Monday, November 06, 2006


I shall have nothing interesting for you today, due to illness. I woke up this morning to find that while the cold that pressed me into the couch most of the weekend has weakened, it's still hanging on with enough force to slow me down.

I rarely get colds or viruses. Everyone in my home at work can be heaving and hacking and I'll remain unscathed as I stroll through them surrounded by my invisible anti-viral force field. I wasn't so lucky this time. So I suffered and woke up this morning dreading what is probably going to be a Bad Week consisting of traffic court on Wednesday and a trip out of state later this week that I do not want to take but will be forced to take nonetheless.

So all I really have to offer you is a few recommendations of a book I enjoyed during my semi-conscious weekend. It's called The Ladies of Grace Adieu, and is Susanna Clarke's follow-up to her wildly successful Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Both books are fun, witty, magical and fantastic.

I recommend reading Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell first, as The Ladies of Grace Adieu is a collection of short stories that contains characters or references to characters from her first book. Oh, and did I mention that The Ladies of Grace Adieu is illustrated by Charles Vess, who also illustrated Neil Gaiman's classic Stardust? And did I mention that Charles Vess is amazing and Neil Gaiman is brilliant and if you haven't read Stardust you should? And while you're at it, pick up Charles Vess' The Book of Ballads, which is a collection of old English ballads translated into graphic art form. It's one of my favorites.

And thus concludes this mediocre offering. Sorry it's not more exciting but it's been my experience that even when things seem glum, a good book always brightens the picture a bit.


thimscool said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better.

Just save up enough energy to vote tomorrow.

Morgan said...

I'm not voting. It won't make a difference.

thimscool said...

You just need a zerbert.

Morgan said...

What is a zerbert? Are you going to make me use Google?

thimscool said...


Morgan said...

ROFL. Yes, someone giving me a rasberry will definitely make me cast my pathetic moderate vote into a sea of conservative affirmations.

I think what I'd really like to see is Barak Obama run for president. What do you think of him? Have you read his positions on his Web site or seen him interviewed? I think he could get something done.

JohnR said...

Traffic Court???

What did you do?

Come on, spill!!!


Morgan said...

JohnR, let's just say the cop who stopped me hit the Bad Driver's Trifecta.

My driver's license was expired (I knew it and had just been procrastinating going to he DMV), my inspection was expired (That was an honest mistake), and I wasn't wearing my seatbelt.

The seatbelt violation was why he pulled me. When I saw him tailing me, I weaved in and out of traffic hoping against hope he was after someone else. I didn't put it on; I was afraid if he wasn't following me the motion might grab his attention. But - as it turns out - he was following me and had been for a while.

As a side note, I get pulled A LOT. I have never understood why. I just do. I'm like a cop magnet. It's weird.

So this trooper, who's built like The Incredible Hulk askes me for my license and registration. I told him up front that my license was "kind of expired." He looked at me and said, "Ma'am, this expired a year ago." I told him I had been really, really busy in 2005. He kind of laughed and joked with me about it before giving me a ticket and this flirty/fatherly speech about what getting thrown from a car can do to a body and how he really would like to see me wear my seatbelt from now on and blah, blah, blah.

So he said if I got my inspection and license renewed (which I did) the DA would likely drop those charges and I'd only have to pay the court costs and fine for the traffic ticket, which will be like $160. But today the snarky clerk said the DA may not drop the other charges; it would just "depend," so if that's the case I'm looking at spending $300 bucks tomorrow which sucks because I have other things I could spend money on besides stupid traffic fines.

I swear I just wish those cops would leave me alone.

Morgan said...

Not tomorrow. Wednesday. I just looked at the calendar. I hope I get a nice assistant DA who's understanding of my impoverished writer's state.

CJ said...

Do you drive around in your sexy witch costume? Because you know that might explain why you get stopped so much.

Morgan said...

Uh, no CJ. I only wore my witch costume once, and given the resultant wardrobe malfunction I'd be afraid wearing it on a regular basis would not lead to trouble with cops, but with the FCC.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Hi Morgan

Sorry you are not feeling well

I posted some of today’s River Meditation on Zenspace just for you.

Though the meditation itself was for another friend of mine who is feeling down
She did not think the river would know her.
She was mistaken.

Morgan said...

Ah, Bobb, you are a gem. Thanks so much. :-)

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Anytime Morgan
if I had known you were sick I would have had a meditation for you too

You mean allot to me

Hope you feel better soon

Morgan said...

Bobb, there's still time to meditate on my traffic fines. No pressure. :-)

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I'll see what I can do!

Suspect said...

Neil Gaman - American Gods. Read it and be awed.

Morgan said...

American Gods was fantastic.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Traffic laws
Passed in theory
To keep us safe
Enforced however
To pay the bills

You buy a car
You must register it
To show ownership

You must produce said vehicle
For inspection
For safety’s sake
For said vehicle
Is potentially lethal

You must obtain a license
To operate said vehicle
To prove competence
Behind the wheel
And understanding of the rules
Said license must be renewed
On a regular basis.

That’s allot of hoops to have to jump through
Just to get from point A
To point B

Might I suggest a simpler solution?

Buy a hand gun
Wait five days to take possession
Register it once
And throw it in a drawer.
No test
No license
No renewal
No re-registration
No inspection
No re-testing
No embarrassing photo

Then simply use the knowledge that you possess said hand gun
To “persuade” your friends that you need rides everywhere.
If they are not convinced – you can obtain a permit – to allow you to carry it around.

Simple – yes?
But I’m guessing that is not your style.

How about this then –
Since a the gun is potentially lethal
Why not require the owners of said hand guns
To produce them annually
For registration
For inspection
For accountability
For safety’s sake?

Since there are not allot of firing ranges and targets to maintain
We could use the resulting revenues – to help pay for highway maintenance
And traffic safety
The gun laws could be enforced
To help pay the bills

Just a thought

Please don’t second amendment me to death on this one people
I know the drill

Good luck in court Morgan
Slow down – life is short
And no matter how insincere
Donate money to the local sheriffs association
They give you a sticker to place on your window
Couldn’t hurt

Keep your vehicle inspected – not for their money grubbing sake
But for your own sake
And for mine
I don’t want to lose you

That Cleaning Lady said...

Well, one from the other side of the country. Up here in Washington it is MANDATORY to wear the seatbelt. If the cop spots you unbelted, it's a $110 fine. Expired license is in the $100's too, but only pickups and things like Ranchero's have to be inspected. Stupid considering the large, VERY LARGE amount of cars on the road that have bad exhaust systems and exude gobs of black and lethal smoke. Maybe you get stopped because of your car color... is it red? black? flashy looking? Maybe you need a gray car or something non-descript looking, like a VW bug.
I was in a car accident 14 (oh gosh what a long time ago) years ago, on my daughter's 10th birthday, no she wasn't with me. Anyway, I was always a seatbelt wearer because I think they are necessary, but in the car I hit broadside that turned in front of me, the driver was not belted, he got thrown all over inside the car. He wasn't wearing shoes or a shirt, and the flying glass cut him all over. Thankfully it was all on city street and only at about 30 miles per hour. My poor Mercury laid in the middle of the road and died with a shudder. I wasn't hurt physically except for being sore from being slammed into the belt, but rather that than the steering wheel as a final resting place for my teeth!
As for voting or not, I agree with Morgan that it doesn't do any good to vote...the outcomes are as chosen as the winner of the World Series... notice how every year it's someone that's just gotten a NEW STADIUM? Obama is up and coming, I worry that his running will secure another 4 years of Republican warmongering.
I don't meditate, it makes me go to sleep, but I do read, and am reading a recent Nicholas Sparks book - The Smoke Jumper. Heavy reading makes me sleepy too, and I avoid fantasy and horror just because. Hope you'll increase your water intake to run those darn bugs out of your system, and if you're interested in reading about water, there's always "You're not sick, you're thirsty" by Batmangelidge.

Suspect said...

@bobb, cleaning lady: tl;dr

sammyray said...

Sorry you're sick, Morgan.

I think you avoid most colds because you are a positive person with an optimistic outlook on life. People like that rarely get sick.

Prolly just stress that made you succumb this time.

Get better soon, buddy!!!!

JohnR said...

Uhh, that cleaning lady, St. Louis won the Series. They did not get a new stadium last year.

Boston won the year before. They did not get a new stadium.

The Yankees won several series in the 90s yet no new stadium.

In fact a perusal of the winner's list shows only the Florida Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks with new stadiums, but they were expansion teams.


Morgan said...

Thanks, Sammyray, Bobb, TCL and all you other kind well-wishers. I'm feeling better today and have managed to finish a Major Writing Assignment, which is a relief.
Traffic court looms on the morrow, which promises to be grey and rainy. I'm going to try and attend with a sunny outlook, though, and hope that the DA will be merciful. If not, it's just money and I can always get more if I need it.
Sammyray I think you are so right. Rarely do I let things get me stressed out. The one time I do and I get a cold.
More tomorrow. :-)

sammyray said...

Johnr, I live in St. Louis, and I can say with a certainty that we have a brand new stadium in the middle of downtown St. Louis, just erected last year.

I know because I saw five games there this summer, costing me somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 million dollars.

JohnR said...

sammyray: They tore down Busch stadium?

My comment still stands. I doubt MLB decreed that St. Louis win the series because they have a new stadium.