Christmas has become is a travesty. I couldn't believe the news reports yesterday showing people stampeding into stores at 5 a.m., shoving each other out of the way for DVD players and toys.
You're right that only atheists should rejoice, Sammyray, but not because of the pagan roots. The commercialization of Christmas and spending habits of so many people who will go in debt in the name of Christ gives Christians a real black-eye.
Humbug to that.

Andrea said...

Umm, you can get me an ipod if you want, Morgan! lol

The gimme-ness...yeah, it's kinda bad. I have to admit I like buying stuff for my son, but I'm not about to go out of my way or into debt to get it. He's happiest just to have company to play with, more than actual toys.

So, what mall would Jesus shop at? What highway would he take to get there? What credit card would he use? Yeah, giving gifts out of obligation does suck. There are only a few people I really want to give a present to, not everyone I've ever known.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

I'm getting my friend a Russian Internet bride this year.

Christmas is a time for giving not receiving (which makes 50% of gay men right for a short period of time) and this is going to be much better than last Christmas when I gave him cholera.

sammyray said...

Morg, I didn't mean that athiests should celebrate Christmas because of pagan origins, but that anybody who fancies themselves RELIGIOUS should avoid the holiday. The pagan origins make the holiday unacceptable by the standards of the Christian Bible, and also unacceptable by Jewish standards and Muslim standards.

The fact that they do not avoid it reveals the shallowness of their belief system, in my opinion. If they believe in God, then God has not changed - and therefore, he has not changed his standards. Only humans have decided that his standards have changed.

Morgan said...

Sterculian Rhetoric,

A Russian mail-order bride, huh? Make sure you get a receipt when you order those; if you were promised a willowy blonde with a rosy complexion and smouldering eyes and get a hunchbacked grandma with psoriasis and cataracts, they can be a bitch to exchange. I hope your friend gets the right one. If not he may end up wishing you'd have given him cholera again this year.

And thanks for your rather disturbing perspective. It's just what this blog needs.

Morgan said...


My oldest daugther got me an iPod for mother's day. I was floored, and the envy of the other mothers I know who got robes and flowers they didn't really want.

My oldest daughter wants an upgrade for her iPod this year; my oldest son doesn't yet have one. He prefers to blast his music in his car but since I think he needs an iPod I may get him a Shuffle. Have you seen the new Shuffles? They're tiny and have a clip on the back so you can clip them on your belt or lapel or whatever. And they're only about $80!

Most of my kids are easy to buy for; the biggest challenges are my two youngest sons. John, 16, is autistic and loves video games; the trick is finding one he won't beat in a few hours. Lucas, 4, wants everything and doesn't understand when I tell him that everything he points to in the Hearthsong catalog won't end up under the tree.

Morgan said...

"The fact that they do not avoid it reveals the shallowness of their belief system, in my opinion. If they believe in God, then God has not changed - and therefore, he has not changed his standards."

Exactly! And the same people who celebrate the "birth of Jesus" with pagan symbols like Christmas trees and the Christlike behavior of incurring massive debt are the same ones who bitch and moan about Halloween.

Morons, all.

Morgan said...

"So, what mall would Jesus shop at?"

WWJS - Where would Jesus shop? Good question!

Hopefully he'll get sinners like me gifts from this store:

Cut and paste the link in your browser only if you have a good sense of humor and aren't easily offended, or aren't easily offended on behalf of other people (I hate to have to add disclaimers but it seems to be necessary lately.)

"What highway would he take to get there?"

Straight is the path and narrow is the way that lead to the best sales, my child. Verily.

"What credit card would he use?"

Well, duh. That's easy. Mastercard.

Andrea said...

lmao! That's what I get for asking sarcastic questions here;)

Whoa, that site is pretty hardcore...but then I've seen church signs that are similarly inflammatory.

Have to admit I like the naughty sexual stickers. "Jesus was a liberal Jew" is pretty good too.

Morgan said...

I want one of the "Jesus is Watching You," T-shirts. I can't decide between the "Jesus is watching you smoke that weed," or "Jesus is watching you smack your bitch." My other favorite is the T-shirt that simply reads "Infidel."

I've considered a "My priest molested your honor student" but chickened out.

Even I have standards. Somewhere.

Landover Baptist is indeed hardcore but it's an accurate parody of what a lot of fundamentalist Christians are thinking, even if they won't come out and say it in public.

eaglewood said...

"Exactly! And the same people who celebrate the "birth of Jesus" with pagan symbols like Christmas trees and the Christlike behavior of incurring massive debt are the same ones who bitch and moan about Halloween."

Not all of us fundamentalists are that way Morgan. You know as well as anyone I where the fundamentalist label like a badge and I have tried my best to be consistent.

You are also mischaracterizing the "Merry Christmas" thing. It is not that we wanted to force them to say merry Christmas any to allow their employees to say it if they chose to without repercussions. At least that is where I came from being someone who works in the retail industry part time.

I will have to agree that the 5 a.m. thing on Friday was overkill. I had to be at work at 4:30 that morning and there were people lined up outside the store that had been there since 3 a.m. I was sorely tempted to tell them they were crazy to get up that early for the chance to get a $10 gift card.

eaglewood said...

(tired tired tired) where = wear

eaglewood said...

I really need to proof read before I publish. any = only

Erik said...


How wrong of you!

I almost choked when I saw the thong that says "speak to me in tongues"

Morgan said...

You know perfectly well, Eaglewood, that I don't lump you in with most of the fundamentalist Christians for the exact reasons you state; you do endeavor to walk the walk rather than just talking the talk.

To Erik: I have not seen the thong but I got such a laugh out of that this morning....too funny!!!